Scouts are Staff members who are friendly, helpful, active and knowledgeable. Therefore they are often the best people to contact when help is required. Members needing advice about Animal Crossing games, advice about ACC Contests, help with navigating around the site or guidance with boards and posting, are strongly encouraged to contact a Scout. Members needing help with Site Rules or with their accounts should contact a Moderator instead.


Scouts are expected to fulfill the following duties:

  • Adoptions -- Scouts adopt New Members who have requested this service on the Adoption page. Since New Members are heavily restricted in public posts for the first two weeks, having a Scout offer assistance and guidance helps them to quickly learn the ropes of ACC.
  • Monitor the Getting Started Board -- Scouts regularly monitor the Getting Started board to welcome people into the Community, to help those that are returning and also to answer questions and provide guidance.
  • Discussions -- Scouts are immersed into the Community and the Staff so are in a unique position to understand the problems faced by all. They are therefore encouraged to propose helpful ideas and participate in discussions of new site features which would greatly benefit the Community but remain true to the principles of the site.
  • Testing and Providing Feedback -- Once Developers have implemented new features, they and other Staff test out the features before adding them to the site. Scouts are instrumental in beta-testing and providing critical feedback on the changes, in an effort to provide a better transition for the Community.


Members do not submit applications to apply for the role but can be nominated by others. Potential candidates are then observed, considered and subsequently chosen by the Staff whose decisions are influenced by the following criteria required to fulfill the Scout role:

  • Age -- Candidates should be a minimum of 13 years old but there is no upper age restriction.
  • Site Activity -- ACC continuously gains New Members, many of whom need Scout assistance. Therefore, candidates should have been consistently active and helpful on ACC for at least 9 months before they are considered for this role.
  • Disposition -- Scouts are often the first member of Staff that New Members encounter and are also the friendly face of Staff. Candidates should therefore have a history of positive, helpful and friendly interactions with everyone.
  • Communication -- Scouts need to have good, clear and friendly communication with everyone. Candidates should therefore have a history of both expressing themselves well and responding to others positively on the public boards.
  • Helpfulness -- The central role of a Scout is to help the Community while contributing to the family-friendly and fun environment. Candidates should therefore have a history of helpful interactions and a basic understanding of the Site Rules. A background in running contests and games would also be desirable.
  • Knowledge -- Scouts handle many questions about ACC and the AC games on a daily basis. They are also expected to adhere to Site Rules. Members who demonstrate good knowledge in these areas are more likely to be considered.
  • Responsibility -- Members who adhere to the rules and respect others, are viewed as being responsible and likely to be trustworthy. Scouts sometimes have access to site sensitive information and need to be trusted not to share this information outside of the ACC Staff. Thus, candidates with excessive notifications are less likely to be considered.
  • Teamwork -- Candidates need to demonstrate the ability to build upon ideas proposed by others, rather than only concern themselves with their own ideas and topics. Acknowledging various and opposing opinions shows that the candidate is interested in others and therefore can work within a team.