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 ACC Troubleshooting
This page will help you troubleshoot some of the known problems with ACC. If you cannot find the solution to your problem here, try searching the Feedback Board or the Dynamic Help Section.
We have determined that your ACC cookie on your computer needs to be deleted.

If you are familiar with deleting individual cookies, you can try deleting just the ACC cookie to see if that fixes your problem. This page from the ezboard web site provides good instructions for deleting individual cookies. Rembmer though, if you use these instructions, replace "ezboard" with "animalcrossingcommunity" any time you see "ezboard" in the instructions.

If you that did not fix your problem, or if you would rather just delete all cookies, this page has some good instructions for deleting all cookies from both IE and Netscape. Remember though, cookies are how some information is saved to your computer, such as Login Usernames and Passwords. If you delete all cookies, you will be required to log back in to sites that required login.
If you need further assistance with deleting cookies on your browser, or if trying these solutions still did not fix your problem, please send an email to ACC Support and tell us which browser you use (including version number).
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