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This is the place to discuss your favorite movies or TV shows, your favorite music artists, or your favorite books.  
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» Your Favorite SongsKingKyle37New1:21pm
» What are your favourite song lyrics?yugdyhixruby20New3/1 11:10pm
» do you like Yanni's music?MeltonTownMayor-New2/28 10:14pm
» Does anyone here like Green Day?MeltonTownMayor10New2/28 9:41pm
» Favorite Pokemon Anime CharacterSuperC8New2/27 2:50pm
» Top Tear-Jerkers! (Movie, Anime, Book, Song, TV Show etc.)Animal7crosser873New2/27 2:48pm
» "Weird Al" YankovicSeaLion23New2/27 2:46pm
» What Are You Listening To? [25]ElizabethPrower12New2/27 2:42pm
» Favorite TV shows?acmargie3New2/27 2:38pm
» What's your Hogwarts House? New- what's your Ilvermorny house?Peanutprimrose42New2/27 2:36pm
» What Was The Last Movie You Watched? [6]Amrasje382New2/26 6:07pm
» The Good Placetriforce007New2/20 9:15pm
» Anime/Manga Discussion [9]JAStars102150New2/16 12:24am
» what music are my fellow 15 year olds listening to?MeltonTownMayor2New2/12 11:32pm
» Do you like to read manga?lee9685235New2/3 5:11am
» RuPaul's Drag Raceweekends292New1/20 7:34am
» how about we start a PT for each of the 4 hogwarts houses.MeltonTownMayor8New1/14 4:03am
» What anime do you watch?ImJustBecca17New11/28/2020 2:03am
» who likes real life quidditch?MeltonTownMayor-New11/16/2020 9:27pm
» What are your favorite music releases of 2020?jackyllhide8New11/14/2020 11:54am
» Black veil brides have released a new song and announced a new album! WOOHOO!MeltonTownMayor-New11/13/2020 8:16pm
» calling all metalheads!MeltonTownMayor-New11/13/2020 8:03pm
» what's your favourite youtuber?MeltonTownMayor4New11/5/2020 9:39pm
» Favorite sad (or happy-cry) songs?Ard7New11/1/2020 11:30pm
» Father of all... (green day's newest album)MeltonTownMayor1New10/28/2020 11:20pm
» Big Brother All-Starskikicat6New10/26/2020 6:10pm
» Little Shop of Horrors, anyone? ..no?MayorLuLuna1New10/16/2020 6:02pm
» does anyone like the Arctic Monkeys?MeltonTownMayor2New10/7/2020 1:38am
» Is spotify worth it?MeltonTownMayor7New9/26/2020 3:43pm
» Music trends of the 2010's: a look back!Ard-New9/7/2020 7:14pm
» TwitchACqueen3174New8/22/2020 6:49pm
» Calling To ALL Readers Out There! - What is YOUR 2018 Book Challenge?accfluvr165221New8/18/2020 1:04am
» TV Shows - Which ones do you watch?deadmanwalking247New8/17/2020 8:24pm
» What shows do you frequently re-watch?Peter017New8/17/2020 7:20pm
» Are there any Black Veil Brides fans here and if so do you wanna start a BVB fan club?MeltonTownMayor-New8/11/2020 10:13pm
» are there any heavy metal fans here?MeltonTownMayor5New8/10/2020 12:35am
» What is your favorite band?GreenDayxx2341New7/31/2020 10:20pm
» last book you readwheatly4ever75New7/31/2020 5:35am
» Attack on Titan fans?Terra192New7/17/2020 10:42am
» Noah CyrusArd3New6/25/2020 1:25pm
» The Masked SingerMarsey1New6/24/2020 6:04pm
» Rock Musicyankees24cano3New6/19/2020 2:39am
» Lana Del Reysassyytassie10New6/13/2020 12:12am
» Love is Blind, Love Island, and Other Trashy Dating Shows10puppyluv1016New6/11/2020 7:47am
» Those Traumatizing Moments in Entertainment that Terrified Us as Childrengr8gabs14New5/19/2020 9:27pm
» Game Shows!Ard20New4/25/2020 9:23am
» Harry Pottersassyytassie-New4/22/2020 10:26pm
» Martial Arts filmsLB1980-New4/21/2020 5:36am
» ASMRhpotter_hockey7New4/18/2020 11:11pm
» Sonic OVA or Sonic Movie?wOahsmea2New4/17/2020 8:25pm
» Doctor Who [1]Gorgangler1218New4/15/2020 8:44am
» What are your favorite scary movies?queenliza3New4/7/2020 2:25pm
» Melanie Martinez10puppyluv1013New4/1/2020 12:35am
» Synth/funky pop MusicFrozenDanny1New3/30/2020 7:12pm
» The Walking Dead!ThatGreyPenguin114New3/19/2020 2:47pm
» Warriors [8] Please use spoilers! Please refrain from advertising Clans, FanFics, and Websites.aldericon199New3/2/2020 3:48pm
» My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic [6]Catlover341551New3/2/2020 3:46pm
» Detroit become human anyone?Emisthebest1New2/29/2020 10:35am
» The MoominsPikaGal444-New2/19/2020 11:24pm
» Sonic the Hedgehog- the movieArd-New2/14/2020 12:02pm
» New Tyler, The Creator albumEmrey1New1/14/2020 3:39am
» Anime ~Lorinish3New1/3/2020 2:31pm
» Kanye West - Jesus is BornSuperpie2New12/28/2019 3:26pm
» Rick and Morty - The Talking CatMattMan321-New12/17/2019 9:06pm
» Workaholicssniperjoe33New11/2/2019 11:23pm
» MuseHadger5New11/2/2019 11:20pm
» Steven Universecrispokemaniac356New10/25/2019 1:03pm
» Homestuck/HiveswapMayorMayOfToont2New9/17/2019 12:38pm
» Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Arrow, or Supernatural?accfluvr16527New9/13/2019 7:14pm
» Owl CityDaisydoo1423New9/13/2019 11:49am
» Detective Pikachu moviepreston486New9/7/2019 7:49pm
» Panic! At The DiscoIheartPLL23New8/28/2019 12:30am
» Arctic MonkeysKaterCeasie12New8/24/2019 10:13pm
» What are you doing right now?NowLoading021New7/30/2019 10:23am
» Anakin Skywalker Fan ThreadCryptocurrency8New7/27/2019 2:00pm

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