3,160 bells
Wendell 6 a.m. (stays for 24 hours, random day)
Wendell, the starving artist, travels from town to town selling his wallpaper art. This hungry walrus asks only for fish in return for his masterpieces. He doesn't come around often and will only sell you 3 (one per character for up to 3 characters in the town) of his wallpapers per visit so don't miss him. The type of fish you bring doesn't matter. He claims that all of them are his favorite fish. Check in with Copper to see when this Michelangelo of the wallpaper business will be visiting your town.
List of Items
ancient wall backgammon wall basement wall blue tarp classroom wall
country guitar desert vista garden wall industrial wall lunar horizon
meadow vista mortar wall music room wall office wall ringside seating
sandlot wall tree-lined wall tropical vista western vista