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 ACC Site Rules

Animal Crossing Community, or ACC for short, is a family-friendly website in which the Staff endeavor to make a pleasant environment for everyone. To ensure that we keep the friendliness of the site intact, the Moderators and Administrators (Modmins) have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying, harassment, trolling, griefing, flaming, offensive content, and vulgar language. This is reflected in the Site Rules, and we urge all Members to become familiar with them in order to avoid rule infractions.

Listed below are the Site Rules in brief. Clicking on any of the rules allows you to view them, and their accompanying violations, in full. Violations have different levels of severity, with Level 5 being the most severe. Persistent rule breaks, or severe infractions, may result in a long-term ban from ACC.

Some of the rules provide examples of what is considered to be a breach of the rule. Although different people will have different ideas of what is covered by those rules, the Modmins will determine whether a rule has been violated.

A violation of any Site Rule will result in either a message or a notification from the Modmins to the Member. Both of these types of communication will outline which rule has been breached, and the severity of it. Such communications will remain in a User Log for that Member and show up as Notifications in the My Notifications section for Members. All Members have the opportunity to respond to any Notification they may not understand, and Members can contest a Notification that they feel may be issued in error. All Members have an opportunity to respond and challenge anything in their User Log. After further discussion, if a Staff consensus to overturn is reached, the rule infraction record will be deleted from the Member's User Log, and the corresponding Notification will be removed.

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NOTE: Whenever these rules are updated, you will be notified and asked to accept the updated rules before continuing to participate on the site.

1 - General Rules

1.1 Offensive Language
1.2 Offensive Content
1.3 Sites with Offensive Content
1.4 Personal Insults & Attacks (Flaming)
1.5 Trolling & Generalized Insults
1.6 Spamming & Bumping
1.7 Online Romances
1.8 Multiple Accounts Per User
1.9 Sharing Accounts
1.10 Impersonating Other Members
1.11 Exploiting Site Features, Loopholes or Glitches
1.12 Harassing Others
1.13 Distribution of copyright infringed material.
1.14 Topics & Threads Generally Not Allowed on Public Boards
1.15 Posting in Non-English Languages
1.16 Discussing Account Statuses
1.17 Posting Friend Codes
1.18 Copying Others' Work
1.19 Posting AC:GC & Universal Item Codes
1.20 Buying/Selling/Exchanging Items
1.21 Abusing The Trading Post Feedback & WiFi Rating Systems
1.22 Posting Feedback Outside Of The Trading Post Feedback & WiFi Rating Systems
1.23 Chain Letters
1.24 Sharing Personal Information

2 - Forum Rules

2.1 Posting on the Wrong Board
2.2 Cross-Posting
2.3 Not Using Stickies and Official Threads
2.4 Recruiting & Advertising
2.5 Overuse of Markup
2.6 Drawing Excessive Attention
2.7 Backseat Moderating
2.8 Hacking Device/Software Codes
2.9 Discussing or Exchanging Duplicated/Hacked/Modified Items
2.10 Trading Of AC:GC Items, e-Reader Cards & amiibo Cards On Forums

3 - Trading Rules

4 - Pattern Rules

5 - Friend Code Rules