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 ACC Troubleshooting
This page will help you troubleshoot some of the known problems with ACC. If you cannot find the solution to your problem here, try searching the Feedback Board or the Dynamic Help Section.
It apppears that we are not receiving the "HTTP referrer" information from your browser. This information is used by ACC so that we can make sure you are hitting certain "protected" pages from other pages on ACC, instead of by typing the address in the URL, or by clicking a link on another site.

If this information is not being sent, it is often because it is being blocked by internet security software or firewall-type software (Norton Internet Security, for example) that is installed on your computer. In order for you to access these protected pages on ACC, you'll need to adjust your settings to allow HTTP referrers to be sent to our site.

For instructions on how to modify your settings for Norton Internet Security, review this link. Basically, you need to add our site to that list that it shows there. And then, "Permit" ACC to see the "Referrer". That should get you in.

We have also found that some browsers allow the HTTP referrer to be turned off. Firefox has this feature, and you can find more information about it on this page.

If you are running some other type of firewall software, please review your program documentation to find out how to allow your computer to transmit the HTTP Referrer to ACC.

If you need further assistance with configuring your security software, or if trying these solutions still did not fix your problem, please send an email to ACC Support and tell us which browser and operating system you use (including version numbers), and any firewall or security software you may be running.
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