4,055 bells
Gulliver 6 a.m. to Midnight (random day once a week)
So, sit right back and hear a tale. A tale of a seagull sailor that can't seem to stay put on his ship. A life of fun and adventure always seems to come to an end for this poor seagull that ends up washing ashore randomly once a week. He'll tell you of his voyages and how he ended up in your town. Listen to his tall tales and he'll give you a rare item that he found on his epic journey. So don't forget to check the shores every day because the items Gulliver gives you are rare and cannot be found elsewhere.
List of Items
Arc De Triomphe Chinese lion Chinese lioness chocolates compass
fishing bear Lady Liberty Manekin Pis Manneken Pis matryoshka
Merlion mermaid statue Metroid Moai statue Mouth of Truth
pagoda plate armor shogi piece stone coin tiger bobblehead
Tokyo Tower Tower of Pisa tribal mask