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This is where the ACC Staff will keep you posted with any announcements. This includes site updates, contests, scheduled outages, and known problems with the site.  
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......And why the Bell Shop really is coming.jader201-New10/22/2014 3:48pm
...The color clash concludes!ACWWFreakazoid-New8/3/2019 6:22pm
3 Devs, 1 Mod and 1 SPT!Jarikira-New10/8/2017 6:34pm
3DS Board - Now Open!iolite-New10/20/2012 7:22pm
3DS delayed until 2011Dalek-New9/29/2010 6:32pm
4 Rule Changes going into EffectJarikira-New3/19/2019 4:36pm
A New Animal Crossing Game for Wii UVenusKamal-New6/17/2015 1:33pm
A new board, an updated rule, and a new policy.iolite-New3/31/2016 7:41pm
A Second AC:CF Anniversary Stream!Jarikira-New11/15/2018 2:28pm
A Special Announcement - Thanks, JUG!jader201-New2/26/2009 6:05pm
AC on GamesDoneQuickjader201-New1/8/2015 3:18pm
AC: New Leaf Nintendo Direct Translationjader201-New2/5/2013 9:40am
AC:3DS at E3 2011jader201-New6/7/2011 2:38pm
AC:3DS coming to Japan in Fall 2012jader201-New4/23/2012 10:10am
AC:3DS Details Revealedjader201-New12/3/2011 1:39am
AC:3DS E3 Video Available from 3DS shopDalek-New6/7/2011 9:13pm
AC:3DS Launch Window Announcedjader201-New8/29/2012 7:57pm
AC:3DS No-Show at E3 3DS Conferencejader201-New6/6/2012 10:06pm
AC:3DS official North American title is "Animal Crossing: New Leaf"jader201-New10/25/2012 11:58am
AC:3DS set for European release in 2013Essie-New6/22/2012 10:24am
AC:New Leaf on sale for $26.59!jader201-New6/29/2013 4:33pm
AC:Switch confirmed for 2019 releaseACWWFreakazoid-New9/14/2018 10:56am
ACC 14th Newsletter has droppedaldericon-New4/1 9:11am
ACC 2.0 preview #1 now availableACWWFreakazoid-New4/21/2022 12:55am
ACC 2.0... for realACWWFreakazoid-New4/2/2022 4:14am
ACC Contests Have ReturnedVenusKamal-New4/8/2014 8:33am
ACC COPPA Compliancejader201-New1/23/2011 7:15pm
ACC Countdown Clock: Is Animal Crossing Ending?Jarikira6New11/18/2016 4:43pm
ACC doesn't need your money.jader201-New12/22/2012 11:38am
ACC down for scheduled maintenence at 1:30jader201-New8/4/2012 12:33pm
ACC Featured on ONM's "Why I Love" Featurejader201-New3/4/2012 5:53pm
ACC Home Page Design Contestiolite-New12/26/2015 8:32pm
ACC is back online!GoldenCelebi-New12/10/2022 4:12pm
ACC Maintenance Tomorrow Morning (12/29)jader201-New12/28/2010 1:27pm
ACC Newsletter - Issue 3BowserBasher-New9/11/2010 6:46am
ACC Newsletter Issue 2Nintendude64-New7/10/2018 9:15am
ACC Newsletter Issue 4 is here!Jarikira-New2/7/2019 8:14pm
ACC Newsletter Issue 5 is available! Jarikira-New6/17/2019 10:14am
ACC Newsletter Issue 6 is available now! Jarikira-New9/21/2019 8:29pm
ACC Noticeboardiolite-New4/7/2012 7:00pm
ACC on Facebook and Twitterjader201-New9/29/2013 3:12pm
ACC Pattern Contest - July ResultsEssie-New8/20/2012 6:11am
ACC Summer ContestsJarikira-New5/4/2017 9:03pm
ACC Team Lead - One stepping down, another stepping upjader201-New8/28/2013 12:46pm
ACC's AC3DS Boxart and Name contest - Top Ten entriesBowserBasher-New10/23/2010 6:01pm
ACC's New Privacy PolicyNintendude64-New5/23/2018 6:37pm
ACC's Official Contest/Event Point SystemJarikira-New9/17/2019 7:33am
ACC's Updated Username Change PolicyNintendude64-New4/27/2021 2:05pm
ACC: Project Rebootiolite-New7/18/2011 10:10am
ACC: Project Rebootjader201-New7/1/2011 1:06pm
ACC: Project Reboot Is Live!jader201-New3/31/2012 8:49pm
Additional AC:3DS Details Surfacejader201-New1/27/2012 10:01am
All previous Rule AnnouncementsBowserBasher1New2/10/2009 5:50am
Amazon France showing AC:3DS release for Sep. 28jader201-New4/4/2012 10:10am
An apology about the badge systemACWWFreakazoid-New4/1/2019 11:53pm
An update on future releases.....jader201-New10/22/2014 2:16pm
Animal Crossing 3DS XL coming to North America and EuropeEssie-New4/17/2013 10:59am
Animal Crossing Mobile Direct - Oct. 24, 2017Jarikira-New10/24/2017 4:08pm
Animal Crossing New Horizons Console and Accessaries!Jarikira-New2/4/2020 7:25pm
Animal Crossing New Leaf - Release date confirmed for EU and NAEssie-New2/14/2013 11:00am
Animal Crossing News from NintendoVenusKamal-New4/3/2015 11:03am
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Announced!ACWWFreakazoid-New6/11/2019 6:24pm
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Launch PartyACWWFreakazoid-New4/1/2020 1:38am
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Launch PartyJarikira-New3/1/2020 8:04am
Animal Crossing: New Leaf @ eShop for $19.99jader201-New9/26/2014 8:54am
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Releasing This Sunday!jader201-New6/4/2013 11:38pm
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp General BoardACWWFreakazoid-New10/29/2017 11:24pm
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Now Available!Jarikira-New11/21/2017 9:36am
Announcing Animal Crossing Switch!Jarikira-New4/1/2017 2:12pm
Announcing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!Nintendude64-New10/25/2017 5:24pm
Announcing the new Special Projects Team for Media & EventsJarikira-New3/9/2017 5:45pm
Apologies for the down time yesterdayiolite-New10/13/2016 5:00pm
Apologies for the outage yesterdayiolite-New8/30/2017 6:28am
April Fool's Day Announcementiolite-New4/2/2014 4:33pm
April Fool's!... ???jader201-New4/2/2011 4:18pm

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