3,160 bells
Jack 6 p.m. October 31st to 1 a.m. November 1st
On Halloween everyone in your town will be dressed up like Jack, but there is only one real Jack. Only the real Jack will not chase you. All Jack really wants is candy. If you bought some from Tom Nook's store during the month of October bring it to Jack in exchange for a rare piece of Spooky Series furniture. After you get a piece of furniture from him you can leave that acre and find him again elsewhere in town to get another piece. You can get the whole Spooky Series if you're persistent enough.
List of Items
jack-in-the-box moldy shirt patched shirt pumpkin head spooky bed
spooky bookcase spooky carpet spooky chair spooky clock spooky dresser
spooky lamp spooky sofa spooky table spooky vanity spooky wall
spooky wardrobe