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Whether you're new to Animal Crossing, or Animal Crossing Community, this is the perfect place for a new member to introduce themselves to the members of ACC. Additionally, you can get your questions answered about the site and the Animal Crossing games. You don't have to worry about feeling like a newbie on this board -- all threads are answered with friendly help and advice.  
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The Official AC:GC Mini-FAQaldericon19New11/17/2009 4:05pm
The Official AC:CF Mini-FAQaldericon24New11/14/2009 10:20am
The Official AC:WW Mini-FAQaldericon23New11/14/2009 9:03am
Welcome new members!jader201-New3/2/2007 5:39pm
Official ACC Buddy ThreadTitandwedebil809New9/17 5:02am
» helloLucyExiled18New11/19/2015 9:56pm
» New memberxionsheart1315New6/15 5:02pm
» Tell me more about youdoomfist14New3/10 2:48pm
» Howdy !Caunedheil14New9/11/2015 7:39pm
» hi!cronon13New6/16 10:46pm
» Hello!Erilies13New6/16 10:44pm
» Hello!lotzoh13New12/4/2016 8:05pm
» Newcomer introduction :) PsychGasm12New7/14 1:27pm
» Hello, I'm new here!idk12377012New10/12/2017 4:15pm
» Hello! Bee here c:SirEmolga11New7/25 3:03pm
» Hello! Brighton1111New6/16 10:45pm
» I'm new!sassmaster1111New11/7/2017 3:36pm
» Hello everyone! Just got here! :DWhimsyWoods11New10/28/2017 4:20pm
» hellothejayeagle211New12/9/2015 3:19pm
» I'm new..Trunity11New9/4/2015 4:36pm
» Hey Everyone!Bojack10New10/4 9:00pm
» Sono Chi No Sadameeeee!! Jooooooo-- Oh hello!JoJosuke10New9/7 3:56pm
» hello!Akainacephalus10New8/7 4:08pm
» Mizu has arrived!MizuGoesNyan10New6/16 10:45pm
» NagayamaNaoki Arrived!NagayamaNaoki10New6/16 5:06pm
» New Player Alert! Looking for lots of friends!ClockworkGhost10New8/11/2017 9:31pm
» New, but not reallypitch024610New3/29/2017 3:38pm
» Hello I'm new here!Teaze10New11/27/2016 7:57pm
» hiya!!Aayries10New3/20/2016 11:01am
» Hello everyone, new recruit here!Elcidral10New3/12/2016 7:55pm
» Nice to meet you !Bunnyx10New12/19/2015 12:28pm
» hiya ! new to acc ~deeryme10New8/15/2015 8:17pm
» Hello everyone, First time at ACCLigerleonjr20169New9/26 10:38am
» Returning to ACNL!Kumatorafire9New7/8 2:16am
» new around here, but a veteran of sorts!diogocrossing9New7/7 3:18am
» Im new CatSpam8199New10/4/2017 7:57am
» Guess Who's Back... Back Again...msbrinny9New9/19/2017 4:50pm
» New in townLunessey9New8/11/2017 9:52pm
» Greetings from Oregon, I'm Kariesa ~^_^~Squitten9099New1/10/2017 1:43pm
» Hey hey hey!!NintendoFan59New1/10/2017 1:37pm
» Hello.Cygnus21229New5/21/2016 6:10pm
» Hello! Super new!reirei079New4/14/2016 12:03am
» Hello!Zigzagoon9New4/5/2016 12:00pm
» Hello! 31 year old mom Animal Crossing addict here~FoxyMcFeesh9New3/26/2016 8:45am
» Hello to all!BMyRosie9New1/13/2016 2:13pm
» Hi therejmaslaki9New1/13/2016 1:28pm
» hi im newougi9New5/9/2015 1:45am
» Hello everyone i'm new!WhaleShark20048New11/15 10:02pm
» I'm newTurtledog648New6/16 10:46pm
» New to ACC~mayor_avery8New6/16 10:46pm
» NEWBIEcarmlettmix18New11/26/2017 5:45pm
» Guess who's back? Back again Shady's backDragonKeeper8New8/25/2017 12:17pm
» Back after a long timesnazzybull8New4/20/2017 10:22pm
» New To ACC, Semi-New To AC:NLPecanofLycania8New1/10/2017 1:35pm
» Hi Everyone I am StarryStarry3338New12/7/2016 1:16am
» Veteran AC player, new to the forums! Steenie8New11/29/2016 1:47am
» Hello everyone!Adorabear8New11/4/2016 11:39pm
» Hello :)MayorLu8New9/4/2016 1:42pm
» Hey I'm WillsWillsTristSanti8New8/13/2016 9:05am
» Hello!CraxorAdam8New4/21/2016 9:36pm
» Recently Joinedjrracer68New4/16/2016 9:39am
» New to the Forum, but not new to the Site overall.AmberCyprian8New3/27/2016 6:04pm
» Hello hello!lowlyingcloud8New3/21/2016 11:28am
» Making my return! zeldamaster788New3/20/2016 9:43pm
» New hereChazxo8New12/30/2015 5:21pm
» Finally Able to PostAkipuff8New9/23/2015 10:57pm
» Hey Me TooNormalSkull8New9/17/2015 1:57pm
» Hello everyone! I'm new to this site.MariaOfBlossom8New8/27/2015 8:33am
» Hello ACC!Ryvn8New8/25/2015 8:40am
» Another newbie!Nuibella8New8/25/2015 8:37am
» Hi everyone!NotTaylor8New8/16/2015 5:58pm
» I have arisen from the dead...Thatguy218New6/30/2015 3:07pm
» Hello!! :)Baemax8New6/12/2015 8:03am
» Just getting settled in here. (Im new!)Mayoroni7New9/13 6:35am
» hi everyoneanimal_newbie7New9/11 11:46pm

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