8,930 bells
K.K. Slider (Totakeke)
What would this game be without this talking dog? K.K. Slider will play his version of your favorite tunes every Saturday night between 8 p.m. and midnight near the train station. K.K. Slider will play a random tune unless you request a specific song. Afterwards he will give you the sound check for you to play on any stereo system. He has a large song list and a few songs that he will only play by special request. Below is a list of all the songs K.K. Slider will play for you.
List of Songs
Agent K.K. Aloha K.K. Café K.K. Comrade K.K. DJ K.K.
Forest Life Go K.K. Rider! I Love You Imperial K.K. K.K Slider's pic
K.K. Aria K.K. Ballad K.K. Blues K.K. Bossa K.K. Calypso
K.K. Casbah K.K. Chorale K.K. Condor K.K. Country K.K. Cruisin'
K.K. D & B K.K. Dirge K.K. Dixie K.K. Etude K.K. Étude
K.K. Faire K.K. Folk K.K. Fusion K.K. Gumbo K.K. House
K.K. Jazz K.K. Lament K.K. Love Song K.K. Lullaby K.K. Mambo
K.K. Marathon K.K. March K.K. Metal K.K. Parade K.K. Ragtime
K.K. Rally K.K. Reggae K.K. Rock K.K. Rockabilly K.K. Safari
K.K. Salsa K.K. Samba K.K. Ska K.K. Sonata K.K. Song
K.K. Soul K.K. Steppe K.K. Swing K.K. Tango K.K. Technopop
K.K. Waltz K.K. Western King K.K. Lucky K.K. Marine Song 2001
Mountain Song Mr. K.K. My Place Neapolitan Only Me
Pondering Rockin' K.K. Señor K.K. Soulful K.K. Spring Blossoms
Stale Cupcakes Steep Hill Surfin' K.K. The K. Funk To the Edge
Two Days Ago Wandering