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This is where the ACC Staff will keep you posted with any announcements. This includes site updates, contests, scheduled outages, and known problems with the site.  
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Worldwide cyber attack iolite-New5/12/2017 2:42pm
Words removed from the Language Filteriolite-New5/12/2016 6:55am
Winter Carnival Comes to an EndNintendude64-New1/22/2018 10:20pm
Win a WiiU at MarioMarathon between now an 10PM ESTjader201-New6/23/2013 9:13pm
WiiU news from this morning's Nintendo Directjader201-New1/23/2013 11:39am
What was real for April Fools' Day? iolite-New4/2/2016 12:13pm
What do you think is going on with that countdown clock?Jarikira-New11/6/2016 10:08pm
Welcoming Returning ResearcherJarikira-New11/12/2022 1:17pm
Welcome to the Winter Carnival!Nintendude64-New1/12/2018 8:23am
Welcome to the Staff and M&E SPT Summer Party!Jarikira-New6/21/2017 7:15am
Welcome to the new members of the StaffDalek-New3/30/2011 1:22pm
Welcome to our new members of Staff!Essie-New5/4/2012 11:37am
Welcome to our new members of staffEssie-New3/13/2012 6:18pm
Welcome to our new members of staffEssie-New8/16/2011 4:39am
Welcome to ACC 2.0!ACWWFreakazoid-New4/1/2022 1:41am
We've scared up some Spooktober festivitiesACWWFreakazoid-New10/28/2020 5:02pm
We have a New DeveloperJarikira-New4/30/2022 4:05pm
Want to help ACC?iolite1New12/26/2015 8:14pm
Want to help ACC get ready for AC:NL?jader201-New3/13/2013 4:53pm
VenusKamal Steps Down as AdministratorJarikira-New5/30/2017 9:43am
Username Changesaldericon-New1/26 8:34am
Updates to Rules and Boardsiolite-New9/25/2015 9:58pm
Updated Privacy Policy + ACC 2.0 preview #2 now availableACWWFreakazoid-New12/18/2022 4:59pm
Updated Nintendo 3DS InfoDalek-New1/19/2011 5:40pm
Update to Dream CodesJarikira-New11/8/2016 8:39pm
Update on Bell Shop & a Staff Resignationjader201-New3/31/2015 11:35pm
Update 1.9.0 will be going live tonightiolite-New10/23/2016 10:27pm
Update 1.7.0 is Live!iolite1New2/1/2016 3:30pm
Update 1.22.29 - Privacy Policy & Site Policy Updatesaldericon-New1/28 8:36am
Update 1.22.27 (w/Privacy Policy)aldericon-New11/26/2022 10:59pm
Update 1.22.16 is LiveACWWFreakazoid-New5/15/2020 12:16am
Update 1.22.15 is LiveNintendude64-New4/3/2020 11:32pm
Update 1.15.0 will be going live at around midnightiolite-New8/29/2017 4:42am
Update 1.12.1 and 1.13.0iolite-New4/3/2017 11:03pm
Update 1.12.0 is live and quite awesomeiolite-New3/4/2017 12:39am
Update 1.10.0 and New Leaf game updateiolite-New11/22/2016 12:05pm
Unexpected and Unpredictable Outagesjader201-New7/15/2014 9:37pm
Uh Oh!! What's going on?Jarikira-New4/1/2018 9:03am
Two new Site Managers: Nintendude64 and ACWWFreakazoidjader201-New9/24/2017 6:48pm
Two New Additions to the Media & Events SPTJarikira-New6/14/2019 2:44pm
Two more Developers joining the Staffiolite-New2/26/2016 4:12pm
Turning off the April Fool's Featuresiolite-New4/1/2014 1:05pm
Tiny bit of news about AC:3DSEssie-New6/17/2011 3:00am
Three Staff resignationsJarikira-New5/27/2018 11:15am
This site IS a Community! Thank You!iolite-New4/4/2017 3:43pm
The future of ACC: Help us change ACCjader201-New5/25/2011 10:47am
The First AC:CF 10th Anniversary Stream!Jarikira-New11/13/2018 7:07pm
The color clash continues...ACWWFreakazoid-New7/31/2019 2:04pm
The color clash commences!ACWWFreakazoid-New7/26/2019 12:09am
The Animals be CrossingACWWFreakazoid-New4/1/2021 2:58am
The 9th Issue of the ACC Newsletter is here!Jarikira-New6/15/2020 4:07pm
The 8th Issue of the ACC Newsletter is ready!Jarikira-New3/10/2020 8:48pm
The 7th Issue of the ACC Newsletter is available!Jarikira-New12/28/2019 3:02pm
The 2020 Summer Party is here!Jarikira-New6/18/2020 10:12pm
The 12th issue of the ACC Newsletter is here!ACWWFreakazoid-New3/21/2021 4:04pm
The 11th issue of the ACC Newsletter is here!ACWWFreakazoid-New12/18/2020 10:31pm
Thanks to Iolite!jader201-New2/25/2018 11:07pm
Thank you, Dalek!jader201-New8/1/2012 12:11am
Talk Like a Pirate Day!Jarikira-New9/19/2017 7:35am
Talk Like a Pirate Day 2018Nintendude64-New9/19/2018 9:31am
Survey - Chance to win $50 Amazon cardjader2011New9/17/2013 2:37pm
SPT for Media & Events - Apply sooniolite-New2/9/2017 11:57am
Special Projects Team needed for Media & Eventsiolite-New1/31/2017 8:02pm
Some updates about ACCjader201-New11/10/2022 10:05am
Some Rules Clarifications Regarding New HorizonsNintendude64-New4/17/2020 10:30pm
SM Changesjader201-New5/20/2011 11:29am
Site Update in Preparation for New HorizonsJarikira-New3/2/2020 2:21pm
Site Rule Updates and Board Rules for AC:NH BoardsNintendude64-New6/10/2020 7:09am
Site Rollback - 2/2aldericon-New2/2 11:07am
Site Performance Improvedjader201-New6/24/2013 10:20am
Site Performancejader201-New6/11/2013 10:18am
Site Issuesjader201-New4/29/2011 1:09pm
Site going down later todayjader201-New3/31/2012 7:12pm
Site email issues resolvedACWWFreakazoid-New9/12/2022 11:12pm
Site email issuesACWWFreakazoid-New9/11/2022 8:48pm

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