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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away villagers for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell villagers or run villager cycling services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New7/16/2014 3:59pm
» ACNL Butch in Boxes LF: Smug Villager or Bellsleppaberry-New6/2 4:56pm
» FT: Dom || LF: Villagers/NMTGlow_Wand2New6/2 2:05pm
» Poncho in boxes (Jock)- LF: Anyone!!TeamEliWolf-New6/1 11:26am
» Rhonda in campsite ACNLdustybunni-New5/29 5:17pm
» Marshal in boxes. Jasonmii1New5/29 5:15pm
» LF: Ketchup*** June** Maple** or Rosie*jennygrove2New5/29 5:02pm
» Lucha moving on June 7. Feel free to take himKkcrimson-New5/28 12:56pm
» Gayle in boxes! (ACNH)HoneymoonSydney-New5/25 8:18pm
» Skye in boxes DeadMichWalking1New5/25 2:45pm
» Skye in boxesHannaP171New5/24 3:24pm
» Merengue in boxesLivyclaire1New5/24 12:24pm
» LF Alfonso, Margie or RosieExziron3New5/24 12:14pm
» Beardo in boxes soon!PhishPlaysACNL-New5/24 12:12pm
» LF: Marshal (ACNL)archaicLegion-New5/21 11:43pm
» Walt in boxesSpookyNeko7-New5/20 7:21pm
» Looking for Eloise or FloraHeien001-New5/15 12:48pm
» (New leaf) FT: Peanut!! coffeevee-New5/15 12:46pm
» Lucky is in my campsiteAiji-New5/15 10:36am
» Alli is in boxes PLEASE I WANT HER GONEEEEmillie14-New5/14 2:37pm
» Selling Marina, LF: NMT, ANHKHA or MarshalBestBoiNoam-New5/13 5:49pm
» Kiki in Boxes!Toastedsweetrol3New5/12 7:05pm
» Looking for sisterly (uchi) villagersKkcrimson9New5/12 4:33pm
» LF ReneighMrPuzzleMan1New5/12 7:03am
» Bam in boxes!shellyblu-New5/10 7:54pm
» Kabuki in boxes right nowDottythebun3New5/10 6:26pm
» Daisy in boxes!soupyshay-New5/10 5:30pm
» LF Deer Villagers (NL)staycool33-New5/10 1:31am
» ACNH: Reneigh is moving outHighonlife272-New5/9 7:58pm
» LF any unwanted villagers that are somewhat cute!staycool335New5/7 3:44pm
» ACNH LF: any amount of nook miles tickets FT: Bianca Yogitherat-New5/6 5:55pm
» Elmer in Boxes Tomorrow KuppaMijo-New5/6 10:35am
» ACNH open plot looking for specific villagersgumpy034New5/6 7:40am
» Pietro in boxes, looking for NMTfunhole3New5/5 7:19pm
» Ankha in Boxes LF NMTjts3551New5/5 5:49pm
» Genji and Hamphrey for sale! LF Itemscanele-New5/5 5:19pm
» LF: Avery, Amelia or Freya!okn-New5/5 12:44pm
» ACNH Marshal in boxes gumpy03-New5/5 7:58am
» LF: Tasha, Filbert, and Blaire (ACNH)trvp_tyler1New5/4 11:11pm
» [ACNH] trade villagerrobotella1New5/4 8:59pm
» Marshal in boxes tomorrow gumpy03-New5/4 8:47pm
» Tex is in boxesRizzyree-New5/4 8:30pm
» [ACNH] Graham in Boxes!lasstiana1New5/4 1:18am
» [ACNH] Pinky in boxes!! LF offers!voxsta-New5/3 11:56pm
» Tex in boxes! Feel free to take him!Kkcrimson-New5/2 4:08pm
» LF Apollo, O Bellsbeansapalooza-New5/1 8:32pm
» ACNH LF a cute villager! (I have an open plot)Kristin1944-New5/1 6:06pm
» LF: Tangy (New Horizons) FT: Bellsoptimusprimerib-New4/30 9:49pm
» ACNH FT: Julian, Stitches, Merengue, Whitney and more. LF Merry and RaymondMeruhaku9New4/30 6:29pm
» [ACNH] Villager Cycle || BOX: OLAFTakarama3New4/29 7:58pm
» ACNH Katt moving out Nateen-New4/29 1:22pm
» (NH) Merengue Takarama1New4/29 12:36pm
» [FT] BeauMariliaru-New4/27 3:52am
» LF: Marshal (ACNL)staycool33-New4/26 9:41pm
» Seeking Rex for Memorialth4vis2-New4/26 6:26pm
» Claudia in boxes tomorrow FREEFridLachtown-New4/26 5:38pm
» MAELLE MOVING OUT [ NEW LEAF ]Saccharine-New4/26 3:22pm
» Looking to trade Raymond for Judy (NH)campjo-New4/26 3:16pm
» Ankha in boxes! [LF] NMTs (NH)Panit1New4/26 2:50pm
» Lf: Raymond Ft: 1,320,000 bellsKim12312-New4/26 10:42am
» Poppy the squirrel is moving!!Rokktober2New4/26 2:33am
» [FT] Blancheleafcat-New4/25 5:03pm
» LF: Beau FT: Pinky, Merengue, Rosie, PashminaImulu-New4/25 1:14am
» FT:Julian LF:Lolly,or Rosie (ACNL)Shino223-New4/25 1:14am
» ALICE MOVING OUT - LF coco/zodiac furniturehotpie-New4/24 11:30pm
» FT: Chrissy the pop star bunny in boxes LF: see post!pantcup1New4/24 3:26pm
» [LF] Raymond [FT] almost any amiibo villager!SleepyZoroark1New4/24 10:44am
» LF the following ACNL Villagers!staycool331New4/24 7:42am
» FT: Lolly LF: Fang or Marshal [closed]milksuoka-New4/23 7:04pm
» Shep leaving ACNHDottythebun-New4/23 12:45pm
» LF: DobieRockgirl-New4/22 8:24pm
» [ FT: Audie the Wolf - LF: Raymond! ] (NH)Arsened-New4/22 8:00pm
» Diva the purple frog in boxes (NH)mason10692-New4/22 12:40pm
» FT: Lily, Rosie, Wolfgang, Puck LF: Dreamies, bells, itemstyrannosaurus5New4/22 9:03am

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