44,325 bells
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Sugar (AC:NL)
Map Release Date to be Determined.

Town Tune: Pokemon Center (Created By PoDunK!) (submitted by ment0gecko)
Characters: Sonia
Town's ACC Users: ReyWest*
Current Time: 6:48am
Ordinance: Beautiful Town
Dream Code: None
Nook: T&T Emporium - Closed (opens in 2 hrs 12 mins)
Fruit: apple | bamboo shoot | banana* | cherry* | durian | lemon* | lychee | mango | orange | peach | pear
Other Shops and Amenities:
Café | Police Station | Club LOL | Dream Suite | Kicks | Museum Renovation | Shampoodle | Campsite
Boomer  Caroline  Drago  Frobert  Fuchsia  
Poppy  Wendy  Willow  
Public Works Projects:
Balloon Arch  Bell  Brick Bridge  Bus Stop  
Camping Cot  Circle Topiary  Cobblestone Bridge  Fence  
Fire Hydrant  Fire Pit  Flower Clock  Fountain  
Illuminated Heart  Jungle Gym  Lighthouse  Log Bench  
Park Clock  Square Topiary  Street Lamp  Tire Toy  
Torch  Water Well  Yellow Bench  
This town has no bulletins posted.