3,160 bells
Katrina 9 p.m. (stays 24 hours, random day)
Katrina's business is booming now that Miss Cleo is out of the picture. She will occasionally visit your town and set up her tent to do her business. For a mere 50 bells she will tell you what's in store for you. Most of the time she will tell you a bunch of nonsense, but if you are persistent she will tell you something special. The list below shows the fortunes and their effects. You may ask for your fortune as often as you like until she tells you one of the special fortunes on the list. After that you will have to wait until her next visit to get another fortune.

Fortunes and their effects
Lucky Finances
Lucky Materials
Villagers of the opposite sex will take a liking to you
Villagers will act coldly toward you
You'll earn and find more Bells than normal
It will become easier to acquire rare items
You'll fall down a lot