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» [MFG] - Milly's Flowers & Gifts Presents... TRIVIA - Win 10 regular or 5 Custom Items!Promotional ContestsASUtown95New12:13am
» [MFG] Milly's Flowers & Gifts Presents... Nice List ~ Everyone's a winner!Promotional ContestsASUtown98New12:12am
» Hybrid Heaven Find the Hidden Pearls - Win a Supply Town visit, 100 items & more!Promotional ContestsSiobhan123128New12:12am
» Hybrid Heaven's Quiz Thread ~ New Prizes - Win twice per day!!Promotional ContestsSiobhan123496New12:03am
» What do you use to go on ACC?Off TopicPeanutFan14_29New12/11 11:59pm
» worst teachers youve ever hadOff Topicluxanna11New12/11 11:58pm
» At least one person post on this thread everyday.Forum GamesImJustBecca67New12/11 11:46pm
» Favorite thing about Christmas?Off TopicDaisydoo1414New12/11 11:40pm
» Favorite K.K. slider song?AC:NL General3dsacnl30New12/11 10:26pm
» Question about Gulliver and Animal MapsAC:PC GeneralLilyLynne6New12/11 9:38pm
» What made/ruined your day? [11]Off TopicFeraligatrFTW388New12/11 8:51pm
» Bake as many cookies as you can before the staff eats them all! {51}Forum GamesTurangaa_Maax240New12/11 8:08pm
» [MFG] Milly's Flowers & Gifts presents...CLUE - Santa Filbert needs your help!Promotional ContestsASUtown251New12/11 6:35pm
» ACNH Ichiban Kuji lottery announced for Japan, starts March 21st, 2020AC:NH GeneralPennyGwin4New12/11 5:32pm
» [MFG] Milly's Flowers & Gifts [12] ~ Giveaway & Customs Thread -Add 20 Wrapped Gifts to EVERY order!GiveawaysASUtown462New12/11 4:27pm
» Hybrid Heaven Giveaway #114 - Happy December - Order 25 items!GiveawaysSiobhan123821New12/11 4:20pm
» Rookie to the community, Veteran to the gamesGetting StartedEmily_Crossing2New12/11 4:09pm
» What classes are you taking this year?Off TopicBobzco182New12/11 3:28pm
» Whats something they would never do in ACNH but you'd love?AC:NH GeneralHatakeSage26New12/11 2:30pm
Official ACC Puzzle League - Puzzle #26 is up! - Answers Due Sat @11:59p Forum GamesASUtown62New12/11 11:27am
» Countdown to New Horizons (100 Days!)AC:NH GeneralDaisydoo14301New12/11 10:24am
» Your Most Hated VillagerGeneral AC DiscussionzToast159New12/11 9:06am
» 46,Female looking adult gamersGG WiFi Lobbyparasiteeve9-New12/11 8:19am
» Push The Button [2] — Round 2Forum GamesDimentio9537New12/11 6:48am
» How old were you when you started playing Animal Crossing?General AC DiscussionOntrol43New12/11 3:58am
» [MFG] Milly's Flowers & Gifts ~ Services Thread ~ Interior Design & Play Sessions! Shops and ServicesASUtown122New12/11 1:53am
Official ACC Werewolf - Movies - Tiebreaker Round Ends 12/12 at 12pmForum Gameskikicat108New12/11 1:46am
» Villagers: New and Old? Who do you want to return? New species?AC:NH GeneralPenguinGeek27New12/10 11:40pm
Nintendo SwitchVideo Gaming & ConsolesSonnic946New12/10 11:14pm
» What are your biggest worries regarding New Horizons?AC:NH GeneralSummersSunshine19New12/10 11:10pm
» Anybody still playing? Looking for help with my town.AC:WW Generalhannahmariexo1New12/10 10:54pm
Reporting Non Family-Friendly AdsSite SupportBowserBasher545New12/10 9:50pm
» September Nintendo Direct Discussion (Link in Reply #6)AC:NH General707penguin26New12/10 7:50pm
Official Garden Event Sharing Thread ~ NO EVENT CURRENTLY!AC:PC GeneralPenguinGeek98New12/10 7:25pm
» Riesz's Free Pieces #7 - Technical help needed (Please read 1st post, note p.37, #916)GiveawaysRiesz920New12/10 6:26pm
» Soleil The Hamster Moves out on the 15th!AC:NL Villager TradingInvaderMAK2016-New12/10 3:28pm
» Online ConcernsAC:NH Generalcmh15New12/10 12:56pm
» Update Sticky ThreadsSite SuggestionsStarlitGlitch1New12/10 12:35pm
» How Purely Do You Plan to Play?AC:NH Generalyankees24cano46New12/10 12:35pm
» Does anyone use wiimfi? AC:CF Generalnicole_acnl113New12/10 1:11am
» Docked or portable?AC:NH GeneralDaBraxMan39New12/9 11:36pm
» Ctrl + V/Cmd + V [11]Forum GamesJjjj2716New12/9 4:06pm
» 50+ Female Looking for playersGG WiFi Lobbyrosie646New12/9 3:30pm
Mario KartVideo Gaming & ConsolesNintendude64548New12/9 2:33pm
» Which three neighbours would you pick if NH's Amiibo support allows you to invite specific ones?AC:NH GeneralPennyGwin23New12/9 12:04pm
» ACNH Town Names?AC:NH Generalfalcons1849New12/9 11:56am
» Any adults still play?! GG WiFi Lobbypaulinka153New12/9 9:01am
» Older players somewhat Anti SocialGG WiFi Lobbyrainyday1310New12/9 8:04am
» Site Support - Mark as Resolved and Staff RepliedSite Suggestionscmh-New12/9 8:01am
» Toy DayGeneral AC DiscussionLobosBest-New12/9 6:23am
» Wizard of OzChit-ChatDevin26007New12/8 9:47pm
» Video Game MusicVideo Gaming & Consoleswakkitty74New12/8 7:54pm
» MandolinGG Off Topiccmh2New12/8 6:40pm
» Copper/Booker RV question 2AC:NL Generalstrawberryraven1New12/8 3:15pm
» Beachside mini-giveaway + choose an RV AC:NL Item Tradingvix9207New12/8 3:10pm
» ESOVideo Gaming & ConsolesHatakeSage6New12/8 12:42pm
» Late Night Players?GG Animal CrossingShirororasuketo4New12/8 12:38pm
Official ACC Points SystemForum GamesASUtown11New12/8 12:13pm
» ACNL Buddy ThreadAC:NL GeneralSevenFluff1New12/8 10:15am
» .-~;-. The Witching Hour | Waxing Gibbous | 12/12 - Full Moon .-;~-. AC:GC Generalsunmarsh62New12/8 9:48am
» Hybrid Heaven Landscaping & Badge Help - Add a Festive Offer to your Landscape or Badge Help ServiceShops and ServicesSiobhan123567New12/8 8:19am
» Last Game You PlayedVideo Gaming & ConsolesKingKyle427New12/8 2:05am
» Acnl & chill (:AC:NL WiFi Lobbyarturo_s7-New12/7 4:20pm
» Doors of Luck 33 — Round 5Forum GamesDimentio9543New12/7 3:59pm
» Hybrid Heaven Villager Adoption & Amiibo RV Visits #2 - All Amiibos Available!Shops and ServicesSiobhan123471New12/7 1:03pm
» 2DS XL touch screen replacementVideo Gaming & Consolesvix9202New12/7 10:27am
Super Smash Bros.Video Gaming & ConsolesNintendude64415New12/6 8:57pm
» ACC Top Bells [2]Off TopickingK841New12/6 5:24pm
» Cycling villagers out in my second townAC:NL Villager TradingGunbladelad-New12/6 1:37pm
» What Was The Last Movie You Watched? [6]EntertainmentAmrasje315New12/6 10:57am
» Looking for glass partitions and conveyor beltsAC:NL Item TradingMelki-New12/6 10:01am
» Selling A few Christmas Items!AC:NL Item TradingShirororasuketo-New12/6 6:57am
» Selling Quaint Painting AC:NL Item TradingShirororasuketo-New12/6 6:33am
» Cherries and durian fruitsAC:NL Item TradingBehemothzillyho3New12/6 1:24am
» College Discussion Thead! {Majors, Schools, etc.}Off Topicwakkitty178New12/5 8:47pm

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