36,555 bells
 ACC Treasure Hunting

The staff and SIC collaborated on a "find the treasure" feature for ACC. This features a currency called "Bells" for you to find.

There are different prizes: 100 Bells (featuring Tom Nook), 1,000 Bells (featuring Blathers), and finally, 10,000 Bells (featuring K.K. Slider). There is also a jackpot prize and a Wisp prize. The current jackpot is listed at the top of the page between the site time and the "Donate" button.

Q. How can I find Bells?

You find Bells by browsing the website. They appear in three locations: at the top of the page, at the bottom of the page, and inline with the posts of a thread. You may need to scroll if you want to make sure you don't miss any treasures.

Q. I can't find any Bells. What should I do?

Treasures are rare. The more valuable the treasure is, the rarer it is. We recommend you don't go by every page looking for Bells, but rather browse ACC normally. You'll find Bells eventually.

Q. How can I find out how many Bells I've found?

Your Bell count is always shown at the top of the left menu. It also appears in your profile and below your posts, for others to view.

Q. How can I increase my Bell-finding chances?

There is no way to increase your Bell-finding chance.

Q. What is the jackpot? How does it work?

At the top of every ACC page, you see the current jackpot. The jackpot rises every time someone is shown Bells, but doesn't claim them. Say, for example, Sally has a 1,000 Bells link on the page she's on. She doesn't click on it because she doesn't see it. After five minutes, Sally loses the chance to claim those 1,000 Bells, and part of those missed Bells get added to the jackpot.

Q. What are Wisps?

Wisps are a "special" opportunity that work slightly differently than normal Bell prizes. You will only get Wisp if you have previously lost any Bells. It randomly takes one of the missed Bells prizes you lost and adds it back to your current Bell count.

The person who finds the jackpot will get all of the Bells, and then the jackpot will revert to zero.

Q. What can we do with Bells?

Currently, there isn't much you can do with Bells. However, in the future, we plan to implement special perks users can buy using Bells.

Q. When do the links expire?

They expire when they are clicked on, or after five minutes after they appear. If they are not clicked on, they get added to the jackpot.

Q. What do the treasures look like?

Here is a sample image of the 100 Bell treasure: