60,280 bells
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Gensokyo (AC:NL)
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Town Tune: ACGC Default Tune
Characters: Ranko
Town's ACC Users: HoshinoRanko*
Current Time: 3:48am
Ordinance: Beautiful Town
Dream Code: None
Nook: T&T Emporium - Closed (opens in 5 hrs 12 mins)
Fruit: apple* | bamboo shoot | banana* | cherry | coconut | durian | lemon | lychee* | mango | orange | peach | pear | persimmon
Other Shops and Amenities:
No shops set for this town.
Carmen  Chrissy  Coco  Felicity  Francine  
Gabi  Kiki  Lolly  Mitzi  Purrl  
Public Works Projects:
Bell  Blue Bench  Bus Stop  Camping Cot  
Circle Topiary  Cobblestone Bridge  Cube Sculpture  Drinking Fountain  
Fire Pit  Fountain  Hammock  Jungle Gym  
Lighthouse  Log Bench  Metal Bench  Modern Bench  
Modern Bridge  Outdoor Chair  Picnic Blanket  Sandbox  
Square Topiary  Suspension Bridge  Tire Toy  Tulip Topiary  
Windmill  Wisteria Trellis  Yellow Bench  
This town has no bulletins posted.