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Collecting information from New Horizons!Jarikira273New6/1 2:04pm
» Share Your Wedding Event PhotosChuuster13New1:49am
» Anyone Else Not Played The Game In A While?orry12313New6/2 6:08pm
» Redd's Ship and Fakeskordbeng3New6/2 5:57pm
» Feng Shui Item Guide?KeithMoon9New6/2 4:51pm
» Tell us your villager hunting success stories!!NeonGracie9New6/2 3:02pm
» Intl. Children's Day ItemsChuuster5New6/2 3:02pm
» When is the Rainy Season on New Horizons?Abfinnie171New6/2 2:16pm
» how villagers are chosen to move out based on datamined infoChiyoko6New6/2 8:22am
» Villager gift guide for furniture?foamblaster6New6/2 3:24am
» What are your favourite things that your neighbours have said?PennyGwin17New6/2 1:47am
» Mom's Items Questionjagger_3New6/1 4:26pm
» Golden watering canjmill4New6/1 6:46am
» HELP! - Why do I have two homes?Imanimonsta11New6/1 2:26am
» villager tools?Chiyoko4New5/31 8:13pm
» Villager rotationalexisarocker1New5/30 8:14pm
» Gazing at the starsdramallama4New5/30 7:08pm
» Is there a way to pick which villager a camper will kick out?CrimsonDoll5New5/30 11:49am
» There's Something Wrong with Merengue....FLuffyHedgehog3New5/30 10:33am
» QuestionJOSEPH11New5/30 10:09am
» Question about CampsiteJacob20002New5/30 10:08am
» Villagers Remembering You?vote4ghosts6New5/29 2:18pm
» Looking for Friends.yiumik-New5/29 12:34pm
» Anyone want to be friends and hangout on my island??PaNdAGoDeSs31New5/29 12:28pm
» What’s YOUR island theme?Peanutprimrose10New5/29 4:12am
» Town backpacktujunga2New5/29 3:49am
» Balloon Gifts Disappearing?CrazyMama12288New5/28 8:26pm
» Submit Pictures of your rooms here!Exziron1New5/28 5:42pm
» Random but - Does it constantly rain on anyone’s island? Brummiedollie29New5/28 11:27am
» Question about adopting someone's starting villager!black_peaches9New5/28 9:27am
» Hedges after Nature DayLimom32New5/28 8:37am
» Sweets furniture?SukuraDavis2New5/28 6:43am
» What’s the smallest music playing item? Any suggestions?kittycat2437New5/28 1:05am
» Unpopular opinions?Cydnifecent28New5/27 7:56pm
» What is the best way to get bells besides the mailbox glitch?OfficalGumi11New5/27 4:07pm
» Can Someone Make Me a Flag Design?laurenmichele4New5/27 4:00pm
» Not getting a reward for giving presents?lizzielizard14New5/27 10:33am
» I started an island with my wife on one switch..we just got a second switch so we could play togetheSkawa19912New5/27 2:22am
» can i get the taurus diy nowACCFDude1New5/27 2:17am
» Celeste is in my townNiy_S-New5/26 11:26pm
» Datmining: Which villager-types send art in the mail, and what you might getPennyGwin1New5/26 10:35pm
» Turnip Pricesellaelise4New5/26 9:17pm
» redd visits your town 1 day of every monthACCFDude45New5/26 8:13pm
» Anyone else feel "stuck?" FLuffyHedgehog11New5/26 6:45pm
» Giving villagers furniturestephxduloc6New5/26 5:05pm
» New Horizons 2 months on - my opinionsILoveACCF9New5/26 2:33pm
» Villager not hanging gifted wreath permanently?Viata9New5/26 12:19pm
» How are you dealing with “Dead” Space?Peanutprimrose8New5/26 6:34am
» Companion Guide1BostonGirl4New5/25 11:34am
» red rose hybrid?joanneg19804New5/25 11:01am
» Town Rating?zanemc4New5/25 12:58am
» Critterpedia WishlistChuuster2New5/24 9:57pm
» Unbreakable Fishing Rod?mesaboy25New5/24 8:33pm
» Is decking a thing?nicola58986New5/24 8:35am
» Finally got 5 stars... It's a messSphithix34New5/24 7:12am
» Roped off ladder in Nook’s shopohhkayyylol5New5/24 2:43am
» What Is Your Island Fruit And Your Sisiter Fruit?TheSimpleEevee20New5/24 2:39am
» Can this be made in to an island tune?forgottenpixel2New5/24 2:29am
» To TT or not to TTkarmachelle5New5/23 10:03pm
» Balloonsabbey_11202New5/23 6:48pm
» Help/volunteers/service needed for watering flowersJohnny8291New5/23 4:00pm
» Is it worth buying ACNH? Xolexiii4New5/23 11:35am
» Villager Personality Balancingpythonmilk10New5/23 1:28am
» Can 2 villagers move out at the same time?rubyofmistywood1New5/22 10:15pm
» Gravestoneslindal38New5/22 7:16pm
» Redd's real/fake odds datamined!PennyGwin2New5/22 5:03pm
» Can the same villager come back to the campsite?White_Chao15New5/22 4:58pm
» Do you play mostly handheld or mostly docked? It's for science.Pandabear07109New5/22 3:13pm
» Flurry is in boxes, dom is in my campsite columbiamc-New5/22 12:39pm
» I don’t like that the game is going to be slowly updatedstephxduloc50New5/22 10:53am
» Anyone doing 2 games 2 systems?tujunga11New5/22 4:42am
» Friends ? Visit island Sept11-New5/21 9:44pm
» Mystery Islands rantsalexisarocker18New5/21 1:04pm
» How do I remove a friends old town from my friend list?rosie647New5/21 2:56am
» Stamp RallyPeanutprimrose17New5/21 2:51am

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