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» Shooting Stars Giveaway - Fast & Friendly Deliveries!GiveawaysSiobhan123537New11:24pm
» What are you looking forward to in the new update.AC:NH Generalmarionnj5New11:07pm
» Opinions on Nintendo Direct AC:NHAC:NH GeneralElva11New11:05pm
» New Horizons Gifts & Giveaway - Offering: Items, Bells, DIYs, Flowers, Material Stacks!Giveawaysklx125247New10:46pm
» Brewster coming November 2021 AC:NH GeneralDFB58New10:45pm
» The new Gyroids!AC:NH GeneralArd7New10:34pm
» New villagers! AC:NH Generalkikicat10New8:50pm
» October 15th acnh direct !!!AC:NH GeneralChiyoko8New7:51pm
» MushroomsAC:CF GeneralCOPE1New7:49pm
» Any good turnip prices in wwGeneral WiFi LobbyDwight81New4:22pm
» Just got a switch! Who’s playing?AC:NH WiFi LobbyGizmosis317New3:35pm
» Other possible paid DLC???AC:NH General2tapmentor3New2:42pm
» Help! New so need all kinds of fruit :)AC:NH WiFi LobbyJodiebean2New1:39pm
» LF: New Items on Nov. 5th!AC:NH Looking For2tapmentor-New1:38pm
» Grownup Gamers with kids?GG WiFi LobbyKaterCeasie-New12:37pm
» help gathering the new Nook's Cranny furniture after the updateAC:NH WiFi Lobby2tapmentor3New12:01pm
Nintendo Switch [2]Video Gaming & ConsolesRiesz374New12:52am
» Amiibo Trading?e-Reader & amiibo GeneralMaci_Mae-New12:28am
» AdeleEntertainmentArd4New10/16 11:49pm
» Goth subculture and welll "goth" in generalOff TopicMeltonTownMayor3New10/16 10:46pm
» Sp00ky games for HalloweenVideo Gaming & ConsolesPikminsatellite2New10/16 10:37pm
» Series 5 Amiiboe-Reader & amiibo GeneralTheWildShadow553New10/16 10:33pm
» Which of the original 6 fruits do you like in real life?General AC DiscussionArd39New10/16 10:28pm
» Looking for CAMOFROG AC:NH Looking ForTokewl4usgmm-New10/16 3:35pm
» New to New Horizons and looking for tips or friendsAC:NH Generalcrjmg3New10/16 3:32pm
» Riesz's Free Pieces #8 - Currently not accepting orders :( (please read 1st post)GiveawaysRiesz495New10/16 2:47pm
» Offering DIYsAC:NH OfferingA_smol_vaporeon1New10/16 1:47pm
» LF: seasonal items I missed!AC:NH Looking Forjagger_-New10/16 8:33am
» IT'S BACK!! THEY DID IT!!!AC:HHD GeneralArd2New10/15 8:44pm
» Any gamers between 27-34?GG Animal Crossingkay93x17New10/15 7:47pm
» 49 F Northern Hemisphere Looking for ACNH Adult friends!GG Animal CrossingJodiva20213New10/15 7:42pm
» Is anyone still playing?AC:NL Generalkamui_g7New10/15 3:24pm
» Who is your favorite villager?GG Animal CrossingMyPetDinosaur2New10/15 2:59pm
» UFO helpAC:WW GeneralChristiancb2New10/15 12:54pm
» about watering flowersAC:NH GeneralToranokami2New10/15 11:37am
» Animal Crossing NH with New Leaf musicAC:NH GeneralTouchingEvil2New10/14 8:52pm
» What made/ruined your day? [11]Off TopicFeraligatrFTW539New10/14 6:34pm
New Horizons direct tomorrowAnnouncementsACWWFreakazoid-New10/14 3:50pm
» Spiders- Love 'em or Hate 'em?Off TopicSievale5522New10/14 1:46pm
» Weird stuff you can doChit-ChatStella_Io28New10/14 12:59pm
» Counting to ONE MILLION [24]Forum Gameslaytonluvr13311New10/14 11:03am
» HapPy SPoOkTobEr eVEryOnE!!!Off TopicMeltonTownMayor7New10/14 1:47am
» LF new friends and a small list of items for new island.AC:NH Looking ForRabbitVillager4New10/13 8:01pm
» LOOKING FOR ORANGESAC:NL Item TradingGoul1New10/13 4:26pm
» LF: DIYs and some crafting materialsAC:NH Looking ForJarkeld1New10/13 1:20pm
» New player - advice neededAC:NH GeneralXolexiii7New10/13 11:28am
» Finding ways for blue roses is my hobby. ask me anythingAC:NH GeneralToranokami-New10/13 10:49am
» AC:NH my astonishing luck! (And yours?)Video Gaming & Consolesglittercube430-New10/13 9:56am
» new way for blue roses, but efficient?AC:NH GeneralToranokami2New10/12 3:06pm
» Gaming Survey for my son's Final Year DissertationGG Off Topicfunkyrod4New10/12 5:31am
» Celebrity Name Game {2}Forum GamesTurangaa_Maax708New10/11 11:05pm
» heavy metal music or hard rock anyone?Off TopicMeltonTownMayor8New10/11 9:47pm
» What Are You Listening To? [25]EntertainmentElizabethPrower42New10/11 5:46pm
» Sorry, I can't because _______!Forum GamesMissBumbles118New10/11 3:38pm
» Trying to get last reaction from a jock villager.AC:NH GeneralWateth3New10/11 1:32pm
Current Poll Discussion threadSite SupportJarikira2New10/10 8:00pm
» Specific Question about Transferring to a New SwitchAC:NH Generalrgkovach1233New10/10 2:17pm
» coming back to animal crossing community!Getting Startedfungipianocat1New10/10 5:23am
» LF: higher turnip pricesAC:NH Looking Forfungipianocat-New10/9 8:49pm
» The World Ends With YouVideo Gaming & ConsolesWunafo2New10/9 1:08pm
» Does anyone here like Green Day?EntertainmentMeltonTownMayor18New10/9 12:47pm
Weekly Poll Suggestions - (Version 4)Site SuggestionsJarikira15New10/9 9:05am
» Get Assistance From The do my assignmentGeneral AC Discussionfranklinruiz10-New10/9 8:49am
» New to the forum and AC online! Help! LolGetting StartedRwjeter2New10/8 10:13am
Super Smash Bros.Video Gaming & ConsolesNintendude64578New10/7 2:19pm
» Last Person to Post Here Wins #2Chit-ChatniniTheGreat304New10/6 7:54pm
» Immigration from ds to wiiu?AC:WW GeneralEpicgameryt2New10/6 7:19pm
» real names of these clothing items?AC:NH GeneralChiyoko10New10/6 1:18am
» ACCF event calenderSite Supportkitkat131New10/6 12:36am
» Default townSite Supportlindal32New10/6 12:32am
» Ctrl + V/Cmd + V [11]Forum GamesJjjj27617New10/5 9:17pm
» Active PlayersAC:NH WiFi LobbyQueen_I_Am-New10/5 4:50pm
» Julian the Smug Horse/Unicorn in boxes Today! (Still Available)AC:NH OfferingTheSimpleEevee12New10/4 9:00pm
» just want some people to talk and play with Getting Startedlunacordsx4New10/4 8:52pm

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