A recent summer update was made for Animal Crossing: New Horizons which added a few new features. One such feature is the addition of being able to dream of other islands. By using this feature, you are able to visit what is essentially a recorded copy of somebody's island. One way to dream of a specific person's island is to enter dream code. These dream codes are formatted exactly the same as friend codes, and therefore are not permitted to be posted around the site. We have now added a dream code field which can be found when you edit the info of your New Horizons town on the site. By putting your dream code in this field, the dream code will also show up on your posts around the forums if you have that NH town set as your default town. This is the only way users are allowed to share NH dream codes on the site at this time. This is exactly the same for how we have been handling New Leaf dream codes on ACC. Again, please do not post any dream codes on the site outside of the My Towns feature. Thank you!

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