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Whether you're new to Animal Crossing, or Animal Crossing Community, this is the perfect place for a new member to introduce themselves to the members of ACC. Additionally, you can get your questions answered about the site and the Animal Crossing games. You don't have to worry about feeling like a newbie on this board -- all threads are answered with friendly help and advice.  
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The Official AC:GC Mini-FAQaldericon19New11/17/2009 4:05pm
The Official AC:CF Mini-FAQaldericon24New11/14/2009 10:20am
The Official AC:WW Mini-FAQaldericon23New11/14/2009 9:03am
Welcome new members!jader201-New3/2/2007 5:39pm
Official ACC Buddy ThreadTitandwedebil821New1/3 10:35pm
» Returning Member Excited For NH!aMessyMattress3New2/16 11:18am
» Hello all!housemouse4New2/16 11:17am
» HelloMystify4New2/16 11:16am
» HelloKurbusMaximus5New2/16 11:14am
» woah, this forum is still around! sweet!gothbutchcherry2New2/6 8:29pm
» Refurbished ACCAkiddo2New1/27 9:48pm
» AC on N64, GC, Wii, questions!bpaul2New1/25 1:25am
» im confusedShakingTrees1New1/21 4:01pm
» Guess who's back after 5 monthsjames_something1New1/21 11:29am
» Hello again! (Returning user)triforce008New1/14 12:56pm
» helloSwingagal3New1/13 2:09am
» Hello! wintertofu4New1/13 2:09am
» Ello there!MrNukeNuke8New1/11 11:37am
» Lyle here. Bang!AC_Lyle8New1/10 4:19pm
» AC veteran ACC newbieCyndane3New1/10 3:03pm
» New friends in AC:NLbails3New1/4 5:58pm
» Reintroducing myselfPrinceNines2New1/4 5:55pm
» I seem to be quite new to this....TokioKat-New1/3 3:09pm
» Pokemon gamer, making a leap overRylo4203New12/28/2019 6:58am
» Rookie to the community, Veteran to the gamesEmily_Crossing7New12/15/2019 4:10pm
» Bells on here?toad_rules4New11/3/2019 11:44am
» Hello everybody!neonjae5New10/27/2019 6:50pm
» Hi! Beecrossing12New10/24/2019 12:43pm
» Hi! Didn't play for a long time...AmLottie4New10/20/2019 11:00am
» Introducing MyselfHannahofAmaryll2New10/18/2019 9:38pm
» Hello!KalinaZofia25New10/15/2019 8:41pm
» Looking to exchange friend codesTamagotchiV6New9/29/2019 6:22pm
» Newbie here!!NotToDisturb3New8/26/2019 3:28pm
» new to the community not to acvocalizedd11New8/23/2019 2:46pm
» Hiya! Newbie to the site.Terra194New8/18/2019 11:00am
» Heyojames_something6New8/16/2019 6:32am
» ACNL Newbie WombatCrossing3New6/30/2019 7:57am
» Hello there I'm newuglyseabass8New6/30/2019 7:52am
» Hello, everyone!Just_CT6New6/30/2019 7:24am
» Hello! New UserDaisyHime4New6/29/2019 4:35pm
» New(ish) to ACfare67t8New6/23/2019 12:59pm
» Returning playermari828793New6/18/2019 12:56am
» Hi and bye!?Magnetar2New6/9/2019 10:39am
» Hi! Returning user!BigPolkaDot7New6/2/2019 5:48pm
» The Ten Year ReturnHawkmbl3New5/25/2019 11:00pm
» Hi ya!! Greetings from UK!! sweetlipc736New4/9/2019 7:27pm
» Hi from the U.S.A!!!Viche5New3/8/2019 8:03am
» Hello everyone!meehan5New3/7/2019 10:42pm
» Hello! Brighton1112New2/20/2019 9:43am
» Hi?Alex_in_Cattown9New2/20/2019 7:55am
» Hello! Kooko5New2/16/2019 12:11pm
» Hello!! Returning userSunsetRainbow4New2/12/2019 6:45pm
» Heya!mathsniel5New2/12/2019 5:26pm
» Hello from Japan!SandyRoseJP6New2/3/2019 5:14pm
» HewwoDaydreamin6New1/29/2019 7:33am
» Hello everyone i'm new!WhaleShark20048New11/15/2018 10:02pm
» Hello again alldukedudeston5New11/15/2018 10:02pm
» FRIEND CODES !!Lemiah3New11/7/2018 4:55am
» Fresh to 3DS New LeafCourtneydx123New11/6/2018 11:04am
» Hey, Guys!!BirdIsTheWerd864New10/14/2018 3:56pm
» Hey Everyone!Bojack10New10/4/2018 9:00pm
» Hello Again!Adorabear4New9/30/2018 2:36pm
» Hello everyone, First time at ACCLigerleonjr20169New9/26/2018 10:38am
» Returning to ACC!LittleMissDDR4New9/17/2018 12:42pm
» Just getting settled in here. (Im new!)Mayoroni7New9/13/2018 6:35am
» hi everyoneanimal_newbie7New9/11/2018 11:46pm
» Sono Chi No Sadameeeee!! Jooooooo-- Oh hello!JoJosuke10New9/7/2018 3:56pm
» Hi, I'm new!shibuya4New8/28/2018 11:28pm
» I'm New!CaptainCronus5New8/28/2018 11:26pm
» Hello returning to ACC and have some questions.suisei_seki_san2New8/8/2018 9:25pm
» hello!Akainacephalus10New8/7/2018 4:08pm
» I forgot......HiTheSimpleEevee2New7/29/2018 3:18pm
» Hello!InaylaLinyah7New7/25/2018 3:05pm
» Hello! Bee here c:SirEmolga11New7/25/2018 3:03pm
» Newcomer introduction :) PsychGasm12New7/14/2018 1:27pm

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