Trading Board (AC:GC Only) Rules
The ACC Trading Board is a little different from the other message boards. The Trading Board was created as a convenient place for members to post about particular items they want or have. It is not intended to replace the Trading Post, which already includes practically everything you'll need to trade - including a private message board for each of your trades.

So, the public Trading Board has a separate set of rules to prevent ACC members overusing it for trading. Please follow these rules when posting on the public Trading Board. If a post breaks any of these rules, it will be locked or deleted.

1. Don't post your entire items catalog. Please just post one or a few items you have or want.

2. Make trades with the Trading Post. Once you have decided who you want to trade with, create a trade with the person on the Trading Post. Discuss any info with the other person on that trade's private message board, not on the public Trading Board.

3. Don't post Secret Codes. Use the Trading Post to exchange Secret Codes for your traded items. Any threads with codes posted will be deleted.

4. Don't post Uni Codes. We don't allow Uni Codes anywhere on ACC. You cannot post these in Public or Private Threads, nor can you use these in the Trading Post. Any Uni Codes found (or reported) will be deleted.

5. Don't gripe about (or promote) other users. Use the User Feedback system in the Trading Post to comment about your trading experience with another user.