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AniCity (AC:NL)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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Town Tune: My Town Tune
Characters: Daisy
Town's ACC Users: TheSimpleEevee*
Current Time: 4:41pm
Ordinance: Beautiful Town
Dream Code: 5D00-012E-07F2
Nook: T&T Emporium - Open (closes in 4 hours 19 minutes)
Fruit: apple | banana* | cherry | coconut | durian | lemon | lychee | mango* | orange | peach | pear* | persimmon
Other Shops and Amenities:
Café | Police Station | Club LOL | Dream Suite | Fortune-Teller's Shop | Kicks | Museum Renovation | Reset Center | Shampoodle | Campsite
Chai  Chrissy  Dobie  Étoile  Inkwell  
Jacques  Marty  Paula  Walt  
Public Works Projects:
Bell  Cobblestone Bridge  Drinking Fountain  Fairy-Tale Bench  
Fairy-Tale Bridge  Fence  Fire Hydrant  Flower Arch  
Flower Clock  Fountain  Hammock  Hot Spring  
Illuminated Heart  Jungle Gym  Lighthouse  Metal Bench  
Park Clock  Solar Panels  Street Lamp  Water Well  
Windmill  Yellow Bench  
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Dreamway (AC:GC)

Town Tune: We Are The Crystal Gems
Characters: Daisy
Town's ACC Users: TheSimpleEevee*
Current Time: 4:41pm
Nook: Nookington's - Open (closes in 5 hours 19 minutes)
Fruit: apple* | cherry | peach | pear
Island Info: Name: None  | Islander: None
Amelia  Aziz  Billy  Dora  Kitty  
Mitzi  Murphy  Olivia  Pate  Patty  
Peaches  Punchy  Queenie  Sven  Tom  
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