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Whether you're new to Animal Crossing, or Animal Crossing Community, this is the perfect place for a new member to introduce themselves to the members of ACC. Additionally, you can get your questions answered about the site and the Animal Crossing games. You don't have to worry about feeling like a newbie on this board -- all threads are answered with friendly help and advice.  
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The Official AC:GC Mini-FAQaldericon19New11/17/2009 4:05pm
The Official AC:CF Mini-FAQaldericon24New11/14/2009 10:20am
The Official AC:WW Mini-FAQaldericon23New11/14/2009 9:03am
Welcome new members!jader201-New3/2/2007 5:39pm
Official ACC Buddy Thread - Reviewed as Sticky 3/1/2020Titandwedebil833New10/23 5:35pm
» Not gonna mess this up...Not gonna mess this up...Hikatierosie293New10/25 7:19am
» Just got AC:NHkayvee2New9/26 8:54am
» Hey thereAsheKitten4New9/16 10:25pm
» New :)BaBreezy3New9/13 6:21pm
» New to ACCiNuggethead1New9/5 12:34pm
» Hi, I'm new here ^^JinxOfClovers3New8/31 2:22pm
» Looking for FriendsSalamiBro3New8/30 6:01am
» HelloRamish5New8/23 8:41am
» Favorite "popular" Villager?acmargie1New8/22 3:00pm
» Hello from a total newbie to AC(NH) - EUSleepykoala3New7/30 4:07pm
» Big AC noob incoming!Boooogie4New7/12 2:30am
» New to the forum, trying to get out of my introvert shellRhapz1New7/1 7:01am
» Hi. I am new to animal crossing and ACC. Ariibabbyy3New6/26 12:54pm
» New to AC, looking for New Friendsfitsofhappyness3New6/26 9:49am
» Fairly new to the world of Animal Crossing!lobobias2New6/25 11:56am
» After fruit and friends Ballerbally1New6/24 2:15pm
» Hello. I'm not new but I'm glad to be back!anibal7061New6/21 12:38am
» Friends? MizUndurStud1New6/20 11:31am
» new here, figures i'd make a small intro for myself in case people find me.Sakana_0uji2New6/15 7:25pm
» New to ACC not to Animal Crossing - looking for friends!Felicexo3New6/15 5:36am
» New member - Hi!Mojitoisle207New6/6 11:16am
» new to ACNH & NintendoLoafmiester4New6/3 11:47am
» New to Animal Crossing & Nintendo in General - UKAmyHxo4New6/3 11:41am
» Hi thereEmeraldFox093New5/28 12:17am
» New to the horizonKomari4New5/26 12:19am
» top ten anime comebacks but like not reallyAnimalPower961New5/25 10:30am
» New to fourms, looking for friendsJonusDude4New5/24 10:24am
» Hello!corneliastreet6New5/21 7:55pm
» "Introduce yourself" they said. "You'll make friends" they said..... So.... hi!Liona1273New5/19 1:36pm
» New to Animal Crossing:NHTA19685New5/16 6:15am
» Hello everyone!Rizzyree6New5/11 7:46pm
» BeardedRetroGuyBeardedRetroGuy9New5/10 12:01am
» New to ACC :)Haydenacnh3New5/9 8:13pm
» New to Animal Crossing!!!TBKjoe114New5/9 4:54pm
» Howdy!jamsfrompoop3New5/5 8:59am
» uwu im sad, gay, and need friendsfrannocean3New5/5 8:58am
» Heya! I'm new here :)Rainwolf0021New5/4 3:37am
» AC:NHMysticalSaturn3New5/3 9:30am
» Need help adding NL town to this siteshadowcat72New5/1 8:58am
» hewwoSupremeLordNook4New4/30 6:43pm
» Hello TeamCasualScumBag4New4/29 7:48am
» Howdy Fellow GaymersCaytie3New4/29 7:47am
» Hullomaxehboah2New4/29 7:42am
» Hey alldavieboy126New4/28 2:12pm
» Hi all!ezifed6New4/28 1:41pm
» New game, old player!mj193New4/27 8:09pm
» Hey, Looking for Friendsnunya5New4/24 11:41pm
» Howdy!WaffleFry6410New4/23 12:15am
» Haii HaiiLewd_Lychee4New4/21 12:24pm
» hi im looking for friends!yootopia4New4/21 12:23pm
» new to acchorselover2153New4/21 12:23pm
» YellowSpoothead5New4/20 6:05pm
» Abbreviations MzMunchken4New4/16 12:50pm
» new to the boardsLDOG1134New4/15 7:54pm
» Looking to exchange friend codesTamagotchiV8New4/15 12:52am
» HeyoMerryCat944New4/13 1:55pm
» Hello!Oxiegrogx3New4/13 12:12pm
» (Somewhat) new Animal Crossing player joining the ranks of this websiteTheophilusRG4New4/11 10:38pm
» Longtime AC player finally joining this communityTippytheOG4New4/9 11:32am
» Hello!SixthPhoenix2New4/8 12:08am
» Town Tune help?Honeymochi2New4/6 8:36pm
» hihi!marinaann4New4/6 5:25pm
» Hi everyone! EmmaJosselin2New4/4 3:50pm
» Hello all!Arcadiana2New4/4 3:49pm
» I'm new!Egeu992New4/3 4:49pm
» Hello world!Tharja_Plegia3New4/2 10:19am
» Am newAlcatrazian5New4/2 2:38am
» Hello!piedpiper4ever5New3/30 10:24pm
» hello! very new!rileyb924New3/30 10:20pm
» Hello everyone! paradoxicandrea6New3/29 5:53pm

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