3,160 bells
Gracie 6 a.m. (stays for 24 hours, random day)
Move over Tommy Hilfiger, Gracie is in town. This vogue giraffe has style and flair and she expresses it in her own line of clothing. Her chic clothes are all the rage and cannot be found in any stores. She travels around from town to town selling her Gracie brand clothes in her stylish sports car. All the travel takes its toll on her car and she will ask you to give it a good shine. If you do a good enough job she might hand over one of her unique shirts. So use a little elbow grease and tap that A button as fast as you can because you don't want to miss out on getting your hands on one of Gracie's shirts.
List of Items
barber shirt butterfly shirt caterpillar tee citrus shirt cool shirt
coral shirt coral tank cow print cow shirt crossing shirt
cyan argyle tank fiendish shirt flan shirt giraffe print giraffe shirt
gorgeous floor gorgeous wall Gracie carpet Gracie wallpaper Gracie's top
grape shirt grass shirt groovy shirt groovy tank hot dog shirt
kiwi shirt ladybug shirt lavender robe leopard print melon shirt
moldy shirt orange pinstripe pink argyle tank princess carpet princess wall
pulse shirt sandwich shirt shirt circuit snow shirt splendid shirt
strawberry shirt sweets floor sweets wall swell shirt tiger print
tiger shirt tin shirt watermelon shirt zebra print zebra shirt