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 ACC Privacy Policy
Email Addresses

Q: Does ACC give out email addresses to third parties?

A: ACC will never give, sell, or otherwise release your email address or any other information that you provide to any third party.

Q: Who can see my email address if I choose not to make my email address publicly available?

A: The Administrators and Moderators of ACC will always have access to your email address for administrative purposes only. This is only used when it is necessary to contact you via email regarding site violations or account information changes.

Q: Who can see my email address if I do choose to make my email address publicly available?

A: Only other ACC members will have access to your email address, if you choose to make it available to them. This is completely optional and is never required by ACC. This option is turned off by default, so your address can only be made available to other ACC members if you check this option in your profile.

Profile Information

Q: Who can view my account profile?

A: Only members of ACC can view your account profile. Any non-members will not have access to your profile. However, since anyone can join ACC, you should still be careful about the information you wish to share in your profile.

Q: Is my birthday visible to everyone?

A: By default, your birthday is not visible to anyone, except site Administrators and Moderators. However, you can choose to reveal your birthday and/or age to other members as well. As with the rest of your profile, your birthday is not ever visible to non-members.

Q: What information in my profile is considered sensitive?

A: Any information that identifies you as a person should be considered sensitive. This includes your email address and birthday (if you choose to make these visible to others), name, location, website, picture, hobbies/interests, and IM contacts. You should always give careful thought before providing such information.

Q: What information the "Other Stuff About Me"? Is this sensitive?

A: The "Other Stuff About Me" section is a free-text section that allows you to be expressive in telling others about yourself. So considering on what information you choose to put in this section, it can be considered sensitive. Again, you should give careful thought about what you are providing in this section. As with the rest of your profile, any information you put in this section is viewable by all members, and is not viewable by non-members.

Private Threads (PTs)

Q: Who can see my Private Threads?

A: No regular member has access to Private Threads unless they are included as an invited member to that Private Thread. However, Administrators and Moderators always have access to every Private Thread. This is only to allow them to make sure TOS rules are not being broken, and to follow up on any problems reported in regards to a Private Thread.

Q: What if I don't want an Administrator or Moderator to view my Private Thread?

A: There is no way to prevent an Administrator or Moderator from viewing your Private Thread. If you wish to keep your conversation completely private, use a different method of communication (another message board, email, etc).

Public Forums

Q: Is there any privacy on the Public Forums?

A: No. Any member OR non-member can view the public forums. If you wish to keep a conversation private, consider using the Private Threads or seek some other method of communication. Be careful not to post any information on the Public Forums that you wish to keep private.

Trading Post Messages

Q: Are messages that are posted on the Trading Post kept private?

A: No. Messages that are posted on the Trading Post are visible to Administrators, Moderators, and all other members of ACC. Only non-members are not able to view Trading Post Messages. Be careful not to post any information on the Trading Post that you wish to keep private.

Q: Then how do I exchange mailing addresses for e-Card trades?

A: We have a special area in your profile where you can provide your mailing addresses, strictly for the purpose of trading e-cards. Your address is provided to other users only when making e-card trades. If you are not comfortable using this option, you may also coordinate swapping mailing addresses w/ e-card traders via PT or email. Never post your mailing address in trade messages or on public boards, as other members have access to these areas.

Members Under 13

Q: Is there any difference in privacy between members under 13, and those 13 and older?

A: If a member is under 13 and ACC has obtained parental consent for that member, their information is treated identically to those 13 and over (see remaining Privacy Policy above). However, if a member is under 13 and ACC has been denied parental consent, or has failed to obtain parental consent after 30 days, their account is either removed completely (for members signing up after COPPA compliance was put in place), or their identifiable information is removed (for existing members prior to when COPPA compliance was put in place. For more information about COPPA, see our About COPPA page.