23,125 bells
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Jamtown (AC:NL)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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Town Tune: Yeah, it's the Mario theme
Characters: James
Town's ACC Users: james_something*
Current Time: 2/22 2:41am
Ordinance: Early Bird
Dream Code: 7E00-0101-5349
Nook: T.I.Y. - Closed (opens in 7 hrs 19 mins)
Fruit: banana* | coconut | durian | lemon* | lychee | mango | orange | peach*
Other Shops and Amenities:
Café | Police Station | Club LOL | Dream Suite | Fortune-Teller's Shop | Kicks | Museum Renovation | Reset Center | Shampoodle | Campsite
No animal residents set for this town.
Public Works Projects:
No public works projects set for this town.
This town has no bulletins posted.