If I gave credit, would you guys mind if I posted some of this on the Party planning service that I work at? (Games are included with Parties, and I would like to use some of these, whilst giving credit to the person who posted the game idea)

That's funny because raisins.

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I also know a fun Wifi game! I have a thread about it.

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Then please link to said thread.

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These games look really fun!

That's funny because raisins.

This is a game I made up called

[B]The Wise Choice

The rules are simple, Lay out 6 patterns and 1 pitfall seed and the rest junk. And spread it out so it looks like this EG:

O  G  O  G  O  G  O  G  O  G  X
D G  D  G  D G  D G  D G  D

O = Junk
G= Grass
X = Pitfall
D = Design/Pattern

Round 1& 2.
Get the players then to choose a pattern. Once they are ready ask them to walk over the marking on the ground. If one falls in their out and continue to Round 2! (If you have more then 2 players) If they all walk over junk redo that round and take away each path they took. AKA make then choose a path that hasn't been chosen. Once one person has fallen in and lose, take the final 2 to Round 2 where there are only 4 patterns to choose from. 1 pitfall seed the rest junk. like this: EG

O G  O G O G X

(Same Key as before)

Do the same as last time ask the remaining players to walk over until one falls in. If they both succeed and don't fall in ask a question. Who ever get it right chooses where to go first. When a person falls in if your giving a small prize give it then but if you are willing to give a big prize ask the person would they like to gamble for the bigger prize? If Yes take them to Round 3. If no give them their prize.

Round 3.
The final person..  Now has a 50/50 chance. 1 is a pitfall. 1 is a junk item. now has to walk over one of the two patterns. Suceed and you give them the prize.. Fail and they win nothing.


(same key before)

That Ladie's and Gentlemen is how you play The Wise Choice.

Atleast 2 players (this cannot include the host)
8 Patterns/Designs all different.
1-3 Pitfall seeds.
Random pieces of junk

Not allowed to use WiiSpeak or a wireless keyboard during a question
Do not rush the host.
Do not walk ahead over a marking on the grass.
Do not avoid the marking.
Do not scam.
Have fun!

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Great guide! I hope to invite some friends over soon! Here are two games me and my friend play a lot together.

Scavenger Hunt

One person before the guests come over, digs up a bunch of random items. (Furniture, tools, paper) and the others come over and try to locate them! Another good thug is to dig money (Not with a gold shovel).


This game is really silly, one person pretends to be an innocent person. The other, is a robber. They will need to have costumes available with them. The first character drops a small bag of money (You can use different reasons) and the robber takes it. It continues through the town where the robber changes their outfit and pretends to be someone else. The first character continues asking them if they e seen a robber. After talking to three different people the first person reveals who they were. (And hopefully gives money back).
A game me and my Mum used to play was 'Where am I?'

2 players. 1 hider, one quizzer.
The hider goes into a building and then lets the quizer know when they're there.
The quizzer asks 10 questions to try and find the hider. The quizzer would generally stay somewhere remote where there are no buildings that they can see.
Once the quizzer has used up the 10 questions they have to go to the place they think the hidr is.
If they're right, the roles switch. If they're wrong they have to be quizzer again.

Another game is 'Resident Ratings'
2-4 players. All same role. Someone keeps score.
Each neighbour house you go into, you rate how good their house is out of 10, 10 being best, 0 being worst. The person keeping score writes down the sores for each neighbour, then when all the neighbours have been rated, the one with the highest wins. There's no particular aim to it, but it's rather like a 'How not to design your house' TV show.

'What song?'
2-4 players. One song changer (generally host as I think they're the only one allowe to change songs)
You also need a fairly full up tape deck with lots of songs.

The sog changer puts on a song. The first person to answer with what song it is gets a point. The first person to 15 points wins. If there are only 2 players, with one song changer, then you see how many the guesser can name correctly in a row.

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Deal or no deal, you know the game in Britain with 22 boxes that all contain money. The host will be you and you will dig up the money the player choses to dig up. You use 15 spaces in the ground and they must pick one space from the start and they can't move from there until the whole game is finished. If you don't deal the whole game then you get the money which you started from the beginning (Unles you're offered the swap).

the bells you need are.

Five 100 bell bags, 200 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 15000, 25000, 50000, 75000, 99000

The jackpot being 99,000 bells.

After each round (When three boxes are chosen) You give them an offer of either swapping boxes or offering them money depending how well they did.
Note: If they deal on the money then they cannot go back. Once you've dealt you win that money and carry on until all the spots are dug up.

I did kind of take this idea from someone who did it on youtube but it's a great way to play with your friends!

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I've seen that video It's sooo good! Great ideas tho

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A few days ago I made up this game to play in my town and it ended up being pretty fun! It is called find the golden rose, the name kinda variates though. I chose golden rose since that is the only kind of flower I do not have in my town. This is also more fun and challenging when you have lots of flowers in your town like me, but here is how to play:

- One person hides the flower while everyone hides inside the gatehouse.
- Once the player has hidden the flower, the player summons everyone outside to find it.
- The player who has hid it will stand where the players started from and await for a player to find it.
- The first person to bring the flower back to the player who hid it wins.

Okay, here's one I'm thinking about.  It's an AC version of clue and requires at least four players and use of a timer.

Before the game can begin, the host needs some off-wifi prep.  Host will create four solid color patterns.  One yellow, one that is purple, one that is white, and another that is red.  This is for Cr Mustard, Pr. Plumm, Mrs. White, and Scarlett.  Host will then make all colors available at the Able sisters either as shirts or umbrellas.  If you have pattern paths around your town, you might want to store them temporarily until you can make and display the color, or have a secondary character create and display them.

Next, host will mail four letters to their future selves, placing one of four items in the letters.  Make the letters completely blank.  Those items will be three sand dollars, and one shovel.  Once your items have been delivered, open the letters but NOT the gifts.  Leave them untouched!  This is important.

Begin your wifi, having all visitors in your town.  Tell them about the game and have them pick out the color they will wear.  Warn them if they need to replace a walkway pattern to store it before arriving and allow any of them to leave and return if need be.

Once everyone has established who they are, and are wearing their color, shirt and hat, drop your unopened presents and have all players (including yourself) pick up one gift each.  But make sure they don't open the gifts yet.  Have your timer ready, and every player go inside a building.  It doesn't matter which so long as they are far from each other.  This so they will be completely conspicuous.  Host will set the timer, once everyone is inside, for five minutes.  No talking or sending any text bubbles whatsoever once the timer starts.

Once inside the buildings, open the gifts.  Which ever player gets the shovel is the murderer.   The murderer's job is to find a villager, any villager at all, and trap them by digging holes around them where they can't move.  That villager is now murdered!  The murderer won't give themselves away by saying ready once a villager has been murdered, but will instead return to the building they were in and wait for the timer to run out.

Once the timer is out, it's everyone's job to figure out who the murderer is.  Those who have a shell know they're not guilty and the murderer knows who they are, but they don't know about the others...  You must search for clues of who the murderer is, all while the murderer sneaks around and murders other villagers.  If all villagers are murdered, the murderer wins and has to reveal his/her shovel.

Whoever guesses who the murderer is before all villagers are killed wins.

Prize is determined by Host.

villagers: Bianca,Diana,Flurry,Freya,Julian,Monique,Paula,Pekoe,Rasher,Yuka
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House hopping!

Equipment: A net,Houses.

First,one player needs to be the tag.The other players run in search for a hideout (obviously a house).The players get in a house.After 10 seconds,if the tag cant find you,he or she can ask for a hint.You say a riddle or hint on where you are,and if that hint was too difficult,in 10 MORE seconds,they can ask for another hint.If they take too long,the players can hop to another house.If the tag sees them,the tag can run after tham,and if he or she hits the players with he or shes net,the person who got hit is the new tag.If they dont get hit,they hide in another house and repeat the steps above.

The winner is the one who isnt found in 16 mins.

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Thank you for the guide, I've never played with anyone before. Maybe when my town matures a bit more I'll set up a treasure hunt. >w<

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@ Dark Annie, so I wanted to try that idea about clue, but I found out that I can't drop an unopened present so how does the murderer get a shovel with out the host knowing it?

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I usually play to catch either fish or bugs, one fish being worth two bugs.

Another game I like is searching the item. In it one person buries an item, anything works, and after a few secs to get away from where buried it gives a clue. a small one.
I played an AWESOME game in a friend's town before! Here it is!

There were three rectangles of items on the ground, one of shirts, one of hats, and the other of accessories. We all picked one from each pile, then we put them on and took pictures! i bet you could use emotes during the pic taking to make it even more fun.

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I have a Sumo pit in my town and I like to play that with my friends every once and a while.

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You can play Slender Man with your friends. Here is how you play:


Burier 1
Burier 2 (optional)


First of all, Slenderman should be wearing a tuxedo so that he can easily be distinguished and so that the game is more realistic; however, this is not required. Slenderman should also have an axe; a net or a shovel can be used as an alternative. The Seeker is required to have a shovel.

Slenderman and Burier 1 and Burier 2 will bury a total of eight letters (or packs of letters) all around the town. If you want to, you can bury random items around town to confuse the Seeker. During this time, the Seeker should be inside the Town Gate.


Once all of the letters are buried, the game will start. A timer should be set for three minutes. Slenderman should be in the Town Gate. At this point, the Seeker will start searching for the letters. Slenderman may not start searching for the Seeker until the Seeker has either found one letter (in which case the Seeker must say that a letter has been found) or until three minutes have passed.

Slenderman may now start looking for the Seeker. If Slenderman hits the Seeker with his or her axe, the game ends and Slenderman wins. If the Seeker finds all of the letters, the Seeker wins.

At first, Slenderman can't run; he or she may only walk. The Seeker is allowed to run. Once six letters have been found, the Seeker must state that he or she has found six letters. At this point, Slenderman may run. As an alternative, you can use these rules for when the "settings" of Slenderman will change:

3 letters found - Burier 1 joins Slenderman and can now kill the player.
4 letters found - Slenderman may run, but Burier 1 helping Slender Man may not.
5 letters found - Burier 2 joins Slenderman and can now kill the player.
6 letters found - Burier 1 is now allowed to run.
7 letters found - Burier 2 is now allowed to run.

Have fun playing!


@Hadger, that's a really good idea.  I never thought of that.  As a huge creepypasta fan, that really interests me.  I'll have to remember that one x)

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