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There are many topics about Animal Crossing that are not specific or unique to one particular game. Use this forum to discuss AC characters, town tunes, patterns, toys, movies or even future games in the series etc. This is your one stop board for all things Animal Crossing related. Specific AC game discussions should go on the appropriate board.  
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» Villager Shipping.Electron_Blank92New1/2/2016 11:15pm
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» So, who are your Animal Crossing neighbors?Shawnaisus70New12/14/2016 4:09pm
» What was the name of your first ever town?PennyGwin66New12/16/2022 3:08am
» Do you have the same birthday as a villager?Xolexiii66New11/3/2015 11:14pm
» Animal Crossing Switch 2019 Confirmed!!!!!!zoedabuug62New1/1/2019 9:38am
» The Scariest/Creepiest/Weirdest/Funniest Thing On Animal Crossing That Has Ever Happened To Youbehappynsmile_160New9/12/2020 2:25pm
» THE BADGE HUNT IS ON Turtledog6459New4/8/2019 11:50am
» List Some Villagers You Hate/LoveShawnaisus56New11/5/2020 7:12pm
» Your worst Animal Crossing nightmares?black_peaches56New4/11/2020 6:51pm
» If you could delete any villager from the game, who would it be?Linds127256New10/5/2015 4:43pm
» What was your first Animal Crossing game?Cariicarky55New9/21/2017 8:00am
» What do you think of this?Jimmy36555New8/13/2015 6:03pm
» Favourite K.K. Slider Songs (\(^o^)/)PhotonDragon54New10/13/2020 2:49pm
» If you could keep a villager in your town forever,who would it be?KingKyle54New9/19/2015 4:57pm
» Strangest thing villager has ever said?stephxduloc53New2/17/2019 11:57pm
» Which of the original 6 fruits do you like in real life?Ard51New12/18/2022 8:41am
» Villagers others hate but you love?skee51New9/6/2020 7:25am
» A new Animal Crossing soon?Makayla12350New9/22/2018 3:31pm
» Your Angriest Moment in Animal Crossing - Vent All You Want! ;)Shawnaisus50New9/11/2016 9:07pm
» Favorite K.K. Slider Song?ScarfedGhost49New5/1/2020 10:33pm
» What is your Animal Crossing history?Xolexiii49New10/16/2015 6:28pm
» How'd you pick your town name? nightmarebrooke48New12/28/2015 1:06pm
» New Villager Species (Discussion and brainstorming encouraged!)bunnynoah47New2/12/2019 9:07pm
» What if...bingbing32845New9/30/2020 9:36am
» Design Yourself! You are an AC animal villager!Nowi45New11/19/2015 6:36pm
» Prediction- Animal Crossing Wii U Announcement Next Yearrollergirl45New7/24/2015 8:48pm
» Your Opinion On Time TravelSBGame43New6/19/2021 6:50pm
» Animal Crossing is Getting a Smartphone AppKEEBY6443New6/14/2016 3:13pm
» Worst mistake in Animal CrossingLugianator41New12/23/2022 9:49pm
» Animal Crossing Mobile DirectKianAviation37New10/29/2017 1:58pm
» Are there any Snake reptile-animal characters in Animal Crossing????BassGuitarFan37New6/3/2015 4:51pm
» Honorable (good and bad) Villager MentionsShawnaisus36New6/15/2016 6:37am
» Does anyone else REALLY hate Kid Cat?Chalmers136New9/30/2015 9:15am
» That moment when...Sellesion35New9/30/2016 5:25am
» Name a villager you were attached to, but moved away unexpectedlyLugianator34New10/23/2017 10:18am
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» Will AC Wii U ever come out?jemcat33New12/18/2021 8:59pm
» But what if there WERE giant AC plushiesDaBraxMan33New7/16/2020 9:07am
» What if you could be an animal and not a human? What animal would you choose to be?kikicat33New4/22/2020 5:32pm
» What is your town tune?bingbing32832New11/27/2022 5:27pm
» Misreading villager namesbingbing32832New7/16/2016 8:16am
» You can vent about an annoying neighbor HERE!Shawnaisus32New2/1/2016 3:09pm
» Who do you think will bring you cake for your next birthday?Shawnaisus32New1/28/2016 7:20am
» Strict Wifi ac playersMy4Life32New7/9/2015 12:02am
» Do do you have an Animal Crossing crush?Shawnaisus31New2/22/2017 1:19am
» What are your AC fan made Animal characters :)shorty199631New10/5/2015 5:18pm
» What are some things you can do in Animal Crossing you can't do in real life?decco622630New2/1/2021 5:37pm
» Villager BackstoriesShawnaisus28New4/22/2020 5:56pm
» Favorite Species?Shawnaisus28New2/7/2016 9:17pm
» What was your first town called and who was your favourite villager?MrsResetti27New5/6/2019 11:21pm
» What Happened In Your Town Today?behappynsmile_127New4/17/2016 7:59pm
» Animal Crossing Wii UKingKyle27New2/9/2016 1:00am
» Do you play with your game at the correct time?yankees24cano26New4/16/2018 5:27pm
» It's truly a sad experience when you restart Animal CrossingPongKiyo26New9/20/2015 8:06pm
» AC: Switch - Where's the update?Lpapik25New3/6/2019 8:23am

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