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 ACC Site Policies

The following is a list of policies that are in place on the ACC website. These provide guidelines to you as a member of ACC, as well as to the staff in their responsibilities for managing the website. If any of these policies are unclear and you would like more information, please Request Help so the staff they can assist you.

NOTE: Updated or added rules are noted with Blue headings. Dates next to headings indicate date added or last updated.

Last updated 12/4/2006.
  • Controversial Topics
    The Admins and Moderators reserve the right to remove any content that may be deemed controversial. There are certain topics that people have strong feelings on and may disagree about. These topics, while they are not bad or wrong, may not be something that parents want their children to learn about from a website. Because we want ACC to be able to be used by all ages, and we don't want parents to have to block their children from ACC, we have made the decision that topics such as these will not be allowed on ACC. If an Admin or Moderator contacts you to let you know that something has been deleted for this reason, please respect that decision. If you see something that would be considered a controversial topic and it hasn't been caught by the staff yet, please Request Help to let them know there is something that specifically needs their attention.
  • Trade Feedback Changes
    If a user gives or receives feedback on a particular trade, and then later feels that the feedback given or received was inappropriately Negative or Positive, the user may use the "Report a Problem" button on the trade in question to request a Feedback change. If the Admin or Moderator responding to the change request feels that a change is warranted, the Admin/Mod will change the feedback rating by one level. In other words, an Admin/Mod might change feedback from Negative to Neutral, or from Neutral to Positive.

    We feel that this fairly covers nearly every case that would warrant a feedback change. In very rare extenuating circumstances other changes may be accomodated, but only if the Admin/Mod determines that there is sufficient proof to warrant such a change. For something to be included as "proof", it must be documented on ACC (Trade Messages, message board posts, private threads (PTs), etc).

    Feedback change requests must be submitted within one week of trade completion for item trades, or within two weeks for e-Card trades. A trade is considered to be "complete" when all phases of trading, including leaving feedback, have been completed.
  • User Privacy
    ACC respects the privacy of its members. We require only the minimum of personal information (your email address), and that information is not accessible by general members unless you set it as such in your account profile. The email address is only used to protect the security of your account. All other account profile fields are optional. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • "Hacked" Accounts
    To our knowledge, ACC has never been "hacked" into, including user accounts. If you suspect that your account has been accessed by another member, it's either because a) you have given your password out to someone, or b) you have left your account logged in at a shared computer (one that is used by other people besides yourself). In order to avoid this problem, you should carefully choose a password that only you will know, and not share it with anyone. If you do use a shared computer you should log off by clicking the "X" button at the top right corner of the ACC pages to log off before you leave the site. If you believe that you are still having problems with other users accessing your account after taking these steps, do not discuss this in the public boards or in private threads, please hit the Report A Problem button from your profile page so that the Staff can research it further.
  • Site Bans
    The ACC staff works hard to enforce the rules and policies of this site as necessary. Violations of site rules and policies are taken quite seriously, to ensure the safety and comfort of all ACC members. In extreme cases, violations may result in a site ban, a temporary or permanent block on a member's account to prevent them from using the site. Any user who has been banned either temporarily or permanently will receive notification of the ban by email along with an explanation of why the ban occurred.

    The staff reserves the right to ban a user without an initial warning in extreme cases where it is deemed necessary to protect other members of the community. The staff also reserves the right in extreme cases to not send a ban notification email to the banned user if it is decided that the ban notification will only egg on the behavior that originally warranted the ban. If a banned user has questions about the circumstances of a ban, they should contact the staff by replying to the ban notification email or by replying to support@animalcrossingcommunity.com. Note that the decision to ban a member account is not one made lightly and is usually agreed upon by several staff members before the ban is put in place, therefore it is only in very rare circumstances that a ban decision would be changed.

    The staff will not discuss the circumstances or terms of a ban with anyone except the banned user. This is to protect the privacy of the user involved. For the same reason, no one should discuss the circumstances of a ban in the message boards on the site. Any user discussing a ban, or sharing their account with a banned user, will face consequences and may have their account banned as well.
  • Site Images and Content - 12/4/2006
    We do not and will not give others permission to use any of our images.

    The character images found on ACC were scanned in from Nintendo Power's official AC guide. We did not get permission to do this, but we feel that this is not a criminal violation considering the many other fan-based and even corporate sites that also use copyrighted images from various video games and video game characters. However, since we do not have copyright over such images, we cannot give permission to use these images. We do have legal copyright over some images including all emotes, avatar backgrounds, and other site graphics. These are original creations of our staff or members who have given us explicit permission to use these images, and unauthorized use of such images is in violation of our copyrights.

    Also, direct linking of any images to our servers without explicit permission is prohibited. Our bandwidth is not unlimited, and doing so will consume our bandwidth.

  • Archival of Large Threads
    In order to preserve space and speed on ACC, threads that have reached an excessive number of posts will be reviewed by the staff to determine if the thread should be locked and archived. If the thread in question is still on topic and/or serving a useful purpose, the thread originator will be contacted by the staff by private thread to give them option of starting a new thread for that topic where the discussion can continue. We have tools in place that will assist us in identifying the threads that are in need of review, it is not necessary for members to report threads that we may want to assess.

This list covers most, but not necessarily all, policies that govern the daily operations of this website. As such, this list may be changed or expanded as new policies are needed. This is a living document, and the staff reserves the right to changes these policies at any time. If the policies are changed, an Announcement will be posted. Your continued use of the site after such an announcement means that you have agreed to follow these policies.