my brand new game

you ahve buried items like this


And in this there are rwo golden/silver axes
the rest is junk

-the host plows popper or whatever is the starting thing that you wanna use
-the players now take out there shovels and start digging
-player finds a axe
-he/she goes and cuts down 10 nonfruit trees in your town but leves the stump
-he/she comes back to starting point and recives there cash prize over 99k (if your nice)


items-shovel to start
strtegies- know were some trees are
good ideas-try to be good to the host he/she might give you a better prize if your nice to him/her


Iems-two indestuctable axes.....popper(optional)....and a big waud of cash (optional)...timer(optional at 10-15 minutes)
Stategies-well there arnt manny but here are two that i came up with
---have very few non-fruit trees in your town as posible
---have the axes in completly wierd places so that the players will take a long time to find it
Good Ieas-try to make people on the edge of not liking you (less money to give away because you dont like them)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I hope you like my new game the name of it is

                                   "The Cutting I"
because the field is shaped like an I and you are cutting down trees...If you have any quistions dont be hesatent to ask on a PT!!!

, Sikemoe

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Sometimes, my brother and I like being dumb, so we start chasing each other. Works very well on WW, not so much on CF.

At one point, I went to my friend's town. They had axes and started hitting each other. I, sadly, didn't have an axe. I used a watering can instead, saying, "Muahaha, I'll water you to death!"

...So, if you have no axe, and everyone else is playing an axe fighting game, use a watering can instead!

...thinking of ways to not destroy a town, I've come up with a game.

Townsfolk Find
Number of players: 2-4
Requirements: villagers, timer (optional)

How To Play
1. Meet with your friends and decide how the game will be played: individually (2-4) or team (4, teams of 2)
2. If you want a time limit, set your timer to the desired time.
3. Split up, looking for villagers. (Depending on your rules, the players in a team can split up or stay together looking for villagers.)
4. Try not to run in CF, some people would like green grass in their town (including me!).
5. When you find a villager, say, "Found <villager name>!"
6. Keep tabs on who's been found, and who found them. If you want, you can write who's found who on a piece of paper.
7. The team or individual who found the most townsfolk at the end of the time limit or when all animals are found is the winner!
8. If desired, the winner gets a prize!

Do's and Don'ts:
DO use your map. It's there for a reason.
DO let everyone know when you've found a villager. That helps avoid confusion.
DO let people know what team you're on. Wear a certain pattern to let others know which one.
DO be a good sport. No one likes a sore winner/loser.
DO keep track of who's been found. It's not fun when you've spent 10 minutes trying to find someone who's already been found. If it helps, write down who's been found, and who found them on a piece of paper.
DON'T sabotage the other team (using pitfalls and whatnot). This game is for fun, not competition.
DON'T try and cheat and locate non-villagers. (e.g. Tom Nook, Mable and Sable, Blathers, etc.)
And finally, DON'T demand a prize if you win. If you are the host, you can decide whether or not prizes will be given. If you are giving prizes, try and keep it a secret. That way, someone NOT expecting a prize will be happy with anything, whereas someone expecting a BIG prize will be dissapointed with anything below their standards.

Hope that was a good idea, and the rules were clear enough. PT me if you have any questions!
Great guide! Ill definatly be using this sometime!


neighbour races! ftw!!!

X  X   X  X
X  X   X  X
X  X   X  X


So mostly you just bet on the neighbour to win.
gather up some neighbours (depending how many people your
playing with), do the lay out, and for example have 10,000 bells
from each player on the end of the finishing line.
on the count of three, cover up the hole thats from releasing them
and which ever animal that makes it to the bells first.
the player that bet on that animal, wins all

theres a youtube vid on it, hope im clear

oh how the tables have tabled

Game: Connect Fruit

What you need: 2-4 players
2 types of fruit, 1 to represent black, one red, 50 pieces each type
2 outlines of patterns, 9 long and 8 tall
4 outlines of patterns, 6 long and 6 tall

Directions: The host makes two 9 x 8 outlines of patterns and four 6 x 6 outlines, two on either side of the larger ones. In the 6 x 6 outlines 25 pieces of a single type of fruit are placed. There should by 25 pieces of one type of fruit, then 25 pieces of a second type in the 6 x 6 outlines. Do the same with the other two 6 x 6 outlines. The 9 x 8 outlines are your fields. One person stands in a fruit garden and places one fruit on the bottom row. The next person can place their own on the bottom row, or on the space above the other player's fruit. The winner is the first person to get 4 in a row. It's basically Connect Four.

2 player
Winner takes a prize.

3 player
The first two players play, then the third player plays the first, then the third player plays the second. Wins are tallied and prizes are given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

4 player
While you are playing, on the other field a match is taking place between the other two players. The winners play each other for 1st and 2nd and the losers play for 3rd and 4th. Prizes are given accordingly.

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Super fun game called orchard wars.  I am not the creator of this game, but this looks fun.

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I'm all rainbows and unicorns." -Chow

I've thought up a fishing game, but with a special scoring system.

Tiny: 1 (Goldfish, Guppy, Killifish, Clownfish, etc.)
Small: 2 (Crucian Carp, Horse Mackeral, Octopus, Arowana, etc.)
Average: 3 (Carp, Koi, Salmon, etc.)
Large: 4 (Stringfish, Blue Marlin, Arapaima, Gar, etc.)
Fin: 5 (Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Ocean Sunfish, etc.)
Special: 10 (Coelacanth)


Timer: Preferably 15 minutes.

Can't tell if Andy Samberg or Micheal Sera.

I was online with some friends till 1 am sometimes and we did so much fun like

You need: 1 net per person
and go outside
you just hit someone with ur bug net and then that person has to hit someone else

You need: Wiispeak
Just act like someone of tv or act like an animal

I have more Ill send it when Im done

I'm looking for some more 3DS/Wii U friends.
Please PM me if interested, together with the Online Games you own.

I thought of one!:


You'll need:
Two players
Six each of two different kinds of fruit (EX: 6 Pears and 6 Oranges, etc.)
Two kinds of patterns

What to do:
First, set patterns down like this, like a big square with a small one inside.

1= Pattern type 1
2= Pattern type 2


Now, to play, pick a spot in the middle square where you will put your fruit, pick up the pattern in the spot you chose, and place your fruit.
Then, it's the next player's turn. Of course, the first one to get 3 in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins!

The ARMS lady has RETURNED

^ Or it could work with someone digging holes for the O's and someone burying items for X's. xD

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`*.?.*? ~ ` , ` ` ` . ` ...hope for tomorrow.

I Hate to be this guy but...You used the wrong form of bored in the treasuer hunt game. Other than that Nice Ideas.


I have an idea! One person has tons of random amount of bell BAGS. The 2-3 other people line up in front of him and he drops the bells. They can only pick up ONE bag of bells. If no one picks up a bag of bells in 5 sec. he picks it up and drops another. The person who has the highest amount of bells wins the game!

P.S. Make sure they have no money or items in their inventory before you play!!!
Museum Tag

1: 4 people go in separate rooms of the museum.
2: When one person yells "GO!", players run frantically through the museum, trying to tag one another.
3: If you are tagged, you have to stand outside the museum.
4: Last person in the museum wins!

One person goes outside the museum and counts to 10 or something. All other players go to any room inside the museum, including The Roost and The Observatory. The person outside then goes inside to try to find them.

Camera angling may be allowed, as it is impossible to tell if someone is cheating or not if it wasn't. You can move from room to room - just don't get caught! Once you are found, head to the main lobby. No talking, or it'll give away your position! First person found is It and goes outside to count!

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Sumo Wrestling

Players: 2-4
Equipment: Patterns, 15 or more pitfall seeds (you will need to restock them frequently)

Find an open space. Arrange patterns in a 3x3 grid (as shown below) with pitfall seeds outlining the grid (also shown below)




2 players stand at opposite corners of the pattern area. Have a player say 3...2...1...GO!
Each player has to try and push the other player off of the patterns and into the pitfall seeds.

With two players play best of 3 (or 5, or however many you want until you get bored, but make sure it's an odd number to avoid tie)
With 3 players, the winner of each round plays whoever didn't play.
With 4 players, two people play, then the other two play, then the winners of each play, then the losers of each play for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Keep playing until you've
- gotten bored
- run out of pitfall seeds
- all gotten so good a single match lasts for 10 minutes


If you are going to walk on thin ice...
...You might as well dance

Hey guys, I really love these ideas. I was thinking about making the second version, with even more fun games. But I just want to know if you guys think I should? If you do, I'll talk to the staff about it.

Oh my gosh, Bryan there's a message in my alphabets! It says OOOOOOOO!!!!
Peter those are cheerios.

I think you should. This is one of my favorite guides on ACC. Its supported and ran by the readers becasue they suggest and make the ideas.

The bottom of this signature is really awesome!
The top of this signature was horribly misinformed.

Here's one I just thought of, you can either call it "Total Drama City Folk" or "Survivor: City Folk"

#of people needed: 4.

1 person is the host, and the three other people are competetors.

What you need:
Host: A LOT of trees, fruit, buried items, ideas for challenges
Competetors: Axe, Fishing Rod, Net, Shovel

The Host thinks of ideas for challenges, such as a tree chopping contest, dig up a Gyroid and bring it to him first, whoever can catch the biggest fish, whoever catches the most bugs, etc.

The winner is safe, and gets a bonus in the next challenge, the second place winner gets safety, and the losing player gets eliminated.

OR, you can play it in teams, and have different teams do the same challenge throughout the week. The team that does the worst has to vote a player off. Only have 4 teams for a total of 12 people.

Another game: POKEMON BATTLE!

Use emotions, items, whatever you can think of to battle!
What you need: Emotions, items, tools, WHATEVER!

People needed: 3-4
Two people battle at once. They choose their HP (from 150-230), and moves. They pick four moves. They choose how much they do (10 to 50 damage) Recovery moves allowed, but can only be used three times. There is a video you can see an example of, but it isn't organized very well (I did not make it)

Feel free to browse my catalog.
I would love to play WiFi games.

@bbgirl1299, villagers can't fall in pitfalls on WiFi...

Here's a game I made up:

"Find The Candy"

Players 3+
Rules: Okay, so each player (host can join in if they want to) chooses a colour candy they want to try to find (red, blue, green or yellow, and get's on the starting point; a pattern with the colour they chose on. Then, when the host pops a party popper (or says 3, 2, 1, GO!) the players must find 3 of their colour candies. The first person to find all 3 of their colour candies wins!

You'd set the game up like this:

T = Trees (for outline of arena)
X = Costumes or Money
C = Candies

Prizes: Candy, and costumes or money.

Hope you have fun playing this!

'~My WiFi Times: 8am - 1pm ACC time~'
~I'm 5 hours ahead of ACC time~

Hey guys. Sorry I have been a poor host to this guide being idle and all, but I should be getting a laptop this Christmas, giving me a chance to come on more. I will get this guide updated, I can promise you that. I'm not sure how long it will take until I do so, but I will.

Thanks so much for these awesome ideas! Scrolling down from this post, I see a few games. I'll add a comment to each one:

superACboy9 - The trees would involve hacking, and since many players don't hack, maybe we can make the outline of patterns?

bamboy52 - I really like that idea. Definitely something I'll consider.

bbgirl1299 - I think that is impossible...

AnimalofAnimals - First game: Love the idea!
Second game: I don't really like it because people can pick 250HP and Fissure. 1 hit KO lol.

me674535 - That's kind of along the lines of plain hide n' seek...

Julia_9922 & Peanutprimrose - I already thought of those to add. Thanks for refreshing my memory though!

- Sincerly,

Oh my gosh, Bryan there's a message in my alphabets! It says OOOOOOOO!!!!
Peter those are cheerios.

really helpful since im boring.. LOL

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Ohhh yesh <3

Here is Mine ^^, I Hope it i not Listed yet DX

Clothes Bonanza

In this game, Only the 3 Visitors can play, But don't worry, The host can also be a Part of the Game! ^^ In this game you will need :

-Lots and Lots of Cothes,Hats and Accesories Buried in a Open Field
-Shovel (Ordinary,Silver or Gold is Fine)
-The Minimum of 3 People in 1 Town

How do you play this Game? o3o

Before the 2 or 3 Visitors arrive, The Host must Bury alot of Clothing, Hats and Accesories so the Visitors will have No idea where the Clothes, Hats or Accesories are. When you start to play with your friends, 1 Person must decide to go first, The 2 or 3 Person who is not Playing can be the Judge of the Competition, The Host will set 3 Minutes on the timer before it starts. The rules are pretty simple..And that is " You must wear the First Clothing you find " if you Have the Hat and you found Another Hat. Just keep it and Bury it back later. After you have finished, The Judges will Decide the Score and will Add Comments! =D
If the Host ants to play, Then it has to be on the last turn, Because the Field will be Mixed up by then because the other Players have the Hats,Accesories and Clothings on a Different Place.

This Game is Pretty Funny and Exciting ^^

Happiness starts slowly

This is mine

How do you play
Bury pitfall seeds around town aswell as those robot things.
bury them so they look like this make up your own pattern.
OXOOXX   everyone needs to get 3 robots.
OOXOXO   What happens if you win
XXOXOO   1st 10.000 bells
XOXOXXX 2nd 5.000 bells
              3rd 1.000 bells

I got one(:

Find The Jackpot

2-4 players (depends on how many items playing)

NOTE: THIS PART IS TO BE DONE BEFORE GUESTS ARRIVE. The host of the Wifi game (owner of the town) picks on about 10 junk items (un-wanted furniture, pitfalls), 10 regular items (not junk, preferably furniture, clothes, or tools)  and buries them in an open space (no trees, building, flowers, rocks, signs). The host chooses 1 special item to bury.


SI=Special Item
R=Regular Item


NOTE: THIS PART TO BE DONE AFTER ALL GUESTS ARRIVE. GUESTS MUST HAVE SHOVEL. Guests dig up the wholes. Guests get to keep what they get, as a present for coming.

That's my game(:

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Hey, what bout capture the flag and 40 40 home base?

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