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» Welcome our four Researchers!Site SupportJarikira9New8:49pm
» Looking for ranch/cabin itemsAC:GC TradingBober223New6:40pm
» Visitors for Free?GG Animal CrossingSP11New12:46pm
» Doors of Luck 39 — Round 4Forum GamesDimentio9570New12:00pm
Nintendo Switch [2]Video Gaming & ConsolesRiesz426New11:09am
» NHL Discussion: The Regular Season [1]Off TopicFeraligatrFTW985New9:38am
» Bake as many cookies as you can before the staff eat them all! {55}Forum Gamessmb3master397New9:19am
» Anakin Skywalker Fan ThreadEntertainmentCryptocurrency9New1:23am
» LF Peach’s and pink flowersAC:NL Item TradingMilkywaymars1New12:46am
» 31 F, Looking for NH friends to trade fruitGG WiFi LobbyMickeyB1New12:36am
» What Are You Listening To? [25]EntertainmentElizabethPrower57New6/26 8:25pm
» What made/ruined your day? [11]Off TopicFeraligatrFTW585New6/26 1:41pm
» New Horizons Gifts & Giveaway ~ Offering 20 items of your choice per order!Giveawaysklx125216New6/26 12:26pm
» Hello :)Getting StartedKiddtheGoat2New6/26 10:40am
» Animal Crossing Wild World Friend Code ExchangeGeneral WiFi LobbyZennyG111New6/26 8:56am
» bowserChit-ChatPikaGal44411New6/26 5:18am
» Art?AC:GC GeneralBober225New6/25 5:57pm
» Riesz's Free Pieces #8 - Currently not accepting orders :( (please read 1st post)GiveawaysRiesz610New6/25 3:53pm
» Regarding gifting villagers & favourite stylesAC:NH Generalkatykat50991New6/25 8:32am
» Elden RingVideo Gaming & ConsolesSeaLion18New6/25 8:11am
» Banned Game [4]Forum Gamesmissamazing2008244New6/25 1:25am
» 1st Annual Hunger Games ~ Sign-ups closed/Still accepting viewersForum Gamesbl0nde_queen18New6/23 11:52pm
» Survivor Season 28 - Signups closed/Accepting viewersForum GamesAurora629New6/23 11:51pm
» So I guess this site is dead?Off TopicChocolate90000082New6/23 10:30pm
» brewster???AC:WW GeneralDwight8-New6/23 9:08pm
» Last Thing You Ate (2) OriginalOff Topiccrystalclear123706New6/23 8:46pm
» lets count to 1000 the second comingForum GamesNarutoUchiha280New6/23 6:58pm
» ACNH DLC - editing resident homesAC:NH Generaltoadhouse2New6/23 5:45pm
New and returning ResearchersAnnouncementsJarikira-New6/23 4:49pm
» Meta-threads.Off TopicJKmadu6198New6/23 1:11pm
» last text you recievedForum Gameshpotter_hockey145New6/23 12:51pm
» Game Card Read ErrorVideo Gaming & ConsolesHaveACool4New6/23 9:12am
» Newbie who's somehow been a member for a while, saying hello!Getting StartedQueenScarZ4New6/23 8:54am
» Summer 2022 Off TopicElda13New6/22 10:05pm
» music recommendations plz?Off TopicMeltonTownMayor12New6/22 7:55pm
» Ever get a new resident you wanted to kick, then ended up liking too much?AC:NH Generalkaijuu5New6/22 1:45am
» Careers and Dream JobsOff TopicShawnaisus75New6/21 1:04pm
» Fruit swaps!AC:NL WiFi LobbyPlattyHat2New6/21 11:26am
Current Poll Discussion threadSite SupportJarikira12New6/21 9:58am
» Alphabet Soup (Post a song title starting with the last letter of the previous song title)Forum GamesWarriorOfFire936New6/20 3:06pm
» Social. Media. Overhaul. Site SuggestionsWhite_Chao14New6/20 4:07am
» Last Person to Post Here Wins #2Chit-ChatniniTheGreat394New6/20 12:16am
» Frobert the Jock Frog in boxes tomorrow 6/20AC:NH OfferingTheSimpleEevee-New6/19 9:39am
» It’s summer I got my hat on backwards and I’m ready to party Off TopicWhite_Chao18New6/19 1:53am
» Counting to ONE MILLION [24]Forum Gameslaytonluvr13382New6/19 1:09am
» Pattern voting refresh?Site SuggestionsNarutoUchiha4New6/19 12:56am
» Anyone remember when your villagers would rob you?AC:GC GeneralSparrow441243New6/19 12:24am
» Why do you love Animal Crossing?General AC Discussionxenoria11New6/19 12:18am
» Groucho the Cranky Bear in boxes tomorrow 5/26AC:NH OfferingTheSimpleEevee2New6/18 4:52pm
» LF: Flower Fairy WigAC:NL Item TradingShirororasuketo1New6/18 11:19am
» tell me somethingChit-Chatkikicat13New6/18 10:38am
» looking for weird or obscure Pop music...Off TopicMeltonTownMayor-New6/18 2:26am
» E 3Entertainmentcraftygirlz20142New6/18 12:39am
» Five Letters [2]Forum Gamesemma_lee1004New6/17 5:01pm
» jediism is a real religion isn't it?Off TopicMeltonTownMayor-New6/17 1:15am
» Myers Briggs' personality testOff Topicrodrigo296135New6/16 2:41pm
» Who is your favorite villager?GG Animal CrossingMyPetDinosaur10New6/16 9:34am
» What are your favorite scary movies?Entertainmentqueenliza4New6/16 2:21am
» Wings if fireEntertainmentDragonfly1321New6/16 2:19am
» This or That [3]Forum GamesGavinGoneGlobal534New6/16 2:15am
» Ctrl + V/Cmd + V [11]Forum GamesJjjj27641New6/14 8:38pm
» What was the name of your first ever town?General AC DiscussionPennyGwin59New6/12 11:52am
» LF: DIY RECIPESAC:NH Looking Forlizzielizard1-New6/12 11:24am
Official Bells/Jackpot Discussion thread!Off TopicTitandwedebil861New6/12 9:34am
» Which of the original 6 fruits do you like in real life?General AC DiscussionArd43New6/11 7:29pm
» Is anyone still playing?AC:NL Generalkamui_g10New6/11 1:54pm
» What Was The Last Movie You Watched? [6]EntertainmentAmrasje407New6/10 9:32pm
» *Slaps with purse*Forum GamesDaBraxMan206New6/10 7:43am
» Waiter! There's a ______ in my soup!Forum GamesMimii1290864New6/4 8:57pm
» kikicat's Netflix Character Werewolf! - 12 spots left!Forum Gameskikicat13New6/4 8:50pm
» Looking for Fairy BottleAC:NL Item Tradingmiamariexo-New6/3 6:55pm
PokémonVideo Gaming & ConsolesAmrasje541New6/3 7:59am
» Wiimmfi on City FolkGeneral WiFi Lobbykawaiibren-New6/2 1:43am
» 29 F from USA; looking for active friends on NHGG WiFi LobbyMyPetDinosaur5New5/30 4:29pm
» Anyone want to play?AC:NH WiFi LobbyGrindle2441New5/30 1:45pm

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