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» Playing Cards01110110v13New9/2/2015 9:45pm
» Day Time Television01110110v4New7/30/2015 7:17am
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» Melanie Martinez10puppyluv1013New4/1/2020 12:35am
» Marvelous Mrs Maisel 1595-New5/4/2021 5:59pm
» House of Cards15952New2/15/2016 1:22pm
» SwimmingBirds9413dsacnl5New4/19/2016 12:06am
» favorite marvel character78loginotebook5New6/29/2021 8:34pm
» Calling To ALL Readers Out There! - What is YOUR 2018 Book Challenge?accfluvr165227New4/30 11:27am
» Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Arrow, or Supernatural?accfluvr16527New9/13/2019 7:14pm
» What horror novel should I purchase? accfluvr1654New10/17/2015 10:01pm
» Concert ExperiencesACCFQueen18New11/11/2017 7:16pm
» Post ya Spotify playlists hee'reACCFQueen1New2/20/2016 2:34pm
» Good Anime or Manga for a "Beginner?"ACLover9716New10/14/2018 1:38am
» Favorite TV shows?acmargie4New3/27/2022 10:24pm
» TwitchACqueen3177New9/7/2021 3:22pm
» 5sos Fam?afireirwin8New6/27/2016 9:06am
» Downton Abbeyafireirwin11New12/19/2015 7:14pm
» NORWOODMUSICalana554-New10/9/2015 6:35pm
» Warriors [8] Please use spoilers! Please refrain from advertising Clans, FanFics, and Websites.aldericon200New1/18 3:16pm
» the 100Alex5182New2/22/2016 12:51pm
» Any RWBY Fans Around?Alexander14New2/24/2017 11:12pm
» Come watch my art stream!Alouisea-New1/28/2018 12:35pm
» What's your top 3 favorite tv show to watch ?Amazingdoll_5New10/28/2017 8:28am
» What Was The Last Movie You Watched? [6]Amrasje460New5/21 10:15pm
» WestWorldamylase6New4/20/2018 6:19pm
» Top Tear-Jerkers! (Movie, Anime, Book, Song, TV Show etc.)Animal7crosser874New4/14/2021 7:47pm
» Your favorite songs of 2022!Ard4New12/20/2022 10:30am
» Sonic 2 the MovieArd10New4/18/2022 8:15pm
» AdeleArd7New1/10/2022 8:09am
» Favorite sad (or happy-cry) songs?Ard7New11/1/2020 11:30pm
» Music trends of the 2010's: a look back!Ard-New9/7/2020 7:14pm
» Noah CyrusArd3New6/25/2020 1:25pm
» Game Shows!Ard20New4/25/2020 9:23am
» Sonic the Hedgehog- the movieArd-New2/14/2020 12:02pm
» Any other Kate Bush fans here?Ard3New3/17/2019 11:42am
» Favorite book series?aretep-New3/30/2016 1:28am
» Who here likes Vocaloids?Arminchild12New2/16/2016 1:30am
» GrimesAvoidant2New3/30/2016 1:18am
» Big Hero 6Baemax24New7/29/2015 5:29pm
» The Jungle Bookbehappynsmile_17New3/22/2016 3:11pm
» Favorite anime?bingbing32841New10/5/2015 7:24pm
» Langtree's Lament!bingbing328-New9/14/2015 8:43pm
» Anyone here play Yu-Gi-Oh?BlackUnicorn5New3/3/2017 3:46pm
» The Umbrella Academy & The Chilling Tales of SabrinaBonsaiFreak2New2/28/2019 1:34pm
» Total Drama SeriesBrownjoe15New5/11/2017 9:00am
» One Piecebungle752New11/16/2015 9:51pm
» How To Train your Dragon's ThreadBunnyx-New12/30/2015 6:02pm
» what song is stuck in your head right now?Cariicarky48New5/21 5:31pm
» weezerCariicarky-New3/3/2021 10:49pm
» My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic [6]Catlover341551New3/2/2020 3:46pm
» Music Discussion Discordcatlover420-New1/12/2017 10:17pm
» Clarence Chalmers12New9/4/2015 1:04pm
» Who else LOVES criminal mindsChris_max182New12/28/2015 11:57am
» The legend Christopher Lee has passed away R.I.P!Chris_max186New7/16/2015 7:25pm
» Pretty Little Liars Fans?cOOkiesrepic5New2/1/2016 6:25pm
» Mr. Robotcooljdude-New12/15/2017 4:51pm
» Rick and Mortycooljdude14New12/7/2017 1:27am
» Silicon Valley (HBO)cooljdude6New7/10/2017 5:45am
» E 3craftygirlz20142New6/18/2022 12:39am
» Steven Universecrispokemaniac356New10/25/2019 1:03pm
» Westworldcrossinggirl17-New7/7/2018 6:32pm
» The 1975crossinggirl17-New6/4/2016 1:05pm
» Anakin Skywalker Fan ThreadCryptocurrency9New6/27/2022 1:23am
» Animal Crossing New Leaf mentioned on the show Adam Ruins Everything.CuddlesWorth2New1/24/2016 8:18pm
» Anybody Remember Saved By the Bell??Czarblue102New5/19/2022 10:14pm
» The Lost BoysCzarblue102New8/1/2015 3:30pm
» Disney Music DiscussionDaBraxMan7New3/20/2017 4:15am
» Who are your favorite music Youtubers?DaBraxMan2New3/2/2017 3:28pm
» The Cute Mario Bros.DaBraxMan2New12/19/2016 1:01pm
» Owl CityDaisydoo1423New9/13/2019 11:49am
» SCP FoundationDalekSec16New8/14/2016 7:31am
» TV Shows - Which ones do you watch?deadmanwalking247New8/17/2020 8:24pm
» Survivor Dimentio95302New4/16 10:52am
» Calling KPOP fans!!dkcqjc106New6/19/2018 2:03pm

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