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 ACC Help
Below are the various ways you can find answers to any questions you may have or any problems you may be experiencing on ACC. We suggest that you try finding your answers using the tools below in the order they are listed. Most likely, you will be able to answer your question by looking through these sections.
The Help Window guides you through various sections of ACC. You can access the dynamic Help for each page by clicking the icon in the upper-right corner of ACC. This button is available on each page, and if help is associated to that page, you will be sent directly to the specific guide for the page you are currently on. Anytime you need help using any parts of the site, be sure to check out the Help section to see if your questions can be answered there.
The Troubleshooting page covers any known site issues that are not covered in the Help section. This will help you figure out what's causing your problem, and let you know what you can do to fix it. We try to keep the troubleshooting page up to date with any known issues, so check here whenever you're having problems with the site that you don't see covered on the message boards or the Help section.
The Feedback Board is where you can go to post and read questions about ACC. You can discuss pretty much anything here that is related to the site, whether it's just a topic you want to discuss with others about ACC, or a question you might have for the staff. Also, if you're having problems with the site that you do not see covered in either the Help section or the Troubleshooting section, post them here and a staff member will try to help you. Please only discuss site-related topics on this board -- any game-related questions should go on the AC Game Board.
If you are able to log into the site, we prefer that you post any support requests to the Feedback Board. This is mainly so you will get an answer quicker. Often, other users will be able to help you or answer your question, or point you to a page or another topic that can help you. Also, the staff checks the Feedback Board more frequently than the Support email box. However, if you are having problems logging in or even signing up (and therefore can't post to the Feedback Board), and if you have already checked the Troubleshooting section (which answers many login problems), then you can send an email to the ACC Support Mailbox, and we will try and help you.