ACC is reviewing our Topics Not Allowed rule and would like your input on the topics it encompasses! Let us know your thoughts in this form. Responses will be accepted until April 30 2023.

As a reminder, here are the relevant parts of the current rule:
“Some topics are not allowed on the public forums or in signatures due to their controversial or inappropriate nature and because they often lead to arguments. These topics include petitions, personal medical issues, personal life events, politics, sensitive current events, and religion.[...]  Other topics and thread types simply clutter the public boards and do not promote active discussion. These threads types include private clubs, general chats, truth-or-dare, polls, and threads offering general help.[...]”
Please provide as much information and background as you can about topics so that we can understand where you're coming from.

All responses are 100% anonymous, and all responses will be reviewed by the ACC Staff.
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