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Use this board to sell, buy, trade, auction and occasionally give away items for AC:NL. If you wish to run a company to regularly give away or sell items and services, then please post a thread on either the Giveaways or the Shops and Services board.  
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Restrictions For DLC Items Not Yet Released By NintendoVenusKamal-New6/19/2014 11:26am
Rules and Guidelines for AuctionsVenusKamal-New11/19/2013 9:15am
Official Fruit Trading ThreadAmrasje339New10/6 12:52pm
» looking for wet suits!nancysfavlt1New10/20 12:55am
» Villager Pictures For Sale! (Blanca, Twiggy, Marcel, etc.)GoldenKitsune-New10/19 10:20pm
» [ART TRADE] Looking for Genuine Art itemsnickfourtimes4New10/19 7:55pm
» Flowers for Sale/Trade (Including Hybrids and Jacobs Ladders)GoldenKitsune1New10/12 12:45pm
» 30 million bells giveaway (2 million bells for first 10 ppl)TheNewEugeneMan30New10/10 9:45pm
» Looking for: sabertooth skull, archelon skullvegetarian_tee-New9/5 5:03pm
» Historical Clothing for Gracie Fashion Checkaccflover1232New9/4 1:42pm
» LF: black beaded shirt, gorgeous furniture in black, any gift 4 gloria. FT: bellsmonkeytown-New8/11 7:07pm
» New Leaf Bells for New Horizons Bells.SteelAngelUsagi-New8/6 7:56pm
» Selling Royal Crowns for 700,000 bells or 15 NMT eachJinyuu1New8/3 2:24pm
» Welcome amiibo itemsILoveTangy9000-New7/30 4:52pm
» LF Zodiac Items! FT Bells/lmk what you want!Animrac1New7/27 12:56am
» Anyone have hazel the villager nl?Chrissy_acnl3331New7/20 9:07pm
» Looking For Isabell 3DS Offering 300k BellsCraftyDuck100-New7/15 9:06pm
» Log Chair DIYkutt-New7/14 2:53pm
» Item requests Noelle2028-New7/12 2:16am
» Gold Stereo!DartinLeaf1New7/11 12:02pm
» Trading a Wii U for Blue FramesDartinLeaf-New7/10 5:09pm
» LF Rococo/Classic series beansapalooza8New7/9 4:50am
» LF oranges, pears, peaches - willing to PAY + trade!LouLouBelleXO2New7/6 4:18am
» FREE: 38 MILL BELLS + ITTEMSxkelseyjade23New7/2 3:37pm
» Giving Away ItemsKkcrimson12New7/1 8:44pm
» Trying to get Celeste Ribbon/Hair Bow!!pinklilbuni7New6/27 6:59pm
» Help me build my fairy garden and spa! ACFairyPrincess2New6/24 12:26pm
» LF:Slingshot Hashbrown1New6/23 6:15pm
» LF: CABIT SET ITEMSellielucy7471New6/21 2:15pm
» Looking for Modern wood lampRainDripDrop-New6/17 1:49pm
» LOOKING FOR SCI-FI FLOORING (and Wallpaper if you have one)sushi627904New6/17 1:46pm
» LF maoi statueSTEVEISTHEBEST-New6/17 1:41pm
» MY BF IS DUMB AND LOST HIS PERFECT CHERRIESlibertymunro-New6/11 8:28am
» perfect cherries neededlibertymunro-New6/11 6:54am
» Looking for the Garden SetFishxgod3New6/9 2:32pm
» Looking for Maid Dress (Obtained Now)ItachiMasaki1New6/7 3:14pm
» Giving away/trading items I no longer needSunnysol2New6/2 4:18am
» LF: pink wetsuitsuperwiidude1New6/1 6:12pm
» LF:Blue RosesShino2231New6/1 5:59pm
» .Zaybe-New5/27 10:37am
» Monster StatueTitan9891New5/27 12:42am
» Lf hybrids ft millionssephiroth93823New5/25 11:24am
» Roses for Bells~ Gold, Purple, Blue and BlackLil_suku7131New5/24 8:51pm
» Looking for some items! Sunnysol2New5/24 1:02pm
» LF: Any Japanese-Themed Furniture (Paying 5,000,000+)spookies-New5/23 8:30am
» Getting rid of lots of items! LF: chocolate cake, perfect fruit, Streetpass itemsKkcrimson3New5/21 10:28am
» Looking for hybridsPeanutFan14_2New5/20 11:25am
» Is this where I would ask about a gold watering can?Scottacus4New5/20 11:18am
» LF: Liliescoloavs2New5/20 8:02am
» Fruit raidPeanutFan14_1New5/20 8:00am
» Selling Pears!PhishPlaysACNL-New5/19 3:27pm
» LF: Pink alazea (100) White Azalea (100) 1k for each bush!TheNewEugeneMan4New5/17 11:17am
» Final FootwearTabbiesIsland-New5/17 6:48am
» Selling green mumsJessica11198-New5/15 9:26am
» Animal forest, free Forty Backpack bell money, air tickets, bait, gold props, wood,qixiangchen-New5/13 12:13am
» LF: cabin set items!ellielucy747-New5/12 2:32am
» LF: Free bells Shino22314New5/11 9:14am
» SEEKING TEA CUP RIDE oolongbae1New5/11 9:13am
» LF Yellow Exercise Items/Gym EquipmentGingerLemon-New5/11 6:13am
» Grand Vision But Lack BellsMerlinFromAvalo-New5/9 11:54pm
» Fossil/Painting Thread mathewdetine-New5/9 11:26pm
» Anyone have any gold tools of roses for sale?mathewdetine-New5/7 1:51pm
» LF Cool GlobeArmynia1New5/7 11:47am
» LF: White Azalea Bushesstaycool33-New5/7 10:14am
» PEACHES - Trade anyone?Fiendz2New5/6 1:29pm
» buying gold nuggetsJohnny8291New5/5 8:02pm
» Anyone rich with bells and like to help out?SpitFire3603New5/5 3:51pm
» Perfect peachesPeanutFan14_-New5/5 2:44pm
» Buying all VILLAGER PHOTOScrusify_me3New5/3 7:26pm
» LF Walls - Lovely, Ice, and Regalmewainwr2New5/3 5:19pm
» Started Over - Please someone help desperately :'(Fiendz3New5/3 4:47pm
» (ACNL) LF: Pietro's portrait!!Aliraluna-New5/3 9:25am
» Looking for: Pietro's portraitAliraluna-New5/2 10:45pm
» STYRACOSAURUS TORSOTrungy1999-New4/30 3:14pm

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