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Dopor (AC:GC)

Town Tune: Brothers from Full Metal Alchemist (submitted by videogamer3586)
Characters: Sarah | Miles | Derek
Town's ACC Users: videogamer3586* | hmgirl1 | Pansy
Current Time: 6:15am
Nook: Nookington's - Closed (opens in 2 hrs 45 mins)
Fruit: None
Island Info: Name: Calvin  | Islander: Rowan
Bunnie  Chevre  Dotty  Hugh  Jane  
Kody  Opal  Patty  Quetzal  Rosie  
Spike  Winnie  Wolfgang  Zoe  
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Dopor (AC:WW)

Town Tune: Ode to Joy (from Shezzy's Town)
Characters: Derek
Town's ACC Users: videogamer3586*
Current Time: 6:21am
Nook: Nookway - Closed (opens in 2 hrs 39 mins)
Fruit: None
Aurora  Cube  Elvis  Frobert  Genji  
Mallary  Pompom  Purrl  
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