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Peaceful (AC:NL)
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Town Tune: Willy Wonka
Characters: Peaches | Chrissy | Catwoman
Town's ACC Users: TexasPch7*
Current Time: 8:34am
Ordinance: Beautiful Town
Dream Code: 5B00-0052-F968
Nook: T&T Emporium - Closed (opens in 0 hrs 26 mins)
Fruit: apple | bamboo shoot | banana | cherry | coconut* | durian | lemon* | lychee | mango | orange* | peach | pear | persimmon
Other Shops and Amenities:
Café | Police Station | Club LOL | Dream Suite | Fortune-Teller's Shop | Kicks | Museum Renovation | Reset Center | Shampoodle | Campsite
Cheri  Colton  Gladys  Hamlet  Inkwell  
Mitzi  Skye  Static  Truffles  Tucker  
Victoria  Winnie  
Public Works Projects:
Camping Cot  Drinking Fountain  Fairy-Tale Bench  Fairy-Tale Bridge  
Fairy-Tale Clock Tower  Fairy-Tale Streetlight  Flower Arch  Flower Clock  
Hammock  Hot Spring  Illuminated Heart  Illuminated Tree  
Jungle Gym  Lighthouse  Moai Statue  Outdoor Chair  
Statue  Statue Fountain  Tire Toy  Video Screen  
Water Well  Wind Turbine  Zen Bell  Zen Garden  
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