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This is the place to discuss your favorite movies or TV shows, your favorite music artists, or your favorite books.  
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Warriors [8] Please use spoilers! Please refrain from advertising Clans, FanFics, and Websites.aldericon198New10/26/2017 8:23am
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic [6]Catlover341550New6/3/2017 3:35am
» What Was The Last Movie You Watched? [6]Amrasje143New1/16 9:09pm
» Steven Universecrispokemaniac339New1/14 6:28pm
» RuPaul's Drag Raceweekends125New1/13 2:10pm
» Calling To ALL Readers Out There! - What is YOUR 2018 Book Challenge?accfluvr165163New1/13 1:20pm
» What Are You Listening To? [24]wheatsquares33485New1/11 4:09pm
» What Song Are You Currently Obsessed With?gr8gabs17New1/9 6:36pm
» Nirvananintendofan859New12/28/2017 5:09pm
» Last Show or Movie You Saw [2]Turangaa_Maax684New12/26/2017 7:01pm
» Survivor - Season 36 starts February 28!Dimentio95259New12/22/2017 12:53pm
» Mr. Robotcooljdude-New12/15/2017 4:51pm
» 42/f looking for a friend between the ages of 35-45yrs old LovesAlot-New12/14/2017 5:45am
» The 'I post, you listen' Thread [3]Turangaa_Maax200New12/12/2017 9:55pm
» The Walking Dead!ThatGreyPenguin101New12/12/2017 11:31am
» Good Anime or Manga for a "Beginner?"ACLover9714New12/10/2017 11:00am
» Rick and Mortycooljdude14New12/7/2017 1:27am
» Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Arrow, or Supernatural?accfluvr16526New12/1/2017 2:17pm
» Calling KPOP fans!!dkcqjc85New11/29/2017 10:34am
» Pokémon Discussion: Movies and Anime! [3]supersonic55560New11/25/2017 12:04pm
» last book you readwheatly4ever64New11/21/2017 9:24pm
» Studio Ghiblinintendofan8518New11/16/2017 8:20pm
» Your Favorite SongsKingKyle32New11/14/2017 10:26pm
» Concert ExperiencesACCFQueen18New11/11/2017 7:16pm
» The OABulbasaurLover1New11/11/2017 12:40pm
» looking for adult horror,sci-fi,action movie fansLovesAlot5New11/9/2017 7:29am
» Stranger Things!!!Makayla12311New11/1/2017 4:09pm
» What's your top 3 favorite tv show to watch ?Amazingdoll_5New10/28/2017 8:28am
» KDrama fans?mrsflamingo1New10/27/2017 11:03am
» Broadchurch/GracepointGorgangler126New10/26/2017 2:03pm
» Marvel's Netflix UniverseGorgangler12-New10/26/2017 2:02pm
» Homestuck wheatly4ever2New10/18/2017 7:18pm
» My favorite tv shows,movies and musicLovesAlot-New10/18/2017 3:07pm
» American Horror StoryHaileyAlyssa_12New10/18/2017 1:14am
» Melanie Martinez10puppyluv109New9/24/2017 2:38am
» Big Brother (US)Sonnic445New9/22/2017 1:59pm
» Vaporwavenintendofan858New9/19/2017 12:17pm
» folk punk/indie/lame hipster musicskee-New9/18/2017 10:59pm
» What are your favourite song lyrics?yugdyhixruby7New9/18/2017 10:48pm
» ITkikicat4New9/17/2017 1:35am
» Panic! At The DiscoIheartPLL7New9/3/2017 6:37pm
» Taylor Swift ~ Look What You Made Me Do video up on YouTube!emma_lee3New8/30/2017 12:25pm
» Game of Thrones: Season 7 has begun!PenguinGeek91New8/24/2017 2:06pm
» VillainousMayorMayOfToont-New8/4/2017 4:50pm
» What's your Hogwarts House? New- what's your Ilvermorny house?Peanutprimrose34New8/3/2017 6:48am
» Big Brother After Dark Discussiondrydinr-New7/19/2017 12:15am
» Favorite Youtube Gamer(s)?stormynight16612New7/14/2017 10:26pm
» Silicon Valley (HBO)cooljdude6New7/10/2017 5:45am
» Anime/Manga Discussion [9]JAStars10297New7/8/2017 10:29pm
» Has anyone watched Queen Sugar?Makayla123-New6/22/2017 12:11am
» Big Brother Canadakikicat15New6/19/2017 12:41pm
» Keeping Up With The Kardashians! JellyBeans971New6/17/2017 11:09am
» Hamilton: An American Musical MasterBlake9New5/28/2017 12:22am
» Gotham (show)SlyCrescentMoon-New5/22/2017 1:13am
» Master Of NoneGunnaka-New5/13/2017 9:55pm
» Total Drama SeriesBrownjoe15New5/11/2017 9:00am
» Dirty Dancingnintendofan85-New4/26/2017 4:09pm
» Miraculous LadybugTonksCF6New4/9/2017 5:56am
» That Poppyhpotter_hockey10New4/3/2017 6:01pm
» Disney Music DiscussionDaBraxMan7New3/20/2017 4:15am
» Anyone here play Yu-Gi-Oh?BlackUnicorn5New3/3/2017 3:46pm
» Who are your favorite music Youtubers?DaBraxMan2New3/2/2017 3:28pm
» TV Shows - Which ones do you watch?deadmanwalking233New2/26/2017 2:09pm
» Any RWBY Fans Around?Alexander14New2/24/2017 11:12pm
» Last TV show you watched?TeamDomin8r3New2/10/2017 3:12am
» Top Tear-Jerkers! (Movie, Anime, Book, Song, TV Show etc.)Animal7crosser857New2/3/2017 12:39am
» Steam Powered Giraffe?Prospitdaydream-New2/1/2017 6:28pm
» What music are you currently listening to?SPBOnion35New1/31/2017 6:48pm
» twenty one pilotsPikaFreaka50New1/19/2017 7:45am
» WestWorldamylase5New1/17/2017 3:24pm
» Nahko and Medicine for the People Makayla1231New1/16/2017 11:35am
» Music Discussion Discordcatlover420-New1/12/2017 10:17pm
» UnfriendedMickster58920New1/5/2017 10:37am
» Movies in 2017Shawnaisus4New12/29/2016 8:06am
» class of 3000soft2ne11New12/20/2016 8:03am

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