Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. ACC has a Special Event for you!

Today starts our Valentine's Event. You can participate all week long (12th-18th).

        First, start off by sending all your friends Secret Valentine's Cards!
         We will be accepting orders until Feb 13th at 11:59p ACC time.
                       All cards will be sent on February 14th.

Also we hope you will join us for some exciting games and activities:

Smash Bro's (Switch) Wi-Fi Session! ~ February 15th from 5 pm-7 pm (ACC time).
Rose Scavenger Hunt!
Brewster's Cocoa Frenzy!
Finish the Poem!

             All games will earn you points for the ACC Point System
                                       Hope to see you there!
Adopt, Don't Shop   Find your best friend at the local Shelter!
I am also Community Liaison, PT me any concerns or comments!