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This board is for discussing anything about Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. If you need help with AC:GC, or just want to chat about the others' AC experiences, this is the board to do it.  
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NES High Score ThreadArias360151New10/17 7:51pm
A Day In The Life... AC:GC Style!happypippi104New8/8/2016 9:33pm
The K.K. Report - Because we all love our local street performersugarbob46441New6/24/2016 11:37pm
NES Game discussion and How to get the NES games!BowserBasher154New2/3/2016 8:15am
AC:GC Monthly Info - A Complete Guidesunmarsh54New11/5/2013 6:54pm
» This game's hourly tracks.KorruptedFiles49New10/17 3:18am
» Letters to my animal "friends"DeathEater8143New10/16 8:03pm
» 3 layer townsSPBOnion19New10/15 4:00pm
» What's the most mysterious part of this game?PaperLuigi343New10/15 3:46pm
» Who's your favorite in town?BulbasaurLover1New10/15 3:26pm
» Am I the only one here who plays this game on an actual GameCubeKorruptedFiles31New10/13 7:23pm
» Who is your islander?Chalmers150New10/13 7:21pm
» Most annoying AC:GC experienceyankees24cano24New10/13 7:18pm
» Funny things you did or thought when playingBulbasaurLover4New10/12 10:13pm
» Buying all numbered shirts?MaplePine4New10/9 8:30am
» GC Vs. NLWaffleKing720192New10/9 1:46am
» The Neighborhood of AC:GC TownsDaBraxMan125New10/7 6:01pm
» Do you enjoy watching other people play Animal Crossing?DaBraxMan18New10/5 5:32pm
» Who are you favourite resident in your town?Emma_xxx4New10/5 5:11pm
» Man why are Arowana's so hard to catch?ClaireRedfield2New9/27 3:27pm
» Reasons not to start playing in the winterPaperLuigi317New9/21 12:53pm
» Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment - ACGC Edition!DaBraxMan2New9/17 11:15am
» New to acgcCatSpam8193New9/17 11:13am
» Do you bother with flowers?DaBraxMan20New9/11 2:54pm
» What haven't you done yet?YoungRL36New9/11 1:32pm
» Like or dislike Rover?MitchMan27057New9/9 4:00pm
» Who is your favorite villager in your town right now?kikicat16New9/9 3:48pm
» Dobutsu no moriCatSpam8197New9/9 2:08pm
» Crazy Reddmunchlax257New9/9 9:55am
» Making your own custom AC:GC townFormulaNone-New9/6 9:24pm
» AC:GC for the first timeMakayla1234New9/5 7:05pm
» Funniest/Best Catchphrases for Animals?walkingonthesun3New9/3 2:32pm
» First time playing the original Animal Crossing, help!MrsResetti4New9/3 2:29pm
» Villagers moving back into town?munchlax256New8/23 2:00pm
» What did you get with YOUR included Memory Card?DaBraxMan6New8/20 4:13am
» The Acre SystemDaBraxMan15New8/20 4:07am
» Feature from another game you'd want in ACGC?munchlax257New8/20 3:36am
» Why cut villagers from later games?I_Am_The_Lord19New8/20 3:31am
» AC:GC on the Wii?Makayla1233New8/16 10:13pm
» Has anyone here visited the Crossing Guardian (official Animal Crossing website) back in the day?NinelivesBobcat11New8/15 6:26pm
» If ACGC was re-released on the SwitchDaBraxMan19New8/8 11:05am
» Are Kiki and Mitzi common starters?DaBraxMan51New7/30 5:00pm
» Obscure movie referenceSupermew22-New7/25 1:20am
» Anyone else had to do this?Drinking_Water2New7/20 1:34pm
» Professor Plasma?SuperSprited642New7/9 11:04am
» Fishing Tourney Scores!DaBraxMan-New7/5 5:13pm
» The Unofficial HRA Scores ThreadDaBraxMan5New7/5 4:46pm
» What's your favorite and least favorite way to make money?DaBraxMan32New6/26 8:27am
» did u get any mushroomsDaBraxMan3New6/21 7:26pm
» Who is this man?MrsResetti2New6/12 10:28am
» But What If You DO Remove the Memory Card?DaBraxMan10New6/10 7:26pm
» How to get Redd to visit my town if he's never visited it before?Revan6New5/30 6:32pm
» Uh...Cashmere...?DaBraxMan2New5/15 7:39pm
» What Do You Use Patterns For?DaBraxMan6New5/14 9:07pm
» Is save game trading a thing?jeo1883New5/12 3:45pm
» Villager moving patterns?DaBraxMan1New5/7 5:31pm
» How do you give villagers a stereo that they will display in their home?Revan3New4/19 12:31pm
» Okay guys, it is the year 2017 (AKA: Announcing "Forbidden Four - The Movie"ponchonryan1New4/18 9:37pm
» Gulliver has a scheduleFullmetal_Ed7New4/11 1:48pm
» It's Raffle Day! What's Your Haul?munchlax253New4/11 10:16am
» New To Animal Crossing: Population Growing Any Advice?SailorChibiStar3New4/6 2:03pm
» Do you have any of the original merchandise from this game's release?PaperLuigi311New4/3 12:44pm
» About this week's poll...munchlax253New3/24 5:24pm
» Villager's Mysterious Lettersmunchlax252New3/17 12:46pm
» All about Wispsunmarsh6New3/10 5:23pm
» 15 year old villagers!?BulbasaurLover3New3/9 9:08am
» I found a golden axe lying on the floor?Holly19962New3/5 9:58am
» Which characters from later games would have fit well in ACGC?PaperLuigi35New3/2 3:23pm
» How popular are your patterns in town?DaBraxMan4New3/2 3:21pm
» With Dolphin, could we edit the initial game sequence?PaperLuigi34New3/2 3:19pm
» How do you play AC:GC in 2016?Vortac11New2/27 3:05pm
» What's your town tune? PaperLuigi314New2/24 7:37am
» im backLovePunchy5New2/23 3:08pm
» The DumpDaBraxMan17New2/22 12:53am
» How Many Towns Have You Had?DaBraxMan10New2/21 8:10pm

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