ACC was founded in October 2002 by jader201, shortly after the release of Animal Crossing: GameCube. In 2022. he transferred ownership of ACC to the current Administrators. The original site layout and graphics of ACC were created by hoggle, who is now inactive. There are Administrators who manage the ACC Staff and the site. Administrators have first acquired a significant amount of experience as Staff and therefore already have a good grounding in the ethics and principles of ACC. They are elected to the role by other Staff members.


Administrators perform many of the same duties as Moderators. In addition to those, they have the following responsibilities:

  • Recruitment of Staff -- Administrators manage the recruitment process for new Staff.
  • Staff Training -- New Staff are helped to settle into their role and are trained by their colleagues. This training is overseen and guided by the Administrators. The training and management of Staff is essential to ensure that all Staff work consistently, fairly and within the rules of the Site.
  • Site Announcements -- Administrators are responsible for posting site announcements which inform the Community about Animal Crossing, ACC and other important updates or relevant information.
  • Manage Site Updates -- Whether it's overseeing the Development team or initiating discussion of rule updates, Administrators are expected to be proactive in ensuring that the rules, systems, processes and features are kept up to date and are relevant to the Community whilst remaining true to the principles of the site.