Using Your Buddy List
There are a couple of ways to set up your ACC buddy list. Here's one way:

1) Click My Buddies in the left navigation menu.

2) Type in the User Name of the buddy you want to add to your Buddy list.

3) Click Add Buddy.

You can also instantly add a person to your buddy list by clicking the Happy Face icon in the upper right of a message that person has posted on the Message Boards.
Once you've added a buddy to your list, you can have easy access to that buddy's ACC information. Your buddy list shows the last time a buddy visited ACC under the Last Active Date column. You can also easily view the following information about a buddy:

* Click a buddy's name in your buddy list to view their user profile.

* Click Inventory or Wish List next to a buddy's name to view their Animal Crossing Inventory or Wish List.

When you click either Inventory or Wish List, you are automatically taken to Phase 3 of the Trading Post so that you can immediately start a trade with that buddy if you want to!
To set up a Private Message thread for your buddies, do the following:

1) Click the small square check box next to the name of each buddy you want to invite to the private message board.

2) Click Invite Selected Users to Private Thread.

You can also instantly start a Private Thread with a buddy who is online when you are by clicking that Buddy's name in the Buddy Alert list.

When any buddy you invited to a private thread logs into ACC, they'll receive a Private Thread Alert in the left hand navigation menu. All they have to do is click the alert to go to their Private Message board where your message will be waiting.

Remember, even Private Messages must follow the Message Board Rules and the Trading Board Rules.

Other members can't see that you've added them as a buddy.
To remove a buddy from your Buddy List.

1) Click the small square check box next to the name of each buddy you want to remove.

2) Click Remove Selected Buddies.