2,810 bells
Jingle December 24th, 8 p.m. - December 25th 1 a.m.
Jingle doesn't get much attention since Rudolph saved Christmas, but he's still happy to be a part of the holidays. He shows up at 8 p.m. on December 24th and will stay until 1 a.m. on December 25th. If you talk to him several times he will give you a piece of the Jingle Series furniture. You can trick him into giving you the whole Jingle Series, but it will require a bit of trickery. You must leave the acre that Jingle is in and change your clothes. If you go back and talk to him he will not recognize you and he will give you another piece of furniture. You can repeat this process until you have the complete Jingle Series.
List of Items
festive paper gift pile Jingle bed Jingle carpet Jingle chair
Jingle clock Jingle dresser Jingle lamp Jingle piano Jingle shelves
Jingle sofa Jingle table Jingle wall Jingle wardrobe white wood floor