2,640 bells
Redd 6 p.m. to 6 p.m. (random day)
Crazy Redd claims to have the best deals in town. Like most traveling salesmen he knows how to hook a potential buyer. Some items you find at Redd's can't be found elsewhere, but others can be found at Tom Nook's shop. So beware, he may try to sell you a common item at an outrageous price. Talk to Copper to find out when Redd will be in town. Otherwise, look for his flyer in the mail. Check the list below for Redd's one-of-a-kind items.
List of Items
amazing machine amazing painting baby bed backyard pool basic painting
basketball hoop bass (instrument) black bishop black katana black knight
black rook blue bed blue table cabana bed cabana chair
cabin chair cabin dresser calm painting classic vanity classic wardrobe
clear model common painting computer dainty painting deer scare
dice stereo dynamic painting ebony piano exotic bed exotic table
famous painting fine painting flowery painting frog woman pole frog-woman pole
green dresser green wardrobe high-end stereo hinaningyo hospital bed
invite card jolly painting judge's bell kiddie bed kiddie clock
lawn mower lefty lucky cat letter cubby lovely armoire lovely end table
lovely painting lovely stereo lucky black cat Luigi trophy Mama panda
medicine chest merry-go-round modern end table modern wardrobe moody painting
moving painting NES nice painting opulent painting Pantheon post
paper tiger perfect painting pothos proper painting quaint painting
racoon figurine ranch chair ranch dresser rare painting red corner
regal bed regal chair robo-clock robo-closet robo-lamp
rocket saddle fence safe saw horse scary painting
scenic painting scoreboard serene painting snake plant solemn painting
space shuttle spaceman steam roller strange painting super toilet
tabletop game tanabata palm timpano drum Triforce turntable
warm painting well white bishop white katana white knight
white rook wide-screen TV wistful painting worthy painting