3,160 bells
Saharah 6 a.m. (stays 24 hours, random day)
Saharah makes her living selling rare and exotic carpets from far away lands. Like most of the game's other special characters, Saharah sells items that can't be found anywhere else. She does, however, have a different way of doing business. She accepts trade-ins. In order to get your hands on one of her carpets you must trade in one of your carpets along with some money. Her prices go up each time you buy a carpet and prices can get pretty steep. Don't be stingy because chances are she has that carpet you need to complete a certain Series or Theme.
List of Items
ancient tile ancient wall backgammon wall basement floor basement wall
bath tile bathhouse wall blue tarp boxing ring mat boxing-ring mat
chain-link fence chessboard rug classroom floor classroom wall closed road
concrete floor daisy meadow desert vista garden wall industrial wall
lunar horizon lunar surface meadow vista mortar wall mossy carpet
music room floor music-room floor music-room wall office flooring office wall
red vase ringside seating Saharah's desert sand garden sandlot
shoji screen sidewalk skyscraper wall sporty floor sporty wall
summit wall tatami tatami floor tile screen tree-lined wall
tropical floor tropical vista western desert western vista