Message Board Rules
The ACC Message Boards have to have some rules so things donít get out of hand. The board moderators are responsible for making sure all posts, including the Trading Post message system and Private Threads, abide by the rules Ė kind of like Copper keeps order in town.

If a member breaks any of the rules listed below, the offending post will be locked or deleted, and the poster will receive a warning from a moderator. If the poster continuously breaks the rules, the moderator may ban the user from the site!

The Board Rules are listed below:

1. Personal attacks against someone, AKA flaming, will not be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to post their opinions, but please respect other members when doing so. Courtesy wins friends!

This rule also applies to posts about people who may have been unfair or dishonest traders. Use the user feedback rating on the Trading Post to state your opinion of someoneís negative trading practices.

2. Offensive messages will not be tolerated. An offensive message is one that include content that is ethnically, racially, religiously, or sexually offensive, insulting, or demeaning. Although different people have different ideas of what is offensive, the moderators at ACC trust you have an idea about what we will not tolerate (if you donít, youíll just have to accept our judgment).

3. Spamming the message boards or the Trading Post message system will not be tolerated. Anyone who spams the boards will be subject to banning.

4. Please refrain from using profanity in posts. Posts with excessive profanity will be edited or even deleted. Posters who continually use profanity in their posts are subject to banning.

5. Please refrain from trolling the message boards. Trolling is kind of like fishing - it is a message designed to attract personal attacks through the message boards instead of promote discussion. Posters who continually troll will be warned up to two times. After two warnings, the troll will be subject to banning; they may even turn green and grow warts!

6. Please post messages on the appropriate message board. For instance, post messages about Animal Crossing on the AC Game board, but post messages about other video games on the Video Games board.

7. Please do not cross-post. Cross-posting means posting the same topic on more than one board. If you put the topic on one board, it will probably be seen.
The ACC message board moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any message that doesnít follow these rules. If you find your post has mysteriously disappeared, please contact the moderator before posting the same message again.

If you need to contact a Moderator regarding a post that is breaking a rule, click the Report a Problem link in the top right of the message board.