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This board is a community-driven support board, where you can find tips and support for getting your consoles online. We will also use this board to keep various guides with tips and other useful information about getting your games connected to the internet.  
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Friend Codes GuideBoomit-New7/10/2013 2:54pm
Topics Allowed on WiFi Tech Support Board/Helpful linksjader201-New11/11/2005 2:12am
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» Question.Soulariax2New5/6/2015 3:46pm
» How to Permanently fix the infamous error code 003-1099 "No access point in range"?Tag3651New7/3/2015 5:06pm
» Error CodeAckona1New7/10/2015 12:12pm
» I get an error, with no error code, when trying to visit/host in New Leaf.diagonmayor2New7/12/2015 8:35pm
» Hosting / Connecting With Others: Error Code.jordan_13131New7/17/2015 3:47pm
» Nintendo WFC no longer supportedthekasafist1New7/25/2015 4:19pm
» Wi-fi connection service outdated?Kat791New8/3/2015 10:38pm
» I can visit but not host - no error codePeanutprimrose2New9/9/2015 7:42pm
» How can you tell if your friends are online?NormalSkull7New9/22/2015 1:22pm
» Wifi play help.Rebelduck-New9/28/2015 7:57pm
» New Leaf HelpDitzyMissy905New10/26/2015 3:27pm
» AC:NL - Error Code: 018-0512DJ_D1New2/6/2016 12:36pm
» Can't get friend code up-help!Briecarlen1New2/22/2016 11:48am
» Unable to visit other townswega19851New3/8/2016 5:38pm
» Playing AC:NL While Travelling (WiFi Question)HollyAnn2New3/17/2016 5:09pm
» Streetpass & Streetpass Relay UKtwilight212-New3/21/2016 10:50am
» Can someone help me? -error message 018-0511-aqualien1New3/21/2016 6:20pm
» Error 20110mtower_xo4New3/26/2016 5:08pm
» Error help ?Pelegris1New4/25/2016 7:35pm
» What dose the error code mean 001-0811?kamui_g1New6/14/2016 8:44am
» Nintendo WFC USB Connection DroppingHolly19962New8/25/2016 7:41am
» NNID Question IheartPLL3New9/1/2016 5:46pm
» I cant visit other towns via internet is there any way to fix it?Hmichelle0177New11/19/2016 6:27pm
» Can't find my friend who just sent a FC requestTeamDomin8r-New11/25/2016 9:13pm
» Are We No Longer Able to Play Faraway with a Nearby Friend???Trinity_Grace2New12/1/2016 1:38am
» 3DS to New3DS street pass and friends?TraAli-New3/16/2017 11:08pm
» Something's wrong with my wifi GeorgeACNL-New7/31/2017 1:38pm
» Having issues get my own friend codeStokes0226863New8/23/2017 11:19pm
» WiFi troublesStella_Io-New3/26/2018 1:28pm
» HotspotMm1n1ka4New2/1/2019 6:27pm
» Help visiting a NL nearby town? ImJustBecca1New3/30/2020 2:44pm
The Error Code GuideWin32_Hatred646New7/11/2020 7:08pm
» I need help with wiimmfi on city folkOkieCatGamer1New7/21/2020 11:22am
» Getting connected to friends with SwitchDavidiusTX1New9/13/2020 7:31pm
» Nintendo Online & my switch accountsassytassie3New1/3/2021 12:50am
» Help with ACWW wi-fi?Irororo10New8/13/2021 11:16am
» Connection error (#2618-0513) on NHtiggergrrl5New10/24/2021 2:24pm
» Add Nintendo account in actual game myy273New10/28/2021 6:38am
» Wifi issuesaes_15_996New4/12 5:57pm

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