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This board is for discussing anything about Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. If you need help with AC:GC, or just want to chat about the others' AC experiences, this is the board to do it.  
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NES High Score ThreadArias360150New8/12/2016 2:33am
A Day In The Life... AC:GC Style!happypippi104New8/8/2016 9:33pm
The K.K. Report - Because we all love our local street performersugarbob46441New6/24/2016 11:37pm
NES Game discussion and How to get the NES games!BowserBasher154New2/3/2016 8:15am
AC:GC Monthly Info - A Complete Guidesunmarsh54New11/5/2013 6:54pm
» Reasons not to start playing in the winterPaperLuigi313New6:10am
» What's your town tune? PaperLuigi314New2/24 7:37am
» im backLovePunchy5New2/23 3:08pm
» The Neighborhood of AC:GC TownsDaBraxMan114New2/23 7:09am
» GC Vs. NLWaffleKing720189New2/23 7:05am
» This game's hourly tracks.KorruptedFiles47New2/22 2:16am
» The DumpDaBraxMan17New2/22 12:53am
» How do you play AC:GC in 2016?Vortac10New2/21 8:20pm
» But What If You DO Remove the Memory Card?DaBraxMan6New2/21 8:16pm
» How Many Towns Have You Had?DaBraxMan10New2/21 8:10pm
» Life Lesson Provided by Animal Crossingmunchlax255New2/21 7:59pm
» The Acre SystemDaBraxMan14New2/21 6:48pm
» Why cut villagers from later games?I_Am_The_Lord17New2/21 6:36pm
» Who is your favorite villager in your town right now?kikicat8New2/21 6:27pm
» If ACGC was re-released on the SwitchDaBraxMan18New2/21 6:17pm
» Possibility of new features if the game is on the Switch Virtual Console?ACguy15New2/21 6:07pm
» Crazy Reddmunchlax25-New2/21 9:21am
» The Unofficial HRA Scores ThreadDaBraxMan1New2/20 1:44pm
» How many decade-players here?DaBraxMan24New2/20 2:24am
» What did you get with YOUR included Memory Card?DaBraxMan5New2/17 12:26pm
» All about Wispsunmarsh4New2/14 5:54am
» Did the villagers from these games actually ever hurt your feelings?DaBraxMan14New2/12 6:15pm
» It's Raffle Day! What's Your Haul?munchlax252New2/3 7:33pm
» Igloos!SuperSprited642New2/2 2:34pm
» What's the most mysterious part of this game?PaperLuigi337New1/27 2:02pm
» How many signboards can you have max in your town?DaBraxMan1New1/26 12:55pm
» Do you have any of the original merchandise from this game's release?PaperLuigi38New1/22 10:11pm
» Bagworms giving me bags under my eyes!SuperSprited642New1/22 9:53pm
» Rover's Traveling Questions?DaBraxMan3New1/22 1:07pm
» What Grass Does Your Town Have?DaBraxMan2New1/18 9:33pm
» How do I get the Ice Climber NES game?IA133New1/18 9:25pm
» Fruit CodesDonnasMommy161New1/18 8:50pm
» Clothes Types and ListsCrazyMama12286New1/17 9:36pm
» 3 layer townsSPBOnion10New1/17 11:14am
» Raffle Tickets!DaBraxMan4New1/17 11:13am
» did u get any mushroomsDaBraxMan1New1/16 8:26pm
» 15 year old villagers!?BulbasaurLover2New1/12 8:34pm
» People who have been playing since the beginning or near the beginning...PaperLuigi35New1/10 7:34pm
» Who here has actually caught the Giant Stag?DaBraxMan4New1/10 9:00am
» A Possible Interesting New Findshnuffeluv1New12/9/2016 10:03pm
» Villagers moving townlucicat1New12/6/2016 12:04am
» Should I time-travel?Animals67012New11/22/2016 5:19pm
» E-reader scans?PaperLuigi32New11/21/2016 5:16pm
» Most annoying AC:GC experienceyankees24cano9New11/20/2016 1:10am
» Favorite Nook Store BESIDES Nookington's?DaBraxMan15New11/20/2016 12:57am
» Immersing myself into 2002SuperSprited6415New11/19/2016 1:50pm
» Beesshnuffeluv5New11/19/2016 11:46am
» Villagers on the Movekimber1152New11/19/2016 11:26am
» The "Official" Halfway Through AC:GC Stream! -Going Live at 4:30 p.m.!-DaBraxMan10New11/17/2016 4:26pm
» Am I the only one? (scanning e-reader cards)yankees24cano2New11/17/2016 1:03pm
» How does the game keep track of the villagers?DaBraxMan3New11/16/2016 10:53pm
» Which characters from later games would have fit well in ACGC?PaperLuigi33New11/16/2016 9:33am
» What's doubutsu no mori e+?Gavinattwood13New11/15/2016 2:49am
» How popular are your patterns in town?DaBraxMan2New11/14/2016 12:01am
» What's the most unique thing about YOUR TOWN that no one else has?PaperLuigi318New11/12/2016 2:36pm
» What haven't you done yet?YoungRL23New11/12/2016 12:05pm
» Flower garden ideas?LastLostLink6New11/8/2016 10:59am
» How could one go about streaming the GBA screen?DaBraxMan8New11/8/2016 10:01am
» Can't Start NES Game?yankees24cano4New11/8/2016 9:00am
» Change your avatar with me to your favorite AC:GC villager!kikicat15New11/8/2016 7:01am
» Who Else Has Ice ClimberKEEBY64-New11/8/2016 3:36am
» With Dolphin, could we edit the initial game sequence?PaperLuigi32New11/8/2016 2:47am
» Do you enjoy watching other people play Animal Crossing?DaBraxMan6New11/7/2016 1:03pm
» Any glitches in the NES games?PaperLuigi31New11/7/2016 12:18pm
» Restart or keep going?yankees24cano3New11/7/2016 10:12am
» Curiosity with turnips!YoungRL8New11/7/2016 9:22am
» Friendly reminder about the pattern toolsPaperLuigi31New11/6/2016 10:59pm
» Would this be a safe idea?Animals6707New11/6/2016 6:58pm
» I found a coelacanth-grinding technique!PaperLuigi313New11/6/2016 6:56pm
» Is there any way to get certain villagers?WaffleKing72011New11/6/2016 6:53pm

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