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January 8th, 2024 2:54 PM
Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! The next edition of the ACC Newsletter has arrived! Read up on all things ACC and Animal Crossing here.

Looking to join the ACC team? We’re always looking for more help with everything from site events and newsletters to our social media accounts. If you’re interested in lending a helping hand please visit the Researcher or Developer application pages.

Happy reading!
January 6th, 2024 2:31 PM

We’re excited to announce that two weeks from now on Saturday, January 20th, 2024, we will be releasing a new feature to the site: Shops & Services!

While currently users are able to go to the Forums and order items manually on Giveaway or Shop threads, a new portion of the site is opening up that will allow Shops to have their own page where customers can order, apply or contact the shop. This will allow automatic claiming of orders, handling of the Shop DNC List, and allow shops to have their own ratings and statistics so that users may order responsibly.

As part of the release, the Shops & Services board will be archived (with the Promotional Contests board becoming it’s own top-level board). We are announcing this now so current shops (waves at MFG) may gracefully close for a few days around January 20th to have time to transition their business to the new system.

Here’s to a great start of 2024!

December 10th, 2023 9:51 AM
Happy Holidays! We hope you're ready to join in the fun with Jingle's Jingle Jam!
The event starts today, December 10th, and will run through 11:59 p.m. (ACC time) December 16th.

Come check out the fun and participate in all the exciting games and events!

Cookie Baking
Open that Present
Ruin the Present
Jingle's Winter Werewolf
Digital Secret Santa - fill out this form to participate by 12/12! PenguinGeek will PT everyone by December 13th.
Bell Shop Secret Santa

All games will earn points for the ACC Points System

Hope to see you there!
October 21st, 2023 11:19 AM
We have a New researcher!

Please welcome them Here!
October 14th, 2023 3:45 PM

It’s been a couple weeks since ACC 2 launched, and I wanted to review a couple of things that may have been missed.

  • As many of you noticed, we opened up ACC to posting images today! We’ve excited to see all the wonderful pictures you guys will share. Head over to the Off Topic board to share your pets, create a competition for best island or insert fun jump scares onto your PTs with friends during this most scary of seasons.

  • We are always looking for Staff; feel free to submit your application as a Developer or Researcher, or nominate others as a Moderator or Scout. We’re constantly looking for people do help with coding, newsletters, and helping others - but we’re also looking for people to do other stuff that we may not have a role for (yet!). We are starting to become more active in social media, and are constantly adding more items to the Bell Shop; if either of these activities interest you, or you have an idea that could help ACC expand, please reach out.

  • With ACC 2, the Grownup Gamers board was updated to be 16+ (more information here). A few months ago, we asked your opinions on Topics Not Allowed, our guidelines on what shouldn’t be discussed on ACC. We have opened a discussion based on the feedback we received on that form. Join us in discussing anything about Topics Not Allowed; we’ll answer any questions you have, and will join in discussion with members to figuring out paths for ACC going forward.

  • We are constantly upgrading ACC each week; more details can be found here. If you have any suggestions or bugs to report, use our new Suggestions & Bug Reports page to report them. ACC is constantly being worked on, and we’re always happy to tweak a part of it to make it better. The site has not only been upgraded via code the past few weeks to make it a smoother and faster experience for everyone, but also our Firewall, loading balancing and various other settings have also been adjusted to make for a better experience for everyone.

  • If you appreciate ACC, please consider Donating. With PayPal’s help, we are now offering monthly and yearly automatic donations. Even a $1 a month can help! You can find more information about ACC’s received donations and expenses on our Financials site, alongside links to each year’s expenses in detail (here is 2023’s). I am happy to answer any questions, comments or concerns relating to ACC’s financial side.

Enjoy the site!