As part of our move to ACC 2, we've started the process of migrating ACC 1 data to the new system. Unfortunately, this will involve some downtime as ACC 1 juggles the current site as well as moving the data over. If you find yourself unable to access the site, please try again within 20 minutes (as sometimes it does take that long for it to come back online).

This morning, around 10:58 AM, the server shut down while I was migrating some data over. It failed to recover the database and I had to restore data from our last backup at 10 AM. We lost about 58 minutes of data. Please repost any data that is missing, such as threads or posts. This is unlikely to occur again - most of the time the server does recover fine from an unexpected shut down - but our backups will continue to run every hour in the case that it happens again.

Thank you all for your patience, and please reach out if you have any questions.
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