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There are many topics about Animal Crossing that are not specific or unique to one particular game. Use this forum to discuss AC characters, town tunes, patterns, toys, movies or even future games in the series etc. This is your one stop board for all things Animal Crossing related. Specific AC game discussions should go on the appropriate board.  
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» What's this song :-(AWESOMEGAMER5New6:17pm
» Best way to watch Dobutsu No Mori?PrinceNines2New12:28am
» I drew venus fly-trap villagers.Ard6New5/22 7:04pm
» Your AC CrushTurtledog6413New5/22 5:14pm
» What if you could be an animal and not a human? What animal would you choose to be?kikicat27New5/21 10:58am
» What is your town tune?bingbing32821New5/21 8:05am
» Those unpopular villagers you lovebingbing32812New5/20 8:15pm
» What was your first AC game?Kalleh6New5/20 12:48pm
» Who is YOUR favourite ac character?Jazzyy13New5/16 7:08pm
» How would you rate the existing main series gamesfliskit3415New5/15 12:45am
» What inspired you to begin playing animal crossing?Jazzyy4New5/13 9:30am
» do you use an umbrella?Jazzyy12New5/13 4:49am
» That villager you hate, what did they do to deserve it?CherryTorrie126New5/7 6:56pm
» What was your first town called and who was your favourite villager?MrsResetti11New5/6 3:04pm
» Your Most Hated VillagerzToast147New5/4 5:36pm
» But what if there WERE giant AC plushiesDaBraxMan23New5/3 4:34pm
» Favorite K.K. Slider Song?ScarfedGhost31New5/2 12:03am
» College Student Threadhorselover5668-New4/29 11:49am
» Next AC game Rahs20129New4/28 2:31pm
» Animal Crossing Switch SpeculationSamiamstone133New4/21 7:55pm
» undertale housewheatly4ever1New4/17 6:39pm
» Pets inadvertently named after AC charactersTeamDomin8r1New4/16 7:17pm
» What age did you start playing the series?kokoroki103New4/16 7:16pm
» feelings about Blathers in ACNLAlouisea4New4/16 6:56pm
» What is your scariest animal crossing moment?DementoLover0515New4/16 6:53pm
» Who was your first friend?doggirl33176New4/16 6:20pm
» First lost villagerWbelknap6New4/16 6:15pm
» Animal Crossing: SWITCH ideas?alex20028New4/16 6:05pm
» Animal Crossing Switch ideas discussionPrinceNines18New4/16 5:57pm
» Do you play with your game at the correct time?yankees24cano26New4/16 5:27pm
» ACC bellsGruntilda14New4/16 3:52pm
» Why Do You Play Animal Crossing?BenXAC-New4/15 11:25pm
» What was your first Animal Crossing game and why?zanemc6New4/11 4:12pm
» New character in my townpreston484New4/8 12:13pm
» What would you like to see in Ac for switch?Jazzyy2New4/7 1:03pm
» Other AC forums?toad_rules4New4/5 1:55am
» Transferring Save Data?Zipster3New3/17 1:05am
» What personalities do you resemble?RFZT8New3/14 2:29am
» What popular villagers do you dislike?tapdancer13New3/13 6:03am
» Who is your AC birthday twin? Brownjoe46New3/8 6:37pm
» Not connecting with my villagersWbelknap4New3/7 12:46pm
» Club lol? 101? what everPrompted_animal10New3/5 10:54pm
» Where to find Animal Crossing Plushies? (i.e Wild World, City Folk, and Gamecube)Meme_Boy4New2/27 5:10am
» How to turn QR codes into clothes?GameSlash_6New2/25 3:04pm
» What if...Isabelle was the mayor?DaBraxMan3New2/22 5:40pm
» Getting rid of a villagerLovenookingtons3New2/6 1:54pm
» What Did You Name Your Town and Why?nicole_acnl1119New2/1 2:59pm
» Do you guys ever let villagers go?jeo18817New2/1 2:47pm
» Thoughts on Time Traveling?Masked_Katz6New1/30 11:01pm
» AC quoteskittie8872New1/30 10:49pm
» How do I make sweet shoppe bakery setuppreston482New1/27 2:05am
» Ideas for next AC game?Makayla12398New1/24 7:42pm
» Looking for qr codeKallikal2New1/18 6:13pm
» Animal triviaRFZT5New1/6 3:38pm
» Stalker Neighbors #2 (aka What My Crazy Animals Are Up To)Riesz209New1/6 3:14pm
» Remixing the Gamecube houses!Ard12New1/5 2:39pm
» What jobs do you think the animals would have?RFZT3New1/3 2:01pm
» Is your radio active?DaBraxMan14New12/30/2017 11:59pm
» Virtual Reality ACJacama3New12/26/2017 2:10am
» Population: Growing or Wild World?PrinceNines6New12/19/2017 11:31pm
» Next house displaypreston48-New12/18/2017 10:07pm
» How do I get more mannequin preston484New12/17/2017 1:34am
» Gumdrop villagerpreston483New12/14/2017 6:41pm
» Hair!!!!Prompted_animal3New12/13/2017 8:53pm
» Where do I find a mole cricket and a coelacanth preston482New12/13/2017 11:27am
» How do I catch a be preston484New12/13/2017 5:28am
» Wild World VS City FolkPrinceNines2New12/10/2017 2:01pm
» Cool cool mountain themepreston488New12/10/2017 1:59pm
» I wish the villagers could upgrade their houseShadowcat457New12/8/2017 2:34pm
» Doubutsu No mori: The movie skyrockets Animal Crossing into my spot for #1 favorite Nintendo seriesPrinceNines3New12/6/2017 1:39am
» Buy 1 get 3 at Toys R UsPaws72971New12/2/2017 1:14am
» Character Creator?xalark-New11/30/2017 4:33pm
» Who is the most fashionable in your town?Feline_Frenzy2New11/30/2017 7:40am
» A Holiday Playlist Just For YouChiyoko1New11/28/2017 6:17pm
» Which would you rather have(Animal Crossing Switch)BluePichu6New11/26/2017 12:25am

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