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AC:NL Welcome amiibo items

The table below contains all items that came with the Welcome amiibo update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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Column descriptions

  1. Item Name is the name of the item as it appears in the in-game catalog, except that the first letter of most words has been capitalized.
  2. Category shows what type of item it is. Eg., furniture, flooring, wallpaper, clothing, handheld or litter.
  3. Utility shows whether and how an item can be used.
  4. Origin shows where or how the item can be obtained.
  5. Cost shows the cost of an item. Some items are free, some can be ordered for Bells from the catalog machine in the Nookling's store, a few can be bought with Play Coins. All the other items cost MEOW Coupons, and can be found at Harvey's, or be ordered from an RV. You can filter on any of these four currencies.
  6. Refurbishable shows whether an item can be refurbished by Cyrus, but it doesn't show all the refurbishment options.
  7. Vanilla shows whether an item can be obtained without having to WiFi, and without having to buy Happy Home Designer, amiibo cards or amiibo figurines.
  8. Interactive shows whether you can interact with an item, for instance if anything happens when standing in front of it and pressing "A" on your console, by sitting or sleeping on it, or by using it as a table.
  9. Wall shows whether an item can be hung on the wall.
  10. On Top shows whether an item can be placed on top of another item.
  11. Mat shows whether an item can be placed on the floor of your house or a museum room and you can walk over it.


By default, the table is sorted by Item Name. Click on any other column heading to sort the information differently. Clicking the same column heading again will reverse the sort order.


For a more extensive or specific search, a filtering function has been added. To use this you will need to enter information in the boxes titled Filter/Search String and Column. The filter string is not sensitive to cases or accents. Filter the 6 rightmost columns using "1" or "0" as filter string.

Welcome amiibo item table
Filter/Search String Column Go!
Item Name   Category   Utility ▲  Origin   Cost   Refur-
Vanilla   Inter-
Wall   On Top   Mat  
24-hour-shop banner Furniture Filly 3
24-hour-shop baskets Furniture Filly 3
accordion screen Furniture Resetti 3
Admiral's pic Furniture Villager
air pump Furniture Harvey, Tybalt 5/3
amiibo shelf Furniture Desert Island Escape, Clearing all 10 advanced islands
antique shelf Furniture Reese 3
arched brick floor Flooring Olive 3
autograph cards Furniture Harvey 5
ball Furniture Gulliver, Tybalt 3
bamboo fence Furniture Harvey, Tad 5/3
bamboo-grove wall Wallpaper Boots 3
banana flower basket Furniture Kapp'n 3
barbecue spit Furniture Felyne 3
barbell Furniture Louie 3
barrel planter Furniture Harvey, Maggie 5/3
baseball set Furniture Harvey, Tybalt 5/3
basic wall Wallpaper Louie 3
bath set Furniture Paolo 3
bathroom shelf Furniture Harvey 5
Bea's pic Furniture Villager
beauty salon cart Furniture Tasha 3
big amp Furniture Sprocket 3
billboard Furniture Copper 3
Billy's pic Furniture Villager
bistro table Furniture Olive 3
Bitty's pic Furniture Villager
black anchor tee Tops, Tee Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
black phone Furniture Billy 3
Blathers's pic Furniture Special Character
block flooring Flooring Cashmere, Huck, Mabel 3
blowfish sashimi Furniture Chip 3
blue ballet outfit One-piece (Official) Able Sisters 800
blue nurse's uniform Tops, Tee (Official) Able Sisters 640
blueprints Furniture Digby 3
board game Furniture Claude 3
bomb Furniture Ganon (Zelda) 3
book stands Furniture Dobie, Leopold 3
Booker's pic Furniture Special Character
Boots's pic Furniture Villager
Boris's pic Furniture Villager
Boston bag Furniture Rex, Rover, Stu 3
bowl sink Furniture Stella 3
box with helmet Furniture Resetti 3
Boyd's pic Furniture Villager
bread basket Furniture Bea, Ellie 3
bread-making set Furniture Bea 3
Brewster's pic Furniture Special Character
brick oven Furniture Harvey, Ketchup 5/3
burger meal Furniture Huck 3
bus-stop stand Furniture Boyd 3
Buzz's pic Furniture Villager
café-curtain wall Wallpaper Ellie 3
Callie fashion top Tops, Tank Cece (Splatoon) 3
Callie pants Bottoms, Shorts Cece (Splatoon) 3
Callie shirt Tops, Tee Cece (Splatoon) 3
Callie shoes Shoes Cece (Splatoon) 3
Callie tights Socks Cece (Splatoon) 3
Callie wig Headwear, Headgear Cece (Splatoon) 3
Candi's pic Furniture Villager
candy house Furniture HHD Catalog 6000
cans Furniture Harvey, Candi 5/3
carpentry set Furniture Cyrus 3
carriage Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
Carrie's pic Furniture Villager
cart return Furniture Timmy & Tommy 3
Casablanca lilies Furniture Ursala 3
cash tray Furniture June, Ursala 3
Cashmere's pic Furniture Villager
Cece's pic Furniture Villager
Celeste ribbon Headwear, Hat Celeste 3
Celeste's pic Furniture Special Character
Chai's pic Furniture Villager
chain divider Furniture Gonzo 3
changing room Furniture Bitty, Louie 3
cheese Furniture Norma 3
Chelsea's pic Furniture Villager
Chihuahua ornament Furniture Fortune Ticket #53 2
Chip's pic Furniture Special Character
Cinnamoroll floor Flooring Chai (Sanrio) 3
Cinnamoroll hat Headwear, Hat Chai (Sanrio) 3
Cinnamoroll jacket Tops, Shirt Chai (Sanrio) 3
Cinnamoroll outfit Tops, Tee Chai (Sanrio) 3
Cinnamoroll parasol Furniture Chai (Sanrio) 3
Cinnamoroll shoes Shoes Chai (Sanrio) 3
Cinnamoroll sign Furniture Chai (Sanrio) 3
Cinnamoroll tray Furniture Chai (Sanrio) 3
Cinnamoroll wall Wallpaper Chai (Sanrio) 3
classic screen Furniture Stella 3
Claude's pic Furniture Villager
Cleo's pic Furniture Villager
cloud-making machine Furniture Étoile (Sanrio) 3
coconut juice Furniture Harvey, Plucky 5/3
comedian's outfit Tops, Shirt (Ornate) Able Sisters 640
compact car Furniture Rex 3
convenient floor Flooring Filly 3
convenient wall Wallpaper Filly 3
Copper's pic Furniture Special Character
cornstalks Furniture Harvey, Tad 5/3
crayons Furniture Blanca, Wendell, Carrie 3
cruiser bike Furniture Harvey, Maddie, Stu 5/3
Cucco ornament Furniture Medli (Zelda) 3
cup of tea Furniture Boris, Claude 3
cupcake Furniture Sandy 3
curry plate Furniture Cashmere 3
cutting-board set Furniture Buzz, Cashmere, Ketchup 3
cypress plant Furniture Harvey, Candi, Olive 5/3
Cyrus's pic Furniture Special Character
Dachshund ornament Furniture Fortune Ticket #55 2
Dalmatian ornament Furniture Fortune Ticket #54 2
decorative plate Furniture Snooty 3
decoy duck Furniture Harvey 5
Desert Island map Furniture Desert Island Escape, Getting 37,000+ points on all 10 beginner islands
desk bell Furniture Julia 3
desk mirror Furniture Vivian 3
desktop mic Furniture Harvey 5
Digby's pic Furniture Special Character
dinnerware Furniture Admiral 3
dirt floor Flooring Booker, Boots, Buzz 3
Disk Writer Furniture Harvey, Hopkins 5/3
Dj Kk's pic Furniture Special Character
do-not-enter sign Furniture Harvey, Stu 5/3
Dobie's pic Furniture Villager
doctor's desk Furniture Raddle 3
document stack Furniture Cleo, Digby, Dobie 3
donburi Furniture Zipper, Sylvana 3
donut box Furniture Claude 3
drafting table Furniture Lottie 3
drink machine Furniture Buzz, Huck 3
driver's hat Headwear, Hat Kapp'n 3
durian flower basket Furniture Kapp'n 3
EKG machine Furniture Raddle 3
Ellie's pic Furniture Villager
Epona outfit Tops, Tank Epona (Zelda) 3
Epona's pic Furniture Villager
espresso machine Furniture Ellie 3
Étoile's pic Furniture Villager
exercise ball Furniture Harvey, Louie 5/3
fairy bottle Furniture Medli (Zelda) 3
fancy tea set Furniture Sandy 3
fancy tile floor Flooring Gonzo, Weber 3
Felyne Guardian Furniture Felyne 3
Felyne outfit Tops, Tee Felyne 3
Felyne's pic Furniture Villager
field floor Flooring Tad 3
file cabinet (L) Furniture Blathers, Cleo 3
firewood Furniture Harvey, Ketchup 5/3
first-aid kit Furniture Raddle 3
fish and chips Furniture Piper 3
fish on a board Furniture Harvey, Chip 5/3
flagstone floor Flooring Maggie 3
flashy suit Tops, Shirt (Ornate) Able Sisters 640
floor monitor Furniture Sprocket 3
flower bed Furniture Harvey, Maggie 5/3
flower display case Furniture Harvey, Ursala 5/3
Flower Fairy boots Shoes Puzzle League - High Score in Time Attack
Flower Fairy dress One-piece Puzzle League - High Score in Score Attack
Flower Fairy wand Handheld Puzzle League - High Score in Candy mode
Flower Fairy wig Headwear, Headgear Puzzle League - High Score in Garbage Attack
flower wreath Furniture Harvey 5
forklift Furniture Boyd 3
fortune ticket #51 Litter Fortune Cookie 2
fortune ticket #52 Litter Fortune Cookie 2
fortune ticket #53 Litter Fortune Cookie 2
fortune ticket #54 Litter Fortune Cookie 2
fortune ticket #55 Litter Fortune Cookie 2
fortune ticket #56 Litter Fortune Cookie 2
fortune ticket #57 Litter Fortune Cookie 2
Franklin's pic Furniture Special Character
frilly apron Tops, Shirt (Cute) Able Sisters 640
fruit drink Furniture Ellie, Tasha 3
fruit-panel floor Flooring Puzzle League - Play the Game
fruit-panel umbrella Umbrella Puzzle League - Beat Hard Mode
fruit-panel wall Wallpaper Puzzle League - Success in "taking charge"
frying pan Furniture Desert Island Escape
Fueki floor Flooring Holden 3
Fueki pot Furniture Holden 3
Fueki wall Wallpaper Holden 3
futon mattress Furniture Kapp'n, Hornsby, Wade 3
gadget shelf Furniture Celeste 3
galaxy floor Flooring Wisp 3
gallery floor Flooring Blathers 3
Ganon outfit Tops, Tee Ganon (Zelda) 3
Ganon's pic Furniture Villager
Ganondorf outfit Tops, Shirt Ganon (Zelda) 3
Ganondorf pants Bottoms, Pants Ganon (Zelda) 3
Ganondorf wig Headwear, Headgear Ganon (Zelda) 3
garden faucet Furniture Harvey, Maddie 5/3
garden rock Furniture Harvey, Boots 5/3
garden tools Furniture Maggie 3
giant ant Furniture HHD Catalog 6000
giant stew pot Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
giant teddy bear Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
gift pile Furniture Jingle 3
glass partition Furniture Gonzo, Paolo 3
glass screen Furniture Cashmere, Kicks 3
glass teapot Furniture Claude, Ketchup 3
Gonzo's pic Furniture Villager
good-fortune clothes Tops, Tee (Rock 'n' Roll) Able Sisters 640
good-luck charm Furniture Desert Island Escape, Clearing all 30 islands
Gossip Stone Furniture Epona (Zelda) 3
Gracie's pic Furniture Special Character
Grams's pic Furniture Special Character
gray patterned floor Flooring Toby (Sanrio) 3
green gingham shorts Bottoms, Shorts Toby (Sanrio) 3
green loafers Shoes Toby (Sanrio) 3
green net Furniture Harvey, Tybalt 5/3
greenhouse box Furniture Harvey, Maggie 5/3
guitar case Furniture K.K. 3
Gulliver's pic Furniture Special Character
half-eaten pizza Furniture Resetti 3
hallway wall Wallpaper Boris, Gonzo 3
handbag Furniture Vivian 3
handwashing area Furniture Harvey, Maggie 5/3
hanger rack Furniture Bitty, Spike 3
hanging strap Furniture Rover 3
Harriet's pic Furniture Special Character
Heart Furniture W Link, Medli (Zelda) 3
Heart Container Furniture W Link (Zelda) 3
hearty breakfast Furniture Reese 3
heavy tome Furniture Blathers 3
Hello Kitty dress One-piece Rilla (Sanrio) 3
Hello Kitty floor Flooring Rilla (Sanrio) 3
Hello Kitty hat Headwear, Hat Rilla (Sanrio) 3
Hello Kitty outfit Tops, Tee Rilla (Sanrio) 3
Hello Kitty planter Furniture Rilla (Sanrio) 3
Hello Kitty shoes Shoes Rilla (Sanrio) 3
Hello Kitty wall Wallpaper Rilla (Sanrio) 3
Hero of Time scroll Furniture Medli (Zelda) 3
herringbone floor Flooring Digby, Julia, Stella 3
HHA raincoat Tops, Shirt Digby 3
HHA women's jacket Tops, Shirt Lottie 3
high-spirits hat Headwear, Hat Holden 3
high-spirits pants Bottoms, Shorts Holden 3
high-spirits shirt Tops, Tee Holden 3
Hopkins's pic Furniture Villager
Hornsby's pic Furniture Villager
hose reel Furniture Harvey, Maggie 5/3
hot-snack case Furniture Filly 3
Huck's pic Furniture Villager
hunter Furniture Felyne 3
hunter's hive Furniture Felyne 3
Hylian shield Furniture W Link (Zelda) 3
Hyrule wall Wallpaper Epona, Ganon, W Link, Medli (Zelda) 3
Hyrulean treasure Furniture Ganon, W Link (Zelda) 3
ice-cream display Furniture Olive 3
iceberg Furniture HHD Catalog 6000
ikada trophy Furniture Desert Island Escape
Ike's pic Furniture Villager
ikebana display Furniture Snooty 3
imperial pot Furniture Admiral, Zipper 3
inflatable Resetti Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
ink-splattered floor Flooring Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
ink-splattered wall Wallpaper Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
Inkopolis floor Flooring Cece, Viché (Splatoon) 3
Inkopolis sign Furniture Cece, Viché (Splatoon) 3
Inkopolis wall Wallpaper Cece, Viché (Splatoon) 3
Inkwell's pic Furniture Villager
instruction manual Furniture Nintendo (by mail)
Isabelle scooter Furniture Isabelle 3
Isabelle's pic Furniture Special Character
item box Furniture Felyne 3
ivy partition Furniture Tasha 3
Jack's pic Furniture Special Character
jacquard fleece Tops, Shirt Lottie 3
jail bars Furniture Gonzo 3
Jakey's pic Furniture Villager
jewelry case Furniture Bitty 3
Joan's pic Furniture Special Character
Julia's pic Furniture Villager
June's pic Furniture Villager
kaiseki meal Furniture Wade 3
Kapp'n's pic Furniture Special Character
Katrina's pic Furniture Special Character
Kerokerokeroppi cake Furniture Toby (Sanrio) 3
Kerokerokeroppi doll Furniture Toby (Sanrio) 3
Kerokerokeroppi pins Headwear, Hat Toby (Sanrio) 3
Kerokerokeroppi top Tops, Tee Toby (Sanrio) 3
Kerokerokeroppi wall Wallpaper Toby (Sanrio) 3
Ketchup's pic Furniture Villager
kick scooter Furniture Harvey, Stu, Tybalt 5/3
Kicks mat Furniture Kicks 3
Kicks's pic Furniture Special Character
kiddie meal Furniture Harvey, Carrie 5/3
Kiki and Lala dress One-piece Étoile (Sanrio) 3
Kiki and Lala floor Flooring Étoile (Sanrio) 3
Kiki and Lala outfit Tops, Tee Étoile (Sanrio) 3
Kiki and Lala pin Headwear, Hat Étoile (Sanrio) 3
Kiki and Lala shoes Shoes Étoile (Sanrio) 3
Kiki and Lala socks Socks Étoile (Sanrio) 3
Kiki and Lala wall Wallpaper Étoile (Sanrio) 3
Kiki and Lala wand Handheld Étoile (Sanrio) 3
kitchen dishwasher Furniture Admiral 3
Labelle's pic Furniture Special Character
laboratory capsule Furniture Murphy 3
Labrador ornament Furniture Fortune Ticket #56 2
large egg Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
lava floor Flooring Felyne 3
lectern with mic Furniture Harvey 5
Leif's pic Furniture Special Character
Leila's pic Furniture Special Character
Leilani's pic Furniture Special Character
Leopold's pic Furniture Villager
light breakfast Furniture Cyrus 3
Link hat Headwear, Headgear Epona, Ganon, W Link, Medli (Zelda) 3
Link outfit Tops, Shirt Epona, Ganon, W Link, Medli (Zelda) 3
lobby floor Flooring Bitty, Boris 3
Lon Lon milk Furniture Epona (Zelda) 3
Lottie's bun Headwear, Headgear Lottie 3
Lottie's pic Furniture Special Character
lotus pond Furniture DLC/Spotpass
Louie's pic Furniture Villager
lucky doll Furniture Billy 3
Luna's pic Furniture Special Character
lunch box Furniture Rex 3
lunch pack Furniture Kicks, Maddie 3
luxury car Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
Lyle's pic Furniture Special Character
Mabel's pic Furniture Special Character
Maddie's pic Furniture Villager
Maggie's pic Furniture Villager
magic lamp Furniture Wisp (in Town)
magma-cavern wall Wallpaper Felyne 3
Marie dress One-piece Viché (Splatoon) 3
Marie shirt Tops, Tee Viché (Splatoon) 3
Marie shoes Shoes Viché (Splatoon) 3
Marie tights Socks Viché (Splatoon) 3
Marie wig Headwear, Headgear Viché (Splatoon) 3
Marty's pic Furniture Villager
medicine cabinet Furniture June 3
Medli outfit Tops, Tee Medli (Zelda) 3
Medli's pic Furniture Villager
men's recruit suit Tops, Shirt (Official) Able Sisters 640
menu chalkboard Furniture Harvey, Bea, Sandy 5/3
metal box Furniture Admiral 3
metal can Furniture Harvey, Boyd, Ike 5/3
metal flagpole Furniture Harvey 5
milk canister Furniture Harvey, Norma 5/3
milk carton Furniture Hopkins, Jacob, Norma 3
model bus Furniture Kapp'n 3
model sailor Furniture Kapp'n 3
modern cash register Furniture Candi 3
modern wash station Furniture Paolo 3
money box Furniture Harvey, Buzz, Gonzo, Timmy & Tommy 5/3
monitor tower Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
monochrome floor Flooring Claude, Timmy & Tommy 3
moss ball Furniture Harvey, Snooty 5/3
mountain Furniture HHD Catalog 6000
mountain of money Furniture HHD Catalog 6000
mug Furniture Norma, Rex 3
Murphy's pic Furniture Villager
museum mat Furniture Blathers 3
musician's outfit One-piece (Official) Able Sisters 800
My Melody dress One-piece Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
My Melody dresser Furniture Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
My Melody floor Flooring Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
My Melody hat Headwear, Hat Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
My Melody outfit Tops, Tee Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
My Melody shoes Shoes Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
My Melody wall Wallpaper Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
Nabiru mask Headwear, Headgear Felyne 3
Nabiru ornament Furniture Felyne 3
Nat's pic Furniture Special Character
natural wood floor Flooring Bea 3
new hero wig Headwear, Headgear Epona, Ganon, W Link, Medli (Zelda) 3
new hero's outfit Tops, Shirt Epona, Ganon, W Link, Medli (Zelda) 3
Nintendo 3DS shelf Furniture Puzzle League
Nintendo 3DS Station Furniture Puzzle League - Make a Chain Reaction
Nook's Homes car Furniture Tom Nook 3
Nook's Homes mat Furniture Tom Nook 3
Nook's Homes model Furniture Lottie (by Mail, from HHD)
Norma's pic Furniture Villager
observatory floor Flooring Celeste 3
ocean-horizon wall Wallpaper Desert Island Escape, Play 5 or 6 Islands
office phone Furniture Cleo, Murphy 3
oil-stained floor Flooring Cyrus, Dobie 3
Olive's pic Furniture Villager
omelet Furniture Zipper 3
operating room cart Furniture Raddle 3
Otomon egg Furniture Felyne 3
PA system Furniture Isabelle 3
paella Furniture Cashmere 3
Palico board Furniture Felyne 3
pancakes Furniture Franklin 3
panel carpet floor Flooring Cleo, Piper 3
Paolo's pic Furniture Villager
parquet floor (Welcome amiibo) Flooring Copper, Billy, Vivian 3
Pascal's pic Furniture Special Character
pasta Furniture Wendell 3
Pavé's pic Furniture Special Character
pavement floor Flooring Ike, Stu 3
Pelly's pic Furniture Special Character
perfume bottles Furniture Bitty, Lottie 3
Pete's pic Furniture Special Character
Phineas's pic Furniture Special Character
Phyllis's pic Furniture Special Character
Piece of Heart Furniture Epona, Medli (Zelda) 3
pile of cash Furniture Gonzo 3
pilot goggles Headwear, Headgear Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
pink wood floor Flooring Reese, Lottie, Carrie 3
Piper's pic Furniture Villager
pitcher plant Furniture Harvey, Kicks 5/3
plant partition Furniture Ursala 3
plastic canister Furniture Booker, Boyd, Copper, Ike 3
plastic file box Furniture Dobie 3
platform Furniture Harvey 5
Plucky's pic Furniture Villager
polka-dot wall Wallpaper Lottie 3
polo shirt Tops, Tee (Sporty) Able Sisters 640
Pompompurin dress One-piece Marty (Sanrio) 3
Pompompurin floor Flooring Marty (Sanrio) 3
Pompompurin hat Headwear, Headgear Marty (Sanrio) 3
Pompompurin outfit Tops, Tee Marty (Sanrio) 3
Pompompurin pudding Furniture Marty (Sanrio) 3
Pompompurin shoes Shoes Marty (Sanrio) 3
Pompompurin wall Wallpaper Marty (Sanrio) 3
Poogie Furniture Felyne 3
popcorn Furniture Boris 3
Porter's pic Furniture Special Character
potato gratin Furniture Franklin 3
Princess Zelda dress One-piece W Link (Zelda) 3
propane tanks Furniture Harvey, Buzz 5/3
propeller plane Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
public telephone Furniture June 3
pylon set Furniture Boyd 3
quilted tapestry Furniture Mabel 3
Raddle's pic Furniture Villager
ramen Furniture Admiral 3
ramen cup Furniture Harvey, Hornsby, Jacob 5/3
Re-Tail mat Furniture Reese 3
reception window Furniture June 3
record box Furniture Hornsby, Weber 3
red cash register Furniture Ursala 3
red striped socks Socks Toby (Sanrio) 3
Red Wing Furniture Felyne 3
Redd's pic Furniture Special Character
Reese's pic Furniture Special Character
retro screen Furniture Billy 3
retro sign Furniture Timmy & Tommy 3
retro sink Furniture Harvey, Timmy & Tommy 5/3
Rex's pic Furniture Villager
rice bales Furniture Harvey, Boots 5/3
rice balls Furniture Harvey, Wendell, Tad 3
rice-paddy wall Wallpaper Tad 3
Rilla's pic Furniture Villager
ring Furniture Bitty 3
ringtoss Furniture Harvey, Carrie 5/3
roasted dino meat Furniture Harvey, Wendell 5/3
robot hero Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
rolling cart Furniture Cleo, Cyrus, Murphy 3
rolling file cart Furniture Cleo 3
Rover suitcase Furniture Rover 3
Rover's pic Furniture Special Character
rubber apron Tops, Tee (Iconic) Able Sisters 640
Rupee Furniture Ganon, Medli (Zelda) 3
Sable's pic Furniture Special Character
sacks of money Furniture Tom Nook 3
Saharah's pic Furniture Special Character
sales graph Furniture Tom Nook 3
salon mirror stand Furniture Tasha 3
sandbox Furniture DLC/Spotpass
Sandy's pic Furniture Villager
sandy-beach floor Flooring Gulliver, Plucky 3
sausage Furniture Julia 3
scattered papers Furniture Dobie, Jacob, Murphy, Wendell 3
school-hall floor Flooring Raddle, Rover 3
scooter Furniture Stu 3
set lunch Furniture Sylvana 3
sewing kit Furniture Mabel 3
shaved ice Furniture Olive 3
Sheik mask Headwear, Headgear Epona (Zelda) 3
Sheik outfit Tops, Shirt Epona (Zelda) 3
Sheik pants Bottoms, Pants Epona (Zelda) 3
shoe boxes Furniture Kicks 3
shoe locker Furniture Harvey 5
shoe-polishing set Furniture Kicks 3
shop coffee machine Furniture Filly 3
shop ice-cream case Furniture Filly 3
shop mat Furniture Timmy & Tommy 3
shopping bag Furniture Harvey, Bea, Candi 5/3
Shrunk's pic Furniture Special Character
silver mic Furniture Sprocket 3
silver teapot Furniture Harvey, Ellie, Piper 5/3
simple panel Furniture Spike, Timmy & Tommy 3
single rose Furniture Piper 3
skateboard rack Furniture Spike 3
slipper rack Furniture Mabel, Carrie 3
snack machine Furniture Huck 3
Snooty's pic Furniture Villager
soccer goal Furniture DLC/Spotpass
sound mixer Furniture Sprocket 3
sparrow's nest Furniture Harvey, Nat 5/3
speaker Furniture Boris 3
Spike's pic Furniture Villager
Splatoon spawn point Furniture Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
Splatoon tower Furniture Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
Splattershot Furniture Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
sports car Furniture Ike 3
Sprocket's pic Furniture Villager
squid bumper Furniture Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
stack of books Furniture Blathers, Dobie, Jacob, Pascal 3
stack of clothes Furniture Stella 3
stacked magazines Furniture Candi, Hornsby, Jacob 3
stadium wall Wallpaper Sprocket 3
standing sink Furniture Cashmere, Paolo 3
steamed lobster Furniture Julia 3
steel-frame wall Wallpaper Ike 3
Stella's pic Furniture Villager
stone-tile floor Flooring Murphy 3
store shelf Furniture Harvey, Candi 5/3
strapped books Furniture Hornsby, Leopold, Rover 3
Stu's pic Furniture Villager
studio headphones Headwear, Headgear Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
stylish suit Tops, Shirt (Official) Able Sisters 640
submarine Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
succulent plant Furniture Harvey, Kicks, Spike 5/3
sun Furniture HHD Catalog 6000
Super Sea Snail Furniture Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
sushi chef's outfit Tops, Shirt (Iconic) Able Sisters 640
sushi container Furniture Harvey, Chip 5/3
sushi menu Furniture Harvey 5
sushi tray Furniture Chip 3
suspenders shirt Tops, Tee Toby (Sanrio) 3
Sylvana's pic Furniture Villager
tacos Furniture Wendell 3
Tad's pic Furniture Villager
Takoroka mesh Headwear, Hat Inkwell (Splatoon) 3
tall garden rock Furniture Harvey, Boots 5/3
tart Furniture Olive 3
Tasha's pic Furniture Villager
tatami floor Flooring Snooty, Wade 3
teacup ride Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
tennis racket Furniture Harvey, Tybalt 5/3
tent Furniture HHD Catalog 8000
teppanyaki grill Furniture Harvey, Buzz 5/3
Termina's moon Furniture Epona (Zelda) 3
terra-cotta floor Flooring Ellie, Kicks, Tom Nook, Tybalt 3
terrace rug Flooring Spike 3
tile screen Furniture Saharah 3
Timmy's pic Furniture Special Character
tin watering can Furniture Harvey, Maggie 5/3
tire stack Furniture Harvey, Ike 5/3
Toby's pic Furniture Villager
Tom Nook's pic Furniture Special Character
Tommy's pic Furniture Special Character
tong-and-tray stand Furniture Bea 3
tool shelf Furniture Ike 3
tool stand Furniture Cyrus 3
toolbox Furniture Harvey, Kicks, Ike 5/3
Tortimer's pic Furniture Special Character
towel basket Furniture Plucky, Paolo 3
towel rack Furniture Harvey, Leopold 5/3
town-hall spring top Tops, Tee Isabelle 3
town-hall winter top Tops, Shirt Isabelle 3
tractor Furniture Tad 3
train-window wall Wallpaper Rover 3
tranquil bridge Furniture Toby (Sanrio) 3
trash bags Furniture Harvey, Buzz, Hornsby, Jacob 5/3
trellis Furniture Boots 3
Tybalt's pic Furniture Villager
udon soup Furniture Sylvana 3
UFO Furniture HHD Catalog 6000
umbrella stand Furniture June 3
unicycle Furniture Harvey, Tybalt 5/3
Ursala's pic Furniture Villager
Viché's pic Furniture Villager
video camera Furniture Murphy 3
villager statue Furniture Wisp 3
Vivian's pic Furniture Villager
W. Link's pic Furniture Villager
Wade's pic Furniture Villager
waiting-room wall Wallpaper Huck, June 3
warming buffet Furniture Julia 3
water floor Flooring Desert Island Escape
water pot Furniture Harvey, Sylvana 5/3
watermelon Furniture Harvey, Plucky 5/3
Weber's pic Furniture Villager
Wendell's painting Furniture Wendell 3
Wendell's pic Furniture Special Character
white brick wall Wallpaper Blanca, K.K., Norma, Vivian 3
white tile floor Flooring Paolo 3
white tile wall Wallpaper Paolo 3
white wood floor Flooring Jingle, June 3
whole pizza Furniture Harvey, Ketchup 5/3
Wii U game shelf Furniture Desert Island Escape, Clearing all 10 intermediate islands
Wii U Station Furniture Desert Island Escape, Clearing all 10 beginner islands
Wolf Link outfit Tops, Tank W Link (Zelda) 3
women's office suit Tops, Shirt (Official) Able Sisters 640
women's recruit suit Tops, Shirt (Official) Able Sisters 640
wooden bear Furniture Harvey, Wade 5/3
wooden bucket Furniture Harvey, Maggie 5/3
wooden duckboards Furniture Harvey, Louie, Paolo 5/3
wooden-deck floor Flooring Sylvana 3
Wyvern eggs Furniture Felyne 3
yarn basket Furniture Mabel, Stella 3
yellow flooring Flooring Blanca, Hopkins 3
Zelda floor Flooring Epona, Ganon, W Link, Medli (Zelda) 3
Zelda wig Headwear, Headgear W Link (Zelda) 3
zen backpack Furniture Leopold 3
zen screen Furniture Wade 3
zen tea set Furniture Joan, Snooty, Tad 3
exam table Furniture Bed Raddle 3
Hello Kitty bed Furniture Bed Rilla (Sanrio) 3
hunter's cart Furniture Bed Felyne 3
Kiki and Lala bed Furniture Bed Étoile (Sanrio) 3
modern hospital bed Furniture Bed Harvey 5
My Melody bed Furniture Bed Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
operating table Furniture Bed Harvey 5
Pompompurin bed Furniture Bed Marty (Sanrio) 3
stretcher Furniture Bed Raddle 3
24-hour-shop clock Furniture Clock Filly 3
Hello Kitty clock Furniture Clock Rilla (Sanrio) 3
Kiki and Lala clock Furniture Clock Étoile (Sanrio) 3
museum clock Furniture Clock Blathers 3
My Melody clock Furniture Clock Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
narrow clock Furniture Clock DLC/Spotpass 23,760
office clock Furniture Clock Harvey 5
Re-Tail clock Furniture Clock Reese 3
sapling clock Furniture Clock Isabelle (Town Anniversary)
coin locker Furniture Closet Stu 3
Fueki drawers Furniture Closet Holden 3
Hello Kitty drawers Furniture Closet Rilla (Sanrio) 3
kitchen refrigerator Furniture Closet Admiral, Franklin, Norma 3
locker stack Furniture Closet Louie 3
Pompompurin rack Furniture Closet Marty (Sanrio) 3
rolling closet Furniture Closet Cashmere, Copper, Tasha 3
Wii Remote cabinet Furniture Closet Wisp 3
GameCube drawer Furniture Closet, Table Wisp 3
minifridge Furniture Closet, Table Hornsby, Piper 3
office cabinet Furniture Closet, Table Raddle 3
2017 cake Furniture Lamp DLC/Spotpass
candelabra Furniture Lamp Billy, Julia 3
electric sign Furniture Lamp Harvey 5
floor light Furniture Lamp Boris, Sprocket 3
garden lantern Furniture Lamp Harvey, Maddie 5/3
left Splatfest sign Furniture Lamp Cece, Viché (Splatoon) 3
massive cake Furniture Lamp HHD Catalog 6000
natural lamp Furniture Lamp Claude, Isabelle, Vivian 3
outdoor sign Furniture Lamp Harvey, Huck 5/3
right Splatfest sign Furniture Lamp Cece, Viché (Splatoon) 3
round electric sign Furniture Lamp Harvey 5
stone lantern Furniture Lamp Toby (Sanrio) 3
white festive tree Furniture Lamp DLC/Spotpass
DJ K.K. booth Furniture Music player K.K. 3
Fueki stereo Furniture Music player Holden 3
alto saxophone Furniture Musical Instrument Weber 3
electric bass Furniture Musical Instrument Sprocket 3
organ Furniture Musical Instrument Weber 3
snare drum Furniture Musical Instrument Weber 3
synthesizer Furniture Musical Instrument Sprocket 3
toy piano Furniture Musical Instrument Carrie, Weber 3
trumpet Furniture Musical Instrument Weber 3
xylophone Furniture Musical Instrument Weber 3
Wii U console Furniture Play Desert Island Escape Fortune Ticket #51, special characters 2
New 3DS - Isabelle Furniture Play Puzzle League Isabelle 3
New 3DS - K.K. Furniture Play Puzzle League K.K. 3
New 3DS - Mabel Furniture Play Puzzle League Mabel 3
New 3DS - Sable Furniture Play Puzzle League Mabel 3
New 3DS - T&T Furniture Play Puzzle League Timmy & Tommy 3
New 3DS XL - HHD Furniture Play Puzzle League Lottie 3
New Nintendo 3DS Furniture Play Puzzle League Fortune Ticket #57, special characters 2
New Nintendo 3DS XL Furniture Play Puzzle League Hopkins 3
balance beam Furniture Seat Louie 3
bamboo bench Furniture Seat Boots 3
basket chair Furniture Seat Isabelle, Stella, Tasha 3
brown seat Furniture Seat Digby, K.K., Spike 3
Cinnamoroll sofa Furniture Seat Chai (Sanrio) 3
counter seat Furniture Seat Harvey, Kicks 5/3
donut cushion Furniture Seat Filly 3
elegant chair Furniture Seat Claude 3
floor seat Furniture Seat Joan, Kapp'n, Wade 3
fruit-panel cushion Furniture Seat Puzzle League - Beat Story Mode
Fueki chair Furniture Seat Holden 3
garden chair Furniture Seat Harvey, Maddie, Olive 5/3
hanging chair Furniture Seat Vivian 3
Hello Kitty chair Furniture Seat Rilla (Sanrio) 3
imperial chair Furniture Seat Harvey 5
Inkopolis chair Furniture Seat Cece, Viché (Splatoon) 3
iron garden chair Furniture Seat Harvey, Ellie 5/3
Kiki and Lala sofa Furniture Seat Étoile (Sanrio) 3
lecture-hall bench Furniture Seat Leopold 3
massage recliner Furniture Seat Louie 3
meeting-room chair Furniture Seat Huck 3
metal-and-wood chair Furniture Seat Harvey, Ketchup 5/3
modern office chair Furniture Seat Cleo, Raddle 3
My Melody chair Furniture Seat Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
natural bench Furniture Seat Reese, Sandy 3
natural chair Furniture Seat Cyrus, Sandy 3
NDS Lite bench Furniture Seat Wisp 3
Nintendo bench Furniture Seat Wisp 3
Nintendo DSi bench Furniture Seat Wisp 3
pen-case chair Furniture Seat DLC/Spotpass 23,760
Pompompurin chair Furniture Seat Marty (Sanrio) 3
reception chair Furniture Seat Julia, Piper 3
round cushion Furniture Seat Carrie, Hopkins, Vivian 3
salon chair Furniture Seat Tasha 3
shoji bench Furniture Seat Toby (Sanrio) 3
sushi bench Furniture Seat Filly 3
swinging bench Furniture Seat Harvey, Maddie 5/3
theater seat Furniture Seat Boris 3
train seat Furniture Seat Rover 3
waiting-room bench Furniture Seat June 3
zen chair Furniture Seat Blathers, Sylvana 3
box-shaped seat Furniture Seat, Table Harvey, Rex, Tad 5/3
Cinnamoroll stool Furniture Seat, Table Chai (Sanrio) 3
Desert Island stool Furniture Seat, Table Desert Island Escape
elegant bench Furniture Seat, Table Claude 3
round pillow Furniture Seat, Table Jacob, Stella, Wade 3
zen cushion Furniture Seat, Table Snooty 3
air purifier Furniture Table Harvey, Murphy 5/3
basic display stand Furniture Table Harvey, Candi, Ursala, Weber 5/3
basic teacher's desk Furniture Table Blathers, Leopold 3
cable spool Furniture Table Harvey, Rex, Tad 5/3
cafeteria table Furniture Table Sylvana 3
casual display stand Furniture Table Harvey, Tybalt 5/3
Cinnamoroll table Furniture Table Chai (Sanrio) 3
console table Furniture Table Digby, Dobie, Piper 3
conveyor belt Furniture Table Murphy 3
counter table Furniture Table Bea, Ellie, Kicks, Mabel, Sylvana 3
daimyo's tray Furniture Table Billy, Joan, Kapp'n, Wade 3
Desert Island table Furniture Table Desert Island Escape
fancy display case Furniture Table Bitty 3
fancy display stand Furniture Table Harvey, Bitty, June 5/3
file cabinet (M) Furniture Table Murphy 3
Fueki table Furniture Table Holden 3
garden table Furniture Table Harvey, Maddie, Olive 5/3
Hello Kitty table Furniture Table Rilla (Sanrio) 3
Inkopolis table Furniture Table Cece, Viché (Splatoon) 3
iron garden table Furniture Table Harvey, Ellie 5/3
Kerokerokeroppi tray Furniture Table Toby (Sanrio) 3
Kiki and Lala table Furniture Table Étoile (Sanrio) 3
kitchen counter Furniture Table Admiral, Cashmere, Chip, Olive 3
kitchen stove Furniture Table Admiral, Cashmere 3
large tea table Furniture Table Harvey, Resetti 5/3
lecture-hall desk Furniture Table Leopold 3
meeting-room table Furniture Table Cleo, Gonzo 3
merchandise table Furniture Table Candi 3
metal-and-wood table Furniture Table Harvey, Ketchup, Plucky, Tasha 5/3
metal-rim table Furniture Table Boris, K.K., Rover 3
My Melody table Furniture Table Chelsea (Sanrio) 3
natural low table Furniture Table Cyrus, Reese, Sandy, Stella, Vivian 3
natural table Furniture Table Claude 3
pastel low table Furniture Table Carrie, Hopkins, Lottie 3
Pompompurin table Furniture Table Marty (Sanrio) 3
reception counter Furniture Table June 3
round-cloth table Furniture Table Julia, Piper 3
sample case Furniture Table Sylvana 3
school locker Furniture Table Leopold 3
serving cart Furniture Table Ellie, Sandy 3
square minitable Furniture Table Huck, Spike 3
table with cloth Furniture Table Julia 3
tool cart Furniture Table Cyrus, Ike 3
white office desk Furniture Table Cleo 3
wood display stand Furniture Table Harvey, Buzz, Jack, Norma, Rex 5/3
wood-plank table Furniture Table Harvey, Kapp'n, Snooty, Ursala 5/3
wooden counter Furniture Table Harvey, Bea, Bitty 5/3
worktable Furniture Table Harvey, Buzz, Cyrus, Ketchup, Norma 5/3
zen barrel Furniture Table Harvey, Boots, Tad 5/3
zen cupboard Furniture Table Snooty 3
zen desk Furniture Table Hornsby, Snooty 3
zen low table Furniture Table Billy, Timmy & Tommy, Wade 3
zen phone stand Furniture Table Billy 3
basic trash can Furniture Trash Can Harvey, Digby, Vivian, Hornsby 5/3
busing station Furniture Trash Can Huck 3
garbage bin Furniture Trash Can Harvey, Boyd, Jacob, Stu 5/3
overflowing trash Furniture Trash Can Resetti 3
desktop TV Furniture TV Spike 3
giant Game Boy Furniture TV Hopkins 3
Pompompurin TV Furniture TV Marty (Sanrio) 3
standing TV Furniture TV Boris, Hopkins 3
wall-mounted tv Furniture TV Resetti 3