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» [MFG] Milly's Flowers & Gifts Giveaway [5] - Add 20 Wrapped Presents to Every Order! GiveawaysASUtown571New2:39am
» RuPaul's Drag RaceEntertainmentweekends223New2:39am
» NL Looking for Golden ToolsAC:NL Item TradingMysterE1151New12:58am
» Hybrid Heaven Shopping #13 ~ Secret Stockings for EVERYONE!Shops and ServicesSiobhan123547New12:46am
» [MFG] Nice List ~ Everyone is a winner ~ Santa Filbert invites you to play! - LIST HAS RESET!Promotional ContestsASUtown212New12:25am
» Rosie's Golden Giveaway #17 ~ Stock Up for Toy-Day Gifts! Order 3 Promos for a Limited Time!GiveawaysMrsTerry77205New12:16am
» Hybrid Heaven Giveaway #109 - Have you been Naughty or Nice!? Add 20 streetpass item to your order!GiveawaysSiobhan123874New12:12am
» Hybrid Heaven Landscaping & Badge Help Services - Accepting orders!Shops and ServicesSiobhan123581New12:06am
» Ctrl + V/Cmd + V [10]Forum GamesJjjj27862New12/15 11:23pm
» Hybrid Heaven's Quiz Thread ~ Surprise gifts for everyone to win!Promotional ContestsSiobhan123153New12/15 10:43pm
ACC Caption Contest - December (Post #175)Contests and CompetitionsDimentio95180New12/15 10:42pm
» Doors of Luck 29 — Round 1 — Open Spots!Forum GamesDimentio9527New12/15 8:34pm
» Guess Who: Animal Crossing edition!Forum GamesArd194New12/15 8:24pm
» KudosAC:PC Generalfoamblaster6New12/15 8:13pm
» Looking for friends to play withAC:NL WiFi Lobbylilbug446New12/15 7:57pm
» MFG Customs ~ Order 1 Customized Series or 15 Individual items Shops and ServicesASUtown276New12/15 7:53pm
» Yellow Door in Nook’s HomesAC:NL GeneralTexasPch71New12/15 7:31pm
» Nintendo SwitchVideo Gaming & ConsolesSonnic460New12/15 7:05pm
Official ACC Werewolf - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters! - Round 9 Voting ends 12/17Forum Gameskikicat103New12/15 6:59pm
» Need cedar saplings + holly shootsAC:NL Item Tradingannabrmnghm7New12/15 6:24pm
» Any SnowMen in your town?AC:NL WiFi LobbyTexasPch71New12/15 6:09pm
» LF: Wolf & dog villagersAC:NL Villager TradingFangLover15New12/15 5:56pm
Super Smash Bros.Video Gaming & ConsolesNintendude64175New12/15 5:45pm
» Last Thing You Ate (2) OriginalOff Topiccrystalclear123503New12/15 5:26pm
» What Are You Listening To? [24]Entertainmentwheatsquares33830New12/15 5:26pm
» [MFG] Naughty List CLUE - Help us and earn +20 Items!Promotional ContestsASUtown179New12/15 4:34pm
» LF: Someone to hold my valuable items while I resetAC:NL Item TradingFerretGirl10112-New12/15 4:18pm
» MFG Playgrounds ~ Let's Make Friendships ~ Shops and ServicesASUtown65New12/15 4:02pm
» Riesz's Free Pieces #7 - Back Dec 29, Happy Holidays! (Please read 1st post, note p.19, #465)GiveawaysRiesz465New12/15 3:56pm
» Milly's Flowers & Gifts ~ Interior Design Thread ~ New Rooms Every Month!Shops and ServicesASUtown758New12/15 3:54pm
» Hybrid Heaven Villager Adoption & Amiibo RV VisitsShops and ServicesSiobhan123643New12/15 3:44pm
» Rosie's Golden Shopping #3 ~ Now Offering More Items!!!Shops and ServicesMrsTerry77273New12/15 3:43pm
» Rosie's Golden Giveaway ~ Tree Shaker Jamboree ~ Round 3 is now OPEN!!!Promotional ContestsMrsTerry77169New12/15 3:25pm
» [MFG] Milly's Flowers & Gifts Giveaway Hiring - Highly need: NL DeliverersRecruitmentASUtown278New12/15 3:11pm
» Do you have a yellow door in nook’s Holmes?AC:NL WiFi LobbyTexasPch7-New12/15 2:55pm
» Who is your AC birthday twin? General AC DiscussionBrownjoe57New12/15 2:35pm
» what is the funniest fruitChit-ChatDaisydoo148New12/15 2:35pm
» Hybrid Heaven Lucky Numbers - Round 304 - Win 100 items, or a Supply Town visit!Promotional ContestsSiobhan123715New12/15 2:28pm
» NHL Discussion: The Regular Season [1]Off TopicFeraligatrFTW572New12/15 11:12am
» LF: mystic statue and horoscope setAC:NL Item Tradingqueenchicken-New12/15 10:04am
» Pokemon GoVideo Gaming & ConsolesTaylorGS75New12/15 8:06am
» What made/ruined your day? [11]Off TopicFeraligatrFTW290New12/15 2:53am
» Which Villagers Would You Like to Come Back in AC Switch?General AC Discussionhuojiapi7New12/14 10:21pm
» Mitzi is moving out!AC:NL Villager TradingTexasPch7-New12/14 10:11pm
» It's really sad to see how dead the AC WiFi boards are nowadays.Off TopicTrueDisbelief2New12/14 10:10pm
» Looking for active visitors and friends!AC:NL WiFi Lobbykouichirou12New12/14 9:59pm
» Rosie's Golden Giveaway ~ Hide and Seek ~ Find the Villager & Win 100 Items of Choice!!!Promotional ContestsMrsTerry77364New12/14 8:13pm
» Looking for RubyAC:NL Villager TradingMarliemac2New12/14 8:06pm
» University Students?GG Off TopicGorgangler12112New12/14 7:54pm
» Looking for friends again.AC:NL WiFi LobbyPennyDreafuls56New12/14 6:28pm
» FriendsAC:NL WiFi LobbyJkMittenz2New12/14 6:24pm
Official Katie Thread - Post Here If Katie Is In Your TownAC:NL WiFi LobbyAmrasje308New12/14 6:14pm
» Rosie's Golden Giveaway ~ Quiz Thread ~ Claim 4 Prizes Each Day!!!Promotional ContestsMrsTerry77208New12/14 5:00pm
» The Banned Game [2]Forum GamesJakester650697New12/14 4:18pm
» Counting to ONE MILLION [22]Forum GamesAimeB15598New12/14 3:31pm
» Celebrity Name Game (2)Forum GamesTurangaa_Maax595New12/14 1:25pm
» Female, 47, looking for ACNL friendsGG WiFi LobbyBappie-New12/14 5:16am
» Been here for 11 yearsOff Topic_AnimalCrossing5New12/14 3:16am
Official Garden Event Sharing Thread ~ NO EVENT CURRENTLY!AC:PC GeneralPenguinGeek34New12/14 12:40am
» Share your most recent accomplishment 3AC:NL GeneralGoldenCelebi195New12/13 9:25pm
» Update 2.0.2 ~ New villagers, event, cookie!AC:PC GeneralPenguinGeek3New12/13 6:00pm
» Doctor Who [1] S11.10: The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosEntertainmentGorgangler128New12/13 5:56pm
» ANIMAL CROSSING AMIIBO CARD TRADEe-Reader & amiibo Card TradingRollingBox1New12/13 5:11pm
» LOST MY GAME!AC:NL Generalzandyboi1New12/13 4:57pm
» Last Show or Movie You Saw [2]EntertainmentTurangaa_Maax792New12/13 3:36pm
» LF fossils and artAC:NL Item Trading777Raiden77714New12/13 3:01pm
» Type the Username Above with your ElbowForum GamesEudicot123481New12/13 1:58pm
Official Do Not Contact (DNC) List for Giveaways and Service Clubs - Updated 15th July 2018GiveawaysBowserBasher709New12/13 11:12am
» LF:Catalog The Horoscope Set and few of Flower itemsAC:NL Item TradingLehMohune2New12/13 10:34am
» Last Person to Post Here WinsChit-Chatshnuffeluv898New12/12 9:42pm
» Jerico... where did you get that sweater you're wearing?AC:PC Generalshanajk7New12/12 9:38pm
» turnip pricesAC:NL Item Tradingmarebearmamma4New12/12 8:54pm
» Ahhh I finally got my favorite!AC:PC GeneralEuphonie-New12/12 3:25pm
» Gulliver's Travels -- Has anyone not received all three villagers?AC:PC GeneralMoonCake165New12/12 2:41pm

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