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This is the place to discuss your favorite movies or TV shows, your favorite music artists, or your favorite books.  
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» JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!zanemc3New10/1/2018 11:26am
» What are your favourite song lyrics?yugdyhixruby20New3/1/2021 11:10pm
» Horror Moviesyugdyhixruby9New3/19/2016 11:18am
» Rock Musicyankees24cano3New6/19/2020 2:39am
» Sonic OVA or Sonic Movie?wOahsmea2New4/17/2020 8:25pm
» is nicki minaj as inspirational as she should be?White_Chao126New7/14/2016 6:12pm
» last book you readwheatly4ever75New7/31/2020 5:35am
» Homestuck wheatly4ever2New10/18/2017 7:18pm
» harry potterwheatly4ever70New11/28/2016 9:19pm
» last youtube video you sawwheatly4ever40New10/20/2016 9:22pm
» chadtronicwheatly4ever4New5/13/2016 12:34pm
» furby boom helpwheatly4ever4New3/3/2016 7:10pm
» how to deal with post potter depression wheatly4ever2New2/3/2016 5:03am
» RuPaul's Drag Raceweekends292New1/20/2021 7:34am
» Check, Please! [omgcheckplease]wakkitty3New6/15/2016 11:02am
» The Good Placetriforce007New2/20/2021 9:15pm
» Warped 2016torointhetardis1New8/29/2016 4:07am
» ANIME!!!!!!(and manga)toribug679New6/6/2016 10:28am
» Miraculous LadybugTonksCF6New4/9/2017 5:56am
» Dunderpatrullenthepinkninja04-New9/29/2016 4:38pm
» Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt nation anyone?thepinkninja045New8/2/2016 11:19pm
» The Walking Dead!ThatGreyPenguin114New3/19/2020 2:47pm
» Attack on Titan fans?Terra192New7/17/2020 10:42am
» Last TV show you watched?TeamDomin8r3New2/10/2017 3:12am
» Any Chicago Fire/PD/Med fans out there?TeamDomin8r2New11/25/2016 9:31pm
» Apollo 13TeamDomin8r2New3/27/2016 10:39pm
» The First 48TeamDomin8r-New3/21/2016 7:55pm
» Clash of ClansTeamDomin8r1New2/7/2016 3:34pm
» Z-Nationtatilina81New8/17/2016 10:16pm
» Undertale Merch?Tanukichisama9New1/28/2016 8:58pm
» All things comicsSydSaturn7New3/17/2016 11:38pm
» Pokémon Discussion: Movies and Anime! [3]supersonic55562New2/12/2018 1:03pm
» Kanye West - Jesus is BornSuperpie3New4/27/2021 7:22pm
» The KillersSuperpie7New1/3/2016 7:06pm
» Favorite Pokemon Anime CharacterSuperC9New1/29 8:38pm
» Favorite Youtube Gamer(s)?stormynight16612New7/14/2017 10:26pm
» Ready Player One (Book and Movie)starsh00ter2New4/9/2018 3:22pm
» does anyone remember eiffel 65?spookies3New8/28/2021 3:48pm
» daft punk anyone?spookies19New6/17/2021 10:08pm
» What music are you currently listening to?SPBOnion35New1/31/2017 6:48pm
» Big Brother (US)Sonnic510New7/27/2021 9:24am
» class of 3000soft2ne11New12/20/2016 8:03am
» kesha!soft2ne12New4/28/2016 6:22am
» Workaholicssniperjoe33New11/2/2019 11:23pm
» The Selection Series by Kiera CassSlykat12New11/29/2015 9:42am
» Gotham (show)SlyCrescentMoon-New5/22/2017 1:13am
» folk punk/indie/lame hipster musicskee-New9/18/2017 10:59pm
» Favorite animes!silentforcejss6New1/23/2019 10:43pm
» Movies in 2017Shawnaisus4New12/29/2016 8:06am
» The Criterion CollectionSecretAgency-New7/25/2018 2:57am
» "Weird Al" YankovicSeaLion23New2/27/2021 2:46pm
» Studio CSeaLion1New4/9/2016 3:29am
» Lana Del Reysassyytassie10New6/13/2020 12:12am
» Harry Pottersassyytassie-New4/22/2020 10:26pm
» Has anyone else watched Terrace House?Sammeoow3New5/1/2019 1:36pm
» Kendrick Lamarrosannaum3New8/11/2015 1:08am
» Whos your favourite Music Artist / Genre ?Rorolovely-New4/27/2021 8:47pm
» Anyone like The Runaways? Cherie Currie?RandomG3New8/22/2015 12:47pm
» The X Filesraincat3New3/18/2016 9:33pm
» Hamiltonraincat1New2/8/2016 10:05pm
» What are your favorite scary movies?queenliza4New6/16 2:21am
» Steam Powered Giraffe?Prospitdaydream-New2/1/2017 6:28pm
» Detective Pikachu moviepreston486New9/7/2019 7:49pm
» The MoominsPikaGal4444New7/11/2021 9:28am
» twenty one pilotsPikaFreaka60New4/8/2021 1:19am
» What shows do you frequently re-watch?Peter017New8/17/2020 7:20pm
» Game of Thrones: IT'S OVER!PenguinGeek98New5/20/2019 2:12pm
» What's your Hogwarts House? New- what's your Ilvermorny house?Peanutprimrose42New2/27/2021 2:36pm
» Any Seinfeld fans out there?Parisa20New12/23/2015 12:16am
» Love Islandohkai5New7/8/2018 7:05pm
» What are you doing right now?NowLoading021New7/30/2019 10:23am
» MusicNormalSkull2New9/25/2015 10:58am
» Studio Ghiblinintendofan8519New4/13/2021 10:32pm
» ABBAnintendofan8517New2/28/2019 9:15am
» Suitsnintendofan85-New9/12/2018 8:24pm

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