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 ACC Site Rules

Below is the list of rules you are expected to know and follow as a member of this site. Any violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action enforced by our staff. This will help ensure that this community remains a pleasent and family-friendly environment for everyone.

This list covers content and actions that are not allowed on this site. By default, you only are shown a short topic of what is not allowed. However, you will be held responsible for the details under each topic. You can expand the details by clicking each topic, or by using the links below.

Please note that while this list gives you an idea of what is expected and what will happen if these rules are broken, the staff has the final say on rule violations and disciplinary actions. As a member of this site, you will be expected to accept their decisions.

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NOTE: Whenever these rules are updated, you will be notified and asked to accept the updated rules before continuing to participate on the site.

1 - General Rules

1.1 Offensive Language
1.2 Offensive Content
1.3 Sites with Offensive Content
1.4 Personal Insults & Attacks (Flaming)
1.5 Trolling & Generalized Insults
1.6 Spamming & Bumping
1.7 Online Romances
1.8 Multiple Accounts Per User
1.9 Sharing Accounts
1.10 Impersonating Other Members
1.11 Exploiting Site Features, Loopholes or Glitches
1.12 Harassing Others
1.13 Distribution of copyright infringed material.
1.14 Topics & Threads Generally Not Allowed on Public Boards
1.15 Posting in Non-English Languages
1.16 Posting Account Status & Personal Information
1.17 Posting Friend Codes
1.18 Copying Others' Work
1.19 Posting AC:GC & Universal Item Codes
1.20 Buying/Selling/Exchanging Items
1.21 Abusing The Trading Post Feedback & WiFi Rating Systems
1.22 Posting Feedback Outside Of The Trading Post Feedback & WiFi Rating Systems
1.23 Chain Letters

2 - Forum Rules

2.1 Posting on the Wrong Board
2.2 Cross-Posting
2.3 Not Using Stickies and Official Threads
2.4 Recruiting/Advertising Threads
2.5 Overuse of Markup
2.6 Drawing Excessive Attention
2.7 Backseat Moderating
2.8 Hacking Device/Software Codes
2.9 Discussing/Exchanging Items Not Available Through Normal Game Play
2.10 Trading Of AC:GC Items, e-Reader Cards & amiibo Cards On Forums

3 - Trading Rules

4 - Pattern Rules

4.1 Publishing Junk Patterns

5 - Friend Code Rules

5.1 Sending Multiple Friend Code Requests